The story of Harout and Marot written in detail

The story of Harut and Marut is written in detail. The events in this article are based on two books, which are verses from Surat Al-Baqara and the writings of Ibn Katheer. They were Harut and Marut (mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in Surat al-Baqarah) of the angels known to be behind bringing black magic to this world.

Who are Harout and Marout?

  • The Qur’an clarifies the misunderstanding regarding their role, they are mentioned in relation to the events that occurred in the time of the Prophet Solomon, the wise prophet and the king who came after the Prophet Moses.
  • Whereas, the revelation that God revealed in the Qur’an about Solomon also removes the misconceptions that the Jews had of him that he was “merely a magician or a disheveler who was carried by the wind”.
  • Harut and Marut were two angels sent by God to Babylon, but there is disagreement over the origin of the terms Harut and Marut, but some people believe that the terms come from the Aramaic language.
  • Others take them to be of Syriac origin, which means kingship, and a number of people take the terms that they are of Persian origin.
  • There are many stories and stories about Harout and Marut, and a lot of them are taken by scholars and commentators from the Qur’an to be fictitious.
  • For example, the story that a woman named “Zahra” deceived Harout and Marut and learned the greatest name of God and then turned into a star and went to heaven is imaginary.

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The story of Harout and Marut in the Holy Quran

  • The Almighty said: (and follow what Ttheloa demons on King Solomon and Kafr Soliman but the devils disbelieved, teaching people magic and what was revealed to the two angels in Babylon Harut and Marut and knew from one even Icola but we sedition not atone they learn them what differentiate it between man and wife and what they Bdharyn him from one except with the permission of God and learn what harm them or benefit them, and I knew what those who bought him in the Hereafter creatively and what an evil Hroa by themselves if they knew) the cow / 102.
  • (In the interpretation of this sacred verse), it is said that the Satanists knew the magic that was sent on the angels of Harut and Marut in Babylon, and these two people did not study any man until they said: “Certainly we are at trial, so do not be an infidel.” Until then, men learned of these two magic that might cause separation between a man and his wife.
  • So he said to the angels: Choose two beings from your community so that I can send them to the earth and give them the nature of human beings and put in them the desire to eat and drink and so on, and enter into their minds like the children of Adam, and then I will tell them about the issue of my obedience and my worship.

The story of Harout and Marot written in detail

  • From here the angels chose Harut and Marut from among them, as they were primarily in finding faults in humans and in seeking God’s chastity for mankind. God told them: Now you have placed all those desires and needs in you that you have created in men, do not include anyone (do not make any partner In worshiping me, do not commit adultery and do not drink alcohol.
  • Then he removed all the curtains of the sky so that he could make his power visible to the angels, he sent these two angels on Earth in the form of two handsome men and made them camp in Babylon, when they reached the earth they saw a very beautiful woman advancing towards them.
  • That woman was fully decorated and scented and her face was uncovered, the angels had an idea about the woman they were forbidden to, and they discussed it among themselves and decided to move away from temptation.
  • But after walking a few steps, emotion overcame them, and they returned to that woman and asked her to allow them to have sex with her, and that woman said my religion does not allow me to lie to you until you adopt my religion.

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The Sins of Harout and Marut

  • They tried to enter her religion, but she said: I can only fulfill the wish of a person who worships God who prostrates before God, and she referred to an old saying “This is my God.” The angels looked at each other and chanted: Now our sins have become two (instead of one).
  • Those sins are considered polytheism and adultery, but the desire overtook them, so they said to the woman: We are acceptable, then she said: While you are ready to kneel before the deity, you must first drink wine because prostration without consuming alcohol is not recognized.
  • The angels consulted again, and said: Now three sins are facing us, namely: drinking wine, having illegal sex, and prostrating before the idol, and then they said to this woman: Really, you have proven to us a big problem, but we are still ready to do everything you say.
  • So they drank wine and bowed before the deity and prepared with that woman. When a beggar suddenly entered the place, they asked him: Who are you and why did you come here? He replied: “Your condition makes me doubt your intention. You are afraid, but you brought this woman to a solitary place. You are definitely evil people.
  • Then this woman told the two, “I swear to God that this man knows you and knows where you are. We have gone to the stigma of you and I, so I will not approach you. You must first kill him so that he is not able to disgrace us and then come back to me and do whatever you want.

The End of Harout and Marot

  • At once the two ran after that man and killed him, but when they came back they did not find the woman there and suddenly found that their clothes had fallen and were bare, and at that time they started biting their fingers with severe pieces of shame and sadness.
  • One of the angels said, “Since we have reached the world, we may also fully enjoy our desires until we obtain the punishment of the afterlife.” Another said, “The earthly punishment is limited and will end one day, but the discipline of the Hereafter is eternal, as it is much harsher and we do not prefer it.”
  • So they choose the punishment of this world and continue to teach magic to people, they’ve been doing it for a long time and when they’ve mastered that teaching they are hanging upside down in the air.
  • And they will remain that way until Judgment Day as the angels were placed with ends from both up to her neck and were placed in a distinct well inside Babylon, Harut and Marut were suspended by their feet as they were in torment due to this fact.
  • As it is noteworthy that they were subjected to linking their feet daily between the hour and sunset and dinner, and this may be their punishment until Judgment Day.

Wisdom from the story of Harout and Marot

Certainly, there is a sermon and a lesson from Harut and Marut’s revelations to people, including:

God sent down the two angels Harut and Marut to teach people magic, and this is for a very important reason, which is to break the priests ’monopoly on this science, and for this to be also a test from God, and alert people to distinguish between magic and a miracle and not try to believe any words.

And not believing in the words of magicians because Harout and Marot at that time were working to create conflict between the spouses, and from here the negative impact of them is much greater than the positive effect, but it must be said and emphasized that everything is by the command of God Almighty.

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At the end of our journey with the story of Harout and Marot written in detail, it must be said that many of us fear magic, but it must be emphasized that nothing can be done without the will of God. God is so much He protects us from every desired demon.

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