Words of new love in colloquial Egyptian

Today we present to you the words of new love in colloquial Egyptian, love is one of the highest and finest human relationships, especially if the love relationship between the two parties is based on respect and affection, and love is one of the blessings that God has bestowed upon us, this blessing must be preserved, it is difficult to find another love Real and honest, and whoever has a lover, let him protect him.

Among the means of expressing love are messages, and among the most beautiful messages are Egyptian colloquial letters that contain simple, spontaneous words and easy to pronounce on the tongue, and in this article we review some new words of love in Egyptian colloquial, and we would like the content to impress you.

The importance of words of love to maintain relationships between loved ones

Words of love and romantic messages are among the most important means by which love can be expressed for the other party, and the extent of longing for it and unwillingness to leave it. Love is one of the highest and finest social relations between human beings, and words of love are things that touch the heart and shake feelings and emotions. In this article we review some Words of new love in colloquial Egyptian.

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The best words of love and adoration and a short love

Love answers colloquially

  • I wished I would be a tear .. until I was born in your eyes .. and live on your cheeks .. and die at your lips.
  • Do not give me your spectrum .. I hold it with tricks in my arms .. And if I come to me .. and I see you with my eyes.
  • Do not touch the rose .. From the rose, you must be jealous .. I am the one who loves you more .. if your loved ones are many.
  • If the bees knew the taste of your lips … they would leave the honey and go to you.
  • I never thought of you .. and what came to mind your love .. Lin my heart said your father .. And my eyes said I love you.
  • I won to see you .. and I searched for you .. I am waiting for my new love .. after what I thought of you.
  • I used to see you very soon, with all the people. Normal .. I did not imagine you, Habib .. Smell in my heart and Gadi.
  • Smile, you see my life, I am .. you smile and you forget me .. you smile you see our God for a moment .. you smile even if he did not.
  • If you are in your spirit, I am second to you .. and if annoyed, I will walk you .. and if you are satisfied, God blesses you.
  • My coffee was her sweetness … and you made me upset with her satisfaction … you were the reason for her medicine … and you looked at my life for it.
  • Be with a foreigner close .. if something happens between us .. about my life, he will not be absent.
  • How we regret you … We never have a prophet other than you … We have made us feel your wealth … Oh come back, oh save you.

New Egyptian slang love letters 2018

  • The best evening for the sweetest dear to forget .. The full moon uniform you can see soon, but far from the touch.
  • I will turn my longing into a sweet melody and sing it within me, and it will reach you sneaking through my heartbeat .. but it will not go away and will not go away, but rather it will remain a burning ember that will only be extinguished by your encounter.
  • Crazy when I love, a girl when I cry, and old when they talk to me about their problems, and very weak when I lose loved ones.
  • I adore you with all the heartbeat .. I adore you with all the words and meanings of love .. I love you with all the letters and aspirations of love.
  • All phones are ringing, except my phone is silent. I don’t know a technical defect. I don’t know, the beloved.
  • I give you a check for a million busses … Spend it from my love bank, Fikri Street, first floor of my heart.
  • They said your lover is far away .. I said love is more .. They told me to stay alone .. I said how while he is in vein.
  • You can leave the world behind you when you sleep, but when I sleep, my dream with you begins.
  • Your evening is paradise, and your sleep will be long, my dear.
  • (Special Offer) .. Buy my heart and get my affection, tenderness, longing, love and my life for free.
  • O bird, the greeting is given, and a fennel is a gift for the one who cherishes my heart … from the heart of the sincere intention.

Egyptian romantic words

  • My love, your kindness, you make me ashamed of welcoming you. I don’t know how to bring you because I’m not deprived of you.
  • If you were shaken by longing and you did not see me, this message is on my behalf (Love).
  • If my eyes want .. I give you .. If you want my heart .. Your gift .. What do you want more .. I will ransom you.
  • Whoever rose in spring for your dead and in the embrace of the moon I betrayed you .. And because I loved you so much, after my life, I named you.
  • A person may sell something he has bought … but he does not sell a heart that he liked.
  • Good luck, my heart..I knew choose your love..My days walked me on the path of your love .. I love you .. my love.
  • On the waves of the sea, I wrote a letter, all of my longings … Honestly, O Bahr, the mail of longing for my loved ones has arrived.
  • Your evening is special, not like any human being .. People are more precious than diamonds, sensitive to their hearts and feelings.
  • In the whisper of love I escaped you, in the heart of the heart I betrayed you, with all my senses I loved you.
  • In your absence, nothing changed .. but I felt that I lost everything.
  • Thinking of digging your name on the surface of the moon..Imagine how sweet the world is and the letters of your name enlighten people.
  • I asked the soul who was the dearest of the people who loved her .. She said I write a letter and see the heart where it leads.

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Postures of love, romance and love rigid

Words of new love in colloquial Egyptian

  • I give you my heart .. but keep your mind on it .. not because it is my heart .. but because you are in it.
  • I divided my soul after you separated two souls .. alone with you and the second waiting for you.
  • If my heart was a rose, I would pick it for you .. and if my eyes were a jewel, I would have given it to you..and my spiritual goal was to remain the most precious of people.
  • Before you think that I am forgetting, and the doubt begins, Beck plays … by sending you six letters of check (and htnj).
  • With me even in my dreams .. I don’t see anyone but you before me .. Whatever I say, my love, I will not be able to describe my words.
  • If the genie came out of his bottle and told me to tell you that you had one minute to choose all that you want from the cut rubies and emeralds, then your eyes would have chosen without hesitation.
  • I have never thought of you .. I never thought of your love .. until my heart said your father .. and my eyes said I love you.
  • I won to see you … and I searched for you … I wait for my new love … after what I thought of you.
  • I used to see you very soon with all the people. Normal .. I did not imagine you Habib .. He went in my heart and went away.
  • You smile, you see my life, I am .. you smile and you forget me .. you smile you see our God for a moment .. you smile even if he did not.

The most beautiful words of love and short adoration

  • My coffee, you are its sweetness … and you are upset, you are satisfied … and you are my medicine … and you look at my life for it.
  • Stay with a foreigner near .. If something happens between us .. about my life, he will not be absent.
  • I went to the market to buy an expensive watch .. I never found the watch more expensive than the watch I saw in it.
  • I know you .. I sure know you .. but where did I see you? I remembered .. you are the one who dictates the sky for the middle of the month.
  • If you choose between your love and Qarun’s money, then choose Qarun’s money and give you a gift.
  • how many monns are there in thee universe? Two, one in the sky … and one sitting, reading the message.
  • I love you, that is, yes .. I am aware of the magic of your looks .. And for your love, I say my life is easy.
  • Oh the ten most beautiful of you .. and what is like your kindness .. you see what we lack except I saw you .. and I missed us.
  • The sun sends golden love … the moon sends silver love … and I send you eternal love.
  • I round a letter I send to you .. I have not found sweeter than the word of God does not deprive me of you.
  • Your message to me blew my heart longing … and increased the longing to meet you, my life.
  • Wanted in the police station of love .. on the charge of stealing my heart .. and only appeared with a bail of (5000) Boss.


And at the conclusion of the article, Words of New Love in Egyptian colloquial, the lover should be interested in expressing his love for the other side in various ways, whether by direct speech when meeting him, or by sending love and romantic messages, especially words of new love in Egyptian colloquial, as the Egyptian colloquial is close to the heart and is spontaneous and simple Make words easy to enter the heart.

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And at the end of the article “The words of a new love in the Egyptian colloquial, we hope that the content won the admiration of our esteemed readers, and await your comments and suggestions on the topic, to achieve the maximum benefit that our site aims to.”

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