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Today we offer you very bold romantic stories complete as the emotional tale is a type of high-end literature, which is considered one of the most widespread and read forms of literature, especially in the new era.

And the first person to invent this form of the story genre was the French author and writer Victor Hugo, who transformed many of those stories into cinematic films that achieved tremendous success and high sales in romantic stories, very bold and complete.

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She was a lonely orphan girl who lived in the house of her married uncle. A harsh and tiring life. She used to live with a maid or less than a maid insulted with all kinds of physical and romantic insults. After that, she moved to a boarding school whose principal enraged her with severe hatred and hates her. The school was poorly resourced and administered without food, hygiene or medicine.

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Clothes that provide the child with a decent life, and at one point, typhoid disease appeared in this school and a number of children died as a result of it, including his only close friend, the principal changed and the school conditions improved and the principal became a good teacher for the children.

With the passage of days, and after six years specifically, the child became a teacher at the school for a period of two years, then she issued a decision to leave the school to work in the field of private education, and one of the wealthy asked her to educate his stepdaughter, and while she was on her way to send some correspondence, she went on and found her to see a fantasy coming in the dark, then she thought that it was Just an illusion then I looked again when the imagination passed by the street light.

Then a very large man with broad shoulders wore a raincoat on a black horse and passed by him and went on her way, and after a while the rider fell off the horse and helped him to stand.

The girl went to her work and met the employer and got to know him and began negotiations between them after completing her work with the child, and with the passage of time the man began to admire her and it became evident that he liked her. On the wedding night a lawyer came and stopped the wedding decisions. He brought the bad news that this man was married.

And his wife is still alive, so the man admitted the matter. He married a young woman years ago, and after a period of marriage, he discovered that she was insane and he could not divorce her, but his merciful heart made him keep her in one of the palace rooms with her maid serving her.

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The girl’s heart broke and she made a decision to leave her suitor because she considered herself the mistress of a married man

Then she moved to her cousin’s house and cut her fiancé’s heart on her, but he couldn’t stop her.

He did not tell her about the matter and lived with her cousin for two years, learning foreign languages ​​from him and studying some of the neighborhood’s children, and after a period, he declared her desire to marry her, so she refused and returned to her past fiancé because he was the one she loved.

And when she came to him, his heart went long with joy and called her hand again after his last wife passed away, she accepted to marry him and their love and their happy marriage resulted in a beautiful girl named after her companion through romantic stories very bold and complete.

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The story takes place in the home of a middle-class family in the nineteenth century, a family of five girls whose mother seeks to find a suitable husband for each of them. The story begins with Mr. Bingley’s coming to Heather Field, where the family lives with Mr. Darcy, who gave the impression of arrogance and condescension, which made Elizabeth feel one day about him.

As for Mr. Bingley, he admires and has an intercourse between them, ending with his request for marriage. As events unfold, Elizabeth’s hatred for Mr. Darcy increases. She gets to know Mr. and Beckham and are attracted to him. The story reaches its plot, as Mr. Darcy confesses his love for Elizabeth and denounces him for this, only to discover that all that she had known about Mr. Darcy was just a misunderstanding.

So her feelings begin to change towards him. In this volatile journey of feelings, the bond between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth is covered with a kind of pride, vanity, and a silent love of Elizabeth, until they confess their feelings to each other.

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And he found among very bold romantic stories complete the novel of Qais and Laila’s love that took place within the borders of the Arabian Peninsula region, and it was passed on to generations over the past time, and many poems and novels were written about it, and the story depicts Qais and Laila’s love for each other while they are in the prime of youth.

The news spread among all the tribes, which made her father prevent the meeting between them, and forced Laila to marry another man, so Qais became insane, and he refused food and drink, and he wandered on his face in the desert, so the people called him “Majnun Laila”, and after their death fate brought them together again. We were buried in two graves next to each other.

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The love story of Antara and Abla The activities of this novel revolve around the black poet Antara bin Shaddad, who loved his cousin Abla Malik’s girl, who was distinguished by beauty, clarity of mind, and youthfulness, as Antara asked his cousin from her father who refused this marriage. Because he did not want his daughter to marry a black man, so he wanted to distance him from his request.

So he asked him a thousand camels from Nouq al-Nu’man as a dowry for her, so he went to Antara to fulfill his request, and faced many difficulties, but he succeeded in this, and he returned to the tribe with the nouq that his uncle requested, so his uncle thought to kill him, so he offered to the knights of the tribe to marry Abla so that her dowry would be the head of Antara To enjoy very bold romantic stories complete.

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It was also mentioned in very daring romantic stories complete that there is a story of love of Romeo and Juliet that is considered one of the most famous and most beautiful stories of love in the human past time, as its heroes Romeo and Juliet have become an example that strikes all the lovers and this is because of the power of love between them, and the events of the story depicted by the English writer William Shakespeare in One of his books is about a young man and a girl who follow each of them to two families in a situation of hostility with each other.

But the two young men decided to risk their association in a marital bond, which led to their death, and the two warring families united after this, the story of Antony and Cleopatra’s love is considered one of the most important love stories that Shakespeare embodied in the tragic play of Antony and Cleopatra, where the events of the novel revolve around the Roman leader Antonio who happened in The love of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who shared the same feelings.

This incited the ire of the Romans, who feared the increase in Egyptian distress as a result of that bond, but this did not prevent the two heroes from marrying, and regardless of their marriage, their story ended with a tragic consequence, as Antony received incorrect news about the death of Cleopatra, so he committed suicide, and when Cleopatra learned she could not bear This, she committed suicide

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It came within a very daring and complete romantic stories that he used to live in the house of Afra’s father’s control after his father’s death, and they were raised together and loved each other when they were young. When he grew up, Erwa wished that the marriage would crown the story of their pure love.

So he was sent to control of him to preach from Afra, and the money stopped as an obstacle in the way of the lovers, because the Afra family was overreacting in the dowry, and Erwa was unable to bring it. And he insisted on his uncle, and declared him love Afra.

And because he was poor, her father stalled him with promises, then implored him to hit the ground, perhaps life would accept him and he would return with Afra’s dowry, so what he had was nothing but to go to the dowry of his beloved.

And he returned after collecting her dowry, to tell him that Afra had died, and to show him a new grave, and he told him that this was her grave, so the buttonhole collapsed, lamented his fortune, and his beloved cried for a long time, until the surprise came to him, as news came to him that Afra did not die, but she got married. Amoy Ghani from the Levant during his absence, he went to the Afra neighborhood.

He saw her and he liked it, so he engaged her from her father, then the marriage took place despite her opposition, and he deported with her to the Levant, where he lives. When he knew this, he went to the Levant, and went as a guest to Afra’s husband, and the husband knew that he was the son of his wife, and he did not know their love for the nature of the situation, and because he had not met her but her husband, the latter was stalling in telling his wife the news of the arrival of her cousin.

So he threw his ring in a bowl of milk, and sent the vase to Afra with a slave-girl, and Afra immediately realized that her spouse’s guest was her old lover, so he met him, out of concern for Afra’s reputation and dignity.

Out of respect for her husband, who was very helpful and honored his resting place, he left, leaving his love behind. Time passed on them, and the disease of Erwa was a severe disease, and tuberculosis struck him until it killed him, and the death of the lovers came to the veil of concluding with the death of Erwa.

When the news reached Afra, she became very alarmed at him, melted her grief behind him, and continued to mourn him until after a short period of time, and she was buried in a mausoleum next to him and reading very daring romantic stories in full.

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We conclude our topic today by the end of our distinguished journey of the topic of very bold romantic stories complete, which has revealed many bold stories and how the end of each of them was what we enjoyed in your company.

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