What are the books documenting translations?

What are the books documenting translations, today we will get acquainted with a broad science that is the science of translations, and we will also learn about the purpose that led to the creation and interest of many in this science and also the most important books that brought it.

Information about transliteration

  • This science has been known since ancient times as a science that can record the biographies of scholars and leaders, and is also used to record the most important historical events that took place throughout the ages.
  • This science includes all the achievements made by scholars, leaders and all individuals who left an imprint for us in history. The first goal of this science is the inheritance of ideas and the benefit of realization in this science from one person to another.
  • This knowledge included many jurists and monitored all their deeds and achievements, also included many poets, all messengers, many of the rightly-guided caliphs, and a large number of Arab leaders.

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What are the books documenting translations?

What is meant by translation documentation books are books that contain a reliable source of information, meaning one hundred percent correct information. They are books by many authors and writers who have made a great effort to provide the correct information, and the most important of these books are:

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  • Sections of Transliteration

    This field is one of the broadest fields of science as it included many books and many sections, today we will learn about the most important sections of this science, which each section carries a lot of books that carry a lot of important and heritage information, namely.

    1- Translations on classes and letters

    • This section includes an arrangement of books and events according to their proximity to the time of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, and first classify the beginning of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, to the first companions, and so on.
    • In this section all the positions of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, all his sayings and everything related to him are listed. They have authored many, many books, and the most important of these books is “The chapters on shortening the biography of the Prophet.”
    • Also, a book by the writer Muhammad Musaad Yaqut entitled “The Prophet of Mercy” was written, also the author Qadi Ayyad’s book entitled “The Shifa Defining the Rights of the Mustafa”, also the book “Al-Raheeq Al-Khattum”.

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    2- Country translations

    • This section of transliteration is concerned with moving from countries, that is, if a writer describes the life of a person, this section should be taken care of and talk about the countries that this person visited.
    • It also includes a description of a city or a country. It must be mentioned who visited this city and also who occupied or defended it or who developed it and built many important facilities in it.
    • Among the most important works that came in this section are “The History of Baghdad, the author Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi, also the History of Gorgan by the writer Al-Sehmi, and the book“ History of Bayt Al-Maqdis ”by Ibn Al-Jawzi also came.

    3- Translations on the doctrine or belief

    • This section depends on the doctrine or sect to which the author of the book belongs, so we find many books that seek to pay attention to the implementation of all the rulings of the doctrine that they follow, such as the Hanafi school of thought, the Maliki school, the Hanbali school, or the Shafi’i school.
    • One of the most important books written on the Hanafi school of thought is the book “News of Abu Hanifa and his Companions.” This book was written for the Simeari book, and also the book of the Sunni classes in the translations of the Hanafi school of pious author Ghazi.
    • One of the most important books written on the Maliki school of thought is “Arranging perceptions and approximating paths in knowing the flags of Malik’s doctrine.” This book was written by the author, Judge Ayyad.
    • Also one of the most important books that came on the Shafi’i school of thought was the book “Tabaqat al-Faqih”, the able author of al-Shirazi. The book Tabaqat al-Shafi’i also came to the al-Mawkid al-Sabki book.

    The science of translations for Muslims

    • Muslims have been very interested in this science, as Muslims have known the science of translations since ancient times, but they did not show interest to it until after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, so they used the science of translations to narrate the biography of the Prophet.
    • They also paid attention to the science of translations so that they could protect the noble hadiths from the fabrication and forgery that many enter into. Also, they took care to present all the news that pertain to the Prophet and the Companions with this knowledge.
    • He narrated once on the authority of Mujahid who said that one day Bashir al-Adawi came to Ibn Abbas, and he sat next to him and began to cast a lot of gossip to him, when he said that the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said this is what Ibn al-Abbas reported about him.
    • Bashir Al-Adawi asked him when you lost your interest and your vision and heard you from me. Abu Al-Abbas told him today we are witnessing many people saying what he loves them and attributing it to the Messenger of God, since then the interest in the science of translations began.
    • A lot of strife spread among many people, until many scholars urged not to take an opinion that was not proven correct within the Sunnah, they also compiled a very large number of prophetic hadiths and then preserved them in the science of translations.

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    At the end of the article on what are translation documentation books, I hope that I have provided you with all the useful information about translation documentation books, and I also invite you to view more articles on my site.

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