The sayings of Ibrahim al-Feki about success and self-confidence

The sayings of Ibrahim al-Feki about success and self- confidence , confidence in oneself is the basis of success and progress, and each of us must feel full confidence in the soul in order to be able to achieve himself, and a large number of psychology and human development experts have spoken about self-confidence and success, and from the most famous These experts in the world of human development, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Feki, has mentioned many sayings about success, self-confidence and urging action, and we will provide you with information on cultural information about Ibrahim Al-Feki’s sayings about success and self-confidence.

Important information about Dr. Ibrahim Al-Feki

Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed El-Sayed El-Fiqi is an expert in human development and neurolinguistic programming, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Center for Human Development, founder and chairman of the Ibrahim El-Feki International Group of Companies, born in 1950 in Abu Al-Nomros village in Giza Governorate, he won many championships in Egypt, and he has Many of the lectures that were the reason for his success, and he has many books and translated many of these books into other languages ​​such as English, French, Cordoba and Indonesian.

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Ibrahim Al-Feki sayings about self-confidence

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Feki, the human development expert, talked about self-confidence, and he said that you should know that it is acquired through dealing with situations in a more positive way. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Feki indicated in one of his books in the book on Self-Control, that more often than not, it may be the inability to trust The self leads to wrong ideas that a person carries within himself, without realizing that they are wrong and many mistakes, and repeats them constantly.

  • Be honest with yourself.
  • After you get to the source of the problem, find the main causes that connected you to the problem.
  • Convince yourself, and always repeat self-confident words.
  • Do not compare yourself to others, you must realize that there are many differences between people.
  • Mix up with positive people and turn away from the desperate, whose hopelessness can destroy you.
  • Set before you an ideal, the noblest of creation, the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace.
  • List the pros and cons of all of your decisions that you could make and study the topic from all sides.
  • Learn from past experiences, review past decisions, and recognize all the negatives that have occurred before, and you should benefit from them.
  • Set aside time to reflect, set aside half an hour daily to reflect, take back your day in a quiet place and think carefully about your goals.
  • Force yourself to focus on the positives, and familiarize yourself with how to look for them.
  • Commitment to prayer and always reciting the Noble Qur’an, because the Noble Qur’an provides a person with reassurance and peace.
  • Take care of your appearance and do not neglect yourself.

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The sayings of Ibrahim al-Feki about success and self-confidence

  • Escaping is the only cause of failure, so you can succeed as long as you don’t stop trying.
  • Realizing how you think this is the beginning of a change.
  • Your eyes are only a reflection of your thoughts.
  • Reality is not a mere perception, so if you want to change the reality of your life, start by changing your perceptions.
  • You are here because of yesterday’s decision, and tomorrow it will be because of today’s decisions.
  • No person is unhappy, but there are thoughts that cause feelings of misery.
  • As the first step to happiness and serious thinking, you need to get rid of your sense of being the victim.
  • Smile, Glory be to the one who made a smile in our religion an act of worship, and for it we shall be rewarded.
  • Don’t wait for the unusual opportunity to happen to you. Take the ordinary opportunity and make it great.
  • The man who has no opinion, like a door handle, can turn him whatever he wants.
  • Forgive others and know that everyone has their faults, so accept others so that others accept you.
  • When justice is achieved even animals adhere to order.
  • Unfortunately look back, anxiety looks around, faith looks to the future.
  • Happiness always seems tiny when we hold it with our little hands, but when we learn how to share it we will realize how great and precious it is.
  • Winter is the beginning of summer, shadows are the beginning of light, stress is the beginning of comfort, and failure is the beginning of success.
  • If you are with God … then you are with the absolute majority.
  • Do not give someone priority in your life when you are a secondary choice in their life, and do not do the impossible for those who do what is possible for you.
  • What was walking in my blood and veins, and lived in my soul, must go out to life.
  • You will not be able to give without love, and you will not be able to give without forgiveness.
  • If you do not have a goal, then you will be another goal.
  • If you see beauty in others, know that you are beautiful inside.
  • When you do not know what to do, your real work begins, and when you do not know which way to take, your true journey begins.
  • They say that my dream is impossible, and I say that God is almighty over everything.

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This was a brief summary of the most important sayings of Dr. Ibrahim Al-Feki about success and self-confidence. In all his lectures, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Feki urged, and all those who follow him, self-confidence in order to be able to succeed and achieve self. He has written many books on the causes of success, the factors of excellence, and the reasons for self-confidence, in addition to presenting a number of physical movements that help calm Self, help to rethink and trust in society and self.

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