The subject of an expression of good morals and their importance in the elements

A topic of an expression of good morals and its importance in the elements, a new tour through our website today we will accompany you with a topic that expresses good morals and their importance in the elements for all our dear students. Man is distinguished by many qualities that make him loved among people, and among the most important of these qualities are morals. It is the virtue that God bestows upon His servants, the subject of an expression of good morals and their importance with the elements, the introduction and the conclusion of the fourth, fifth and sixth grades of primary, a subject of an expression of good morals and their importance with the elements for the first, second and third preparatory and secondary classes and for all educational classes.

Morals are what distinguish one person from another. Ethics is the message that the Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, brought when he said, “I am sent to complete the most honorable morals.” Rather, it is the first criterion when judging the actions of others.

Ethics is the quality that every person wants to be in, and it is the virtue that every person wants to find in the person who deals with him, and in this article we mention to you the importance of ethics in the topic of an expression of good and decent morals and their importance, and this topic contains many information the value.

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Elements of a subject matter expressing good morals and their importance: –

  • Introduction, topic, an expression of good morals.
  • What are good and generous manners.
  • Pictures and forms of good and decent manners.
  • The importance of good and decent morals in human life.
  • The role of good and decent morals in the development of peoples and nations.
  • Education and instilling good morals in the souls.
  • Good morals is the message of the Islamic religion.
  • Conclusion is an expression of good and decent morals and their importance.
  • Introduction to the topic of an expression of good morals: –

    Good and decent morals are the standard by which individuals are judged whether it is appropriate for people to deal with him or not, and it also expresses the behavior that a person performs towards different situations.

    Morals prevent a person from carrying out all dishonorable behavior, as well as prevent him from wronging people, or taking rights by force, without any right.

    Ethics is the word that carries all the beautiful meanings. It is a group of sublime qualities that, if available in a person, would change all of his life for the better.

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    What are good and decent manners: –

    They are the benign natures that characterize the human being, as they refer to a set of generous rules that regulate human behavior, as well as affect his reactions.

    Also, morals symbolize the human being who appears when dealing with people well, and establishes the generosity of morals.

    Pictures and forms of good and decent morals: –

    The person who lacks morals is a bad person, people are afraid to deal with him, and there are many forms and forms of morals, which are,

    • Truthfulness and honesty: commitment to truthfulness when speaking and honesty when dealing with people, is one of the best forms and forms of good morals.

    Where every Muslim must be honest in the hadith, never lie, as the Messenger of God says when someone asked him, “Is the believer a liar, he said no.”

    The person must also be committed to honesty in speaking, and returning the trusts to their owners.

    • Righteousness of parents: One of the best morals that a person can be characterized by. Justification of parents is one of the honorable morals, so a person cannot accept that he humiliates his father or his mother.
    • Keeping secrets: Keeping a secret and not disclosing it is considered one of the good morals that characterize a person, as a person cannot deal with a person who is not characterized by keeping secrets.

    Fulfillment of promises: Commitment to fulfilling a covenant is a generous morality, as betrayal of promises leads to the person who suffers them from losing himself and others.

    • Mercy: Mercy is one of the characteristics that distinguish true Muslims, as it is considered the key to the hearts.
    • Good words: Sweet tongue, the owner of sweet and beautiful words, is one of the morals that many people like, so a person likes to deal with a polite person who is not foul of the tongue.

    Where the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, says, “The evil of people is the same on the Day of Resurrection, whoever fears the people for fear of his tongue.”

    • Modesty: One of the good qualities that every person should be distinguished by, the living person is the person whom people like to deal with.
    • Relationship of wombs: the first relationship of wombs from the beauty of creation, as it works to instill affection and compassion in the souls.
    • Doing goodwill: Doing good and giving goodwill, based on good and generous morals, that work on harmony between hearts.

    The importance of good and decent morals in a person’s life: –

    Morals are among the basic things that guarantee a person a decent and happy life, and they also guarantee the peaceful coexistence of individuals.

    A person who is characterized by good manners is a person who is able to work with conscience and make efforts to raise his homeland, and thus lead to the development of society.

    The human being, who treats people with affection and compassion, is the one who is characterized by tolerance and non-injustice, which creates an atmosphere of love and cooperation between individuals.

    A decent human being, is the person who enjoins good and forbids evil, is the person who does not accept any assault on the rights of the citizen or the right of the state, so this leads to the spread of justice.

    The human being is able to control his desires and desires, and thus only the right actions come from him.

    Morals make man loved in this world by individuals, just as God Almighty loves him.

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    The role of good and decent morals in the development of peoples and states: –

    Shawky says, “The nations of morals do not remain ……. If they are gone, their morals are gone.

    Here Shawky confirms that nations are built by morals, and that without them, individual society deteriorates, and leads to its collapse if they abandon morals.

    Adherence to the noble ethics is a correct indicator of the advancement and development of societies, and that is through that if every individual adheres to morals, he will reform the state of society as a whole.

    Ethics make society work with all effort and cooperation, which increases production and the renaissance of the economy.

    Generous morals protect society from bad behavior, as well as unjust desires and desires, which works to improve society.

    Education and instilling good morals in the souls: –

    Proper education is one of the most important factors that work to instill morality in the souls. Education is the first seed in the formation of individual behaviors.

    Parents teach the child decent manners from a young age, so that he gets used to these morals and develops with him throughout his life.

    Then comes the role of the school, which complements what parents started to instill morals, through some educational materials and simulations on the ground.

    Then the role of clerics, who carry out religious dialogues and sermons, the goal of which is the correct definition of the noble morals and the love of morals among the souls.

    Consequently, the educational institutions meet together, working to deepen decent morals in the hearts of generations, which work to build and develop society.

    Good morals are the message of the Islamic religion: –

    God Almighty says, “And you are above a great creation.” Here, God Almighty describes the Messenger with good and great morals, and these morals are the essence of religion.

    The main goal of the message of heaven to the Messenger of God is ethics, as he says, “I am sent to complete the honorable morals”.

    The Islamic religion urges a person to show good morals, and he tries to endear them in creation in all ways, as the Messenger of God affirms that morals bring the servant closer to God and His Messenger, and he says, “The closest of you to me will be sitting on the Day of Resurrection.

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    Conclusion on the topic of an expression of good and decent morals and their importance: –

    Al-Shafei says, “When I pardoned and did not hate anyone … I relieve myself from the enmities.

    I salute my enemy when I see him ………. To ward off evil from me with regards.

    In the end, it is necessary to have good morals, because it is a salvation from all evil in this world and the hereafter, and I hope that I have succeeded in narrating this article, and I will wait for your comments and your posts so that everyone can benefit from them.

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