Topic of an expression of national unity with elements, introduction and conclusion

We will review with you today a topic that expresses national unity with the elements and the introduction and conclusion to all our dear students. It is very important for any society to achieve national unity in which it progresses and promotes and contains a state of stability that helps to raise its economy, its progress and its advancement from any problems it faces from its children. The most important pillars for the survival and supremacy of nations, if not the most important at all, is a subject of an expression of national unity in the elements, the introduction, the conclusion and the conclusion of the fourth, fifth and sixth grades of primary education.

Elements of the theme of national unity:

  • An introduction to national unity.
  • Why do we need national unity.
  • The reasons by which we can achieve national unity.
  • Conclusion on national unity.

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Introduction to national unity: –

We hear this word a lot on TV programs. It mostly expresses the social and political condition of society.

If there is national unity in society, then this society is stable in its social and political aspects, and if this society does not contain national unity, then it becomes completely unstable.

National unity is the social condition of the country that expresses the unity of the people and their focus across all levels and classes on one common goal, the people’s commitment to the law and its impartial application without discrimination or discrimination.

National unity is a condition if it is available in the community to avoid many problems. Unity is the gathering of individuals in the people in one group.

And patriotism is their meeting on one goal, which is the pride and progress of their country, and they owe it loyalty, loyalty and devotion,

To achieve this, they must have love for their country and defend it against any external aggression or plans that harm its interests.

Among the manifestations of achieving national unity:

  • Pride in the homeland, its elevation and its value in all axes.
  • Defend it and stand up to the rapists.
  • In Egypt, the most important characteristic of society is the apparent national unity throughout its history, which led to the cohesion of this people and made it one hand, thus rejecting any distinction between a Muslim and a Christian.
  • Including when Muhammad Ali established on the equality between Copts and Muslims in their duties and rights, and this period was one of the brightest eras in the history of Egypt in the War of 73, the Copt was by the Egyptian side with one hand in facing the aggression.
  • And they succeeded in confronting him and expelling him after they became one hand. In the revolution of 19, the Muslim and the Christian participated together, and that there is no difference between them.
  • Egypt has the slogan of national unity over time, which he always repeated to end any problem or suspicion that his racism separated between them. He lived the crescent with the cross. It is a country that always enjoys national unity, and its citizens do not allow any disturbance of this unity.

Why do we need national unity: –

  • Our intense need for national unity was a result of the failure of anyone to feel discrimination and discrimination, especially in societies of various classes and races, and to lay down a law and principles that help to establish and apply this national unity in society.
  • It is a clear mission for heads and leaders of peoples. Also, national unity is of great importance, including that the whole people will unite under one banner and goal, which is the love, elevation and greatness of their homeland.
  • By this, they become one great force with which to face any external aggression coming to control their homeland or harm it in any way.
  • Thus, they are a group that can confront any individual or other group, and among its importance is also that it reduces the differences in society, whether social or political, which harms the state and its weakness and weak institutions.
  • His exposure or prey makes him easy for any external aggression or danger. Who wants in his homeland? Who wants any harm in his homeland? Who wants his homeland to be prey for someone? And also among its importance is that it helps and advance the public sectors of the state.
  • In the soul of every member of the people, something of belonging to his homeland makes him diligent and sincere in his work, and in this way he helps the country to advance, progress, progress, and permanent development, and this will also benefit every member of the people.

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The reasons through which we can achieve national unity: –

  • One of the most important reasons that contribute to achieving national unity in society is the adoption of appropriate policies by the state that help achieve this unity among all members of the people.
  • And setting serious penalties for any transgressor, whether verbally or in deed, and not complacency, and strict implementation of those penalties.
  • Among the most important reasons is to educate and educate the present and future generations on the tolerant teachings in religions, equality between all human beings, and non-discrimination or differentiation between human beings. We are all equal.
  • And that the members of the people and its groups and levels mix through intermarriage to end the racism of any society.
  • The existence of common interests among the intelligentsia within society, as they have a very big role in educating the people and removing all ideas of discrimination and racism from their minds through television, radio, theater and cinema.
  • Solving problems between individuals, increasing the spirit of belonging, loyalty and loyalty to the homeland, and that the homeland is above any considerations, whether sectarian or ethnic, and demonstrating common characteristics between individuals in terms of language, history and anything in common.
  • To enhance this unity, preferably economic, this strengthens the closeness and interdependence of individuals, fearing for their interests.
  • One history and one region that must always be reminded of them and throwing historical stories on them, especially the difficult periods of history and wars in which people usually unite to pass through this difficult phase.
  • And all of them become at the heart of one man, this leads to uniting the ranks and strengthening of determination and determination, and also leads to contact between members of the people and their presence in one region increases this contact and reinforces the interests between them.
  • One of the most important factors that are visible and clear to all that help achieve national unity as well.
  • It is the language that helps in understanding and rapprochement between individuals, since they speak one way and one language other than those who speak different languages, and there is a spiritual and mental connection between speakers of the same language.
  • And through these means, national unity in society is achieved, of course.

Conclusion on national unity: –

  • National unity is a fundamental pillar of society and its preservation. Its rules must be adhered to, and no person should be insulted because of their differences and not doing things that harm people in word or deed.
  • Citizens must be loyal and support this country, and stand together against any external or internal aggression.
  • Not allowing anyone to fall between groups of people and achieve strife among them. This leads to sabotage of society and the collapse of the state and its institutions, and it helps in achieving external activities.
  • Every citizen must serve his community and country to advance it and help raise the country’s economy and develop itself, which will contribute greatly to the development of the nation.
  • Abiding by the laws and not violating them because this weakens the prestige of the state, and citizens must maintain security and safety in all areas, spread awareness among them, educate other citizens, and punish anyone who violates this, or tries to incite violations of laws, so let’s rise the homeland together through our national unity to become and return Once again to lead the world as we used to from time immemorial, and to rise up to our beloved country, to find it at the forefront of countries and proud of it.

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And at the end of our article, a topic of an expression of national unity with the elements, the introduction and the conclusion, I hope that it met your approval, and I will wait for your comments for the rest of the distinguished students to benefit from them as well.

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