What is the subconscious mind, how it works and where it is found

What is the subconscious mind, how does it work, and where is it found? The subconscious mind is a pearl buried inside a person. It wants someone who searches for it and finds it. The subconscious mind is the vessel into which a person has entered such experiences, feelings, ideas, and negative and positive experiences, and a person has one mind that performs two duties Together, you can follow the article on cultural information to learn what the subconscious mind is, how it works, and where it is found.

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What is the subconscious mind, how it works, and where is it found:

The subconscious mind or the unconscious mind .. It is a storehouse of the tests deposited as a result of psychological repression that do not reach the memory, and the subconscious mind contains internal drives and stimuli for behavior, and the subconscious mind is a storehouse of repressed experiences, sexual and psychological instincts.

The laws governing the subconscious mind, including:

1- The law of attraction, and this law means that everything you think about will be attracted to you, so if you think of something positive, he will be attracted to you of the same kind, and this law is considered one of the most dangerous laws, because human energy knows no boundaries and does not recognize distances. You think of someone who is far from you, because your energy goes out to him and returns to you, and you can meet him as soon as you finish thinking about him.

How does the subconscious work:

The subconscious or unconscious mind of a person works throughout the day, even while he is asleep, and it affects human behavior, whether positively or negatively, and the subconscious mind helps the person reach his goals, by removing obstacles, and making behavior change to achieve goals.

The mechanism of work of the subconscious mind is very similar to the mechanism of the work of the computer, and if a person wants correct and satisfactory results, he must adjust the programs in a correct manner, as the computer has inputs, through which data is entered to obtain results, and the computer inputs are:

The mouse, the keyboard, the scanner, and the outputs are the screen, the printer,

If there is a defect in the data entry process, the results that come out will not be correct.

Where is the subconscious?

The subconscious mind does not exist in the human body, in a physical place, but, like the soul, it does not exist in a specific place, it creates a hidden force that works to create ideas for the brain.

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Mental processes that occur in the brain:

1- Reflection

It is a mental act that allows a person to contemplate what he is and to understand his things, according to the human’s needs, goals, obligations, and plans.

2- Remembering

It is the ability to retain information for as long as possible, and this information is produced through study and observation.

3- Imagination

It is the activity of generating, or summoning new situations, such as pictures, and ideas, and it is a distinct personal activity.

2- The law of equal thinking

This law means that the things that you think about and that you will see a lot of them will make you see exactly the same, so if you think about happiness, you will see many things that remind you of happiness, and vice versa.

3- The law of reflection

This law means that when the outside world returns to you, it will of course affect your inner world, so if someone tells you a good word, it affects yourself, and your reaction is the same way, and you respond with a good word as well.

3- Correspondence law

This law means that your inner world is what affects your external world, so if a person thinks in a positive way, he finds that the outside world is positive and vice versa. 4- The law of concentration. This law means that what we focus on affects your judgment on things. If you focus on happiness, for example, then your judgment on things will be in a positive way, and vice versa.

5- The law of expectation

This law means that everything you expect, and put your feelings and feelings with it, will happen in your external world, so if you expect your failure in the exam, you will not be able to think and find the correct answer, and thus you will fail.

6- Law of accumulation

And this law depends on that something you think about, and think about it more than once, in the same way and in the same manner, will accumulate in your subconscious mind, for example if you say to yourself that you are mentally tired, and you repeat this thing every day, daily talk to yourself that you are mentally tired, this idea It accumulates in your subconscious, and you become emotionally tired without feeling this.

7- law of causation (or law of action and reaction)

This law depends on that any cause has an effect, and if you repeat this reason you will get the same result, and the result here does not change, unless the cause changes, and if you think in a negative way, you will live miserable, and you will never remain happy.

8- The substitution law

You have to take any of the previous laws and replace it with positive thinking, so if you were talking to a friend of yours about another person, and you said that this person is negative, all you did is that you sent vibrations and signals to your friend and an energy that makes him act in a way that you want you to see. The laws of the subconscious mind can work against you, or in your favor, so we cannot ignore them, but rather use them for our benefit.

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This was a brief summary of what the subconscious mind is, how it works and where it is , and you can follow the article to learn about everything related to the subconscious mind and by analogy with that, the programmer of the subconscious mind is the conscious mind, and the inputs of the subconscious are the five senses, while the outputs are the behavior of the human being and his actions. And his looks, which gives orders to the subconscious mind, is the conscious mind to act.

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