Writing cv for fresh graduates in English and Arabic

Writing cv for fresh graduates in English and Arabic, writing the cv for fresh graduates in English and Arabic is one of the most important points of success for people in getting a job suitable for their skills and certificates, as it is a card about you for the employer to know which department you can be assigned to, and the ability to assess your knowledge of the nature of work and make sure that you Among his many employees he will add to the product of the work a lot so he is considered of the utmost importance.

How to write a CV for fresh graduates: –

The first thing that you should pay attention to is that the word CV differs from American English to British English, for example in British English it is called CV and it must be long, displaying all the information and details to be introduced to others about you, it must be at least two sheets and the paper ruling is preferable to be 210 X 297 A4 sheets.

In American English, it is called Resume, which should be very short and specific and at the same time contain all the important information and be for a specific purpose as well. It should not be more than a page and its size is 216 x 279 A4 sheets.

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But it is always better if you are a recent graduate to learn how to write a CV in the correct manner that attracts the employer to his dazzle with you and his feeling that you are in front of him and does not need to ask you about anything, it must be clear and detailed about all possibilities, and completely move away from any incomplete or vague information.

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How to write a cv for fresh graduates in English and Arabic: –

To write properly, many points must be taken into account and arranged under each other well and sequentially, the most important of which are: –

Basic personal information: –

All personal information about you must be written, the most important of which is your full, triple name, Bold, your address, or any other address you stay with temporarily, if any, in addition to adding two phone numbers for you, landline and mobile.

It is also taken into account to add your e-mail to correspondence with you when needed or when anything new occurs, and it is also advised to avoid placing a personal picture of you unless this is specified in the conditions for applying for any job, and also away from the status of your religion or marital status unless you are also asked to do so.

As for English, it can be divided as follows:


Home address:



Learn to write cv for fresh graduates in English and Arabic: –

The goal for which he applied: –

In this section, without those career goals that you have applied for to the employer, but in a short and quick manner, in addition to setting a job title that suits you as a suggestion from you to the employer with a statement of your academic qualification and the section that you have specialized in, and completely move away from writing your goal in general.

For example, if your major is a computer, then this cannot be written absolutely, but the department in which you specialize, for example, a programmer or a development and systems specialist, for any department that develops this is a very important point that must be paid attention to so that your information is clear and detailed and satisfies the employer.

As for its English language, it is written like this and in the same format, and here is the following example:


Seeking a career to work as information technology database administrator

Resume template for fresh graduates doc: –

Write down your academic qualifications: –

You must write your academic qualification in an orderly way that helps the reader to follow this sequence so that you start from the most recent ending with the oldest, and start with the year in which you graduated, then the name of the college or the qualification and then follow it with the name of the department.

You must pay attention to your qualification and the department of your study well, as it is one of the basics of writing a cv for fresh graduates in English and Arabic to show it optimally and satisfactorily.

As for English, it is as follows:

Education and qualification:

2006 Bachelor in Islamic Archeology, Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University.

Cumulative grade: very good

Gradation project:

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The most important experiences and works that I have previously joined: –

In this part, you must mention all the jobs that you held before applying for that position, including the names of the companies themselves and the position or department in which you worked, accompanied by the number of years that you have spent in each company or each department, and they are divided and arranged gradually from the most recent to the oldest, but if you are a recent graduate Do not write this part, and they are arranged as follows:

  • The date you started and ended your employment with the position.
  • Your title or the department you held.
  • The name of the employer you worked for.
  • And the city and state in which the company is based.
  • It is best to write a very small summary of your business.

Whereas in English as follows:

Work Experience:

Then place the previous order in English.

How to write a CV in English translated: –

This part is important for recent graduates, as when writing a cv for fresh graduates in English and Arabic, there is no previous experience to be put in place, but the exercises that you took during the study period can be accompanied by a mention of the places where you trained with a precise description of the nature of what you did during the training period.

The month and year must be written from oldest to newest, followed by the name of the training and the nature of the training.

As for English, it is under the heading of Training:

The most prominent skills that you have: –

In this part, you must mention all your skills that you can master, such as mastering more than speaking and writing language, or being able to use specific programs in the computer or all kinds of programming, etc., or any other skill that must be mentioned while writing cv for fresh graduates in English and Arabic.

  • This is so that the employer is alerted to determine and evaluate your capabilities and then determine the section in which you can master and innovate and benefit from you in the section devoted to your skill in the company.

Computer Skills:

  • And he mentioned all kinds of programs that you are good at.

Language Skills:

  • List all languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat you are fluent in speaking and writing fully.

Interests: –

In this part, you must write down all your interests and hobbies, whether practicing some sports or practicing a certain activity, and take into account writing this section very briefly because it is not useful in your work, but only is important to introduce yourself to employers.

In English under the name Interests, and any favorite hobbies are noted below, such as: Reading, drawing, writing, watching English movie without translate..etc

Some important tips and notes when writing a CV: –

When writing a cv for fresh graduates in English and Arabic, several important points must be taken into account so that the cv appears optimally:

  • You must provide and define your personal data in a specific and direct way.
  • The CV sheet should be formatted according to the job you are applying for.
  • You must be careful not to lengthen the CV so that the reader does not get bored, leaves it and does not complete it, as it should be only two pages at most.
  • Be careful to coordinate the paper when writing the points, type and size of the line, make sure that it is not too wide or large, so it loses the luster of the paper, taking into account the spaces and others.

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Thus, we have provided you with detailed methods for learning how to write a cv for fresh graduates in English and Arabic for all beginners or professionals who want to know the correct methods and the best steps for the appearance of your CV in a way that attracts the attention of the employer to you, so we hope that we have answered all your questions in a detailed and accurate manner, waiting for your opinions. To participate.

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