The most famous sayings of the wise men about women and men

The most famous sayings of the wise men about women and men, that the woman is half of society and the man is the other half that completes it, where the character and composition of women differ from men, and God Almighty has made them different in order to complete each other and achieve the goal of their existence, and we will mention the most famous sayings of the wise men about women and men in this article.

The importance of the presence of men and women in society: –

There is no existence of a man in society without the presence of the woman, for she is the mother, sister, wife and daughter, as well as there is no existence of a woman without the presence of the man, as he is the father, husband, son and brother. Therefore, they are the basis for building the society and its righteousness. They are responsible for the future generations.

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Understanding between men and women: –

Understanding between a man and a woman is necessary, as it is indispensable, and there are many contradictions between their characteristics and character. Therefore, they must accept each other and try to avoid clash by recognizing the common points between them and strengthening them in order to reach an attempt to understand each of them for the other.

The most famous sayings of the wise men on women and men: –

  • A polite man, should not ask a woman about her age.
  • He smiled for your wife can be found at your fingertips.
  • The most odious men in women Scrooge and cowardly.
  • The best of luck with women is the man who can do without them.
  • If a young man complains to you about the cruelty of a woman, know that his heart is in her hands.
  • If a man’s beauty attracts some women, then most of them look in the man for his masculinity, not his beauty.
  • If a man distinguishes a woman between all women, then that is love. And if all women do not sing a man, what one woman sings, that is love.
  • If the woman smiled at the man on the road, he ran behind her, and if the man smiled at the woman, she wished to run after her.
  • If a man loses a friend for a woman, he loses both the woman and the friend.
  • If a man loses the woman he likes, it will be difficult for him to find another easily.
  • If a man loves to show his love without delay, the woman is just the opposite.
  • The worst type of men who does not trust his wife is that he despises himself from where he does not know.
  • The happiest man in the world is the one who is first in a woman’s heart.
  • I think men are less lying than women except for an hour they flirt with them.

The most famous of what was said about men and women:

  • The stupidest type of man who loves a woman who does not love him.
  • Most men lack imagination, so fashion designers fill in that void.
  • The biggest defect of a man is that he does not put himself in the place of the woman he is judged.
  • What a woman fears the most from a man is his silence, and what a man fears most about a woman is her speech.
  • Acquisitions for men end, but the beginning for women.
  • Men understand women, but women only women understand them.
  • Men are the reason women don’t like men.
  • the man who does not forgive women for her mistakes, will not enjoy her goodness.
  • A man is a man at times and a female is a female at all times.
  • A man has a lamp that is the conscience, a woman has a star, that is hope, for the lamp guides and hope delivers.
  • The man that men fear women love.
  • The man is the tree trunk, its stem and its leaves, but the woman is its fruit.
  • The man is the one who fights the cheetah, and he is afraid of the woman. The man thinks, then decides, and the woman decides and thinks.
  • The man is a swing between the woman’s smile and her tears.

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The sayings of the wise about men and women: –

  • A woman, if she loved, would be a generous angel, and if jealousy erupted in her heart, she would be transformed into a demon.
  • A woman only loves children and loves her husband if he is.
  • A strong man is one who submits a woman to his will without ordering her to do so.
  • The man who does absolve woman’s, how impossible that he will he take pleasure in her love.
  • Men make great things this is the fact that women make men. This is a fact that we always forget.
  • The man is drowning in love with his eyes, and the woman with her ears.
  • Man cannot live on beauty, but he dies for it.
  • She wasted twenty years for her son to turn into a man, another woman who would make him a fool in twenty minutes.
  • The woman prefers that the man die in her first and that he die after that.
  • A woman is a geographical being that always tries to hide its history.
  • That this girl is like death if you know her, you will not know afterwards.

The most wonderful ruling on men and women: –

  • The ugliest thing is that everything in life becomes beautiful.
  • Marriage is not a division and a share, it is divided and multiplied.
  • Laughs are short periods of time drying tears.
  • The woman either governs or serves.
  • Do not trust the woman even if she dies.
  • Women’s promises are written on the water.
  • When a woman thinks about her own mind, she thinks about harm.
  • A woman’s heart sees more than ten men’s eyes.
  • No quarrel, but a woman.
  • A woman’s relationship with soap is very close because it is like her.
  • If the poets’ verses were made of stones, each of us would have found a worthy dwelling on the land of his country.
  • It seems that she loves you very much, as is the evidence that she married someone other than you.
  • Why does a man always pay a woman, he pays his dignity when he flirts with her, his comfort when he thinks about her, his nerves when he loves her, his money when he proposes to her, his money, his food and his name when he marries her, even when he dies, he pays her his pension.

Beautiful sayings about men and women: –

  • His wife is an end to humanity because she allows him to visit his mother whenever he wants, and even goes with him carrying many flowers for her to put on her grave.
  • Three women in a man’s life are a woman who cannot live without her, a woman with whom he cannot live, and a woman who shares life with him.
  • Do not say I love her for such and such, but say I love her despite such-and-such.
  • A cat has seven souls for a woman and seven souls for cats.
  • The happiest woman marries an archaeologist, and the older she gets, the more he appreciates her.
  • Old age begins when your wife is keen to pay your life insurance premiums prematurely.
  • Some always live in the past because it is cheaper.
  • do not tell me about love, let me try it.
  • Lightning fast we read telegrams we love.
  • Love: the greatest gift to whoever is guided.
  • The trick of men is manners, and the trick of women is what they wear.
  • Gold is tested with fire and woman is tested with gold.
  • The woman who loves a man for himself is a crazy or weak woman.
  • The most amazing madness mad women in love.

Jamila ruling on men and women: –

  • If a woman says to you that I love you, know that she has had mercy on you.
  • If a woman loves you, she gives you the world, and if she hates you, she will burn you.
  • Do not ask the woman who she loves, but who she hates.
  • Love is the story of a woman’s life and it is a stage in a man’s life.
  • A woman lives to be happy with love, and a man loves to be happy with life.
  • Love for women is like nectar for a flower.
  • A woman loves that her husband remembers her birthday on the condition that he forgets her age.
  • Women love what they hear and men love what they see.
  • Love is a means for men and an end for women.
  • A woman’s face is a clear mirror of what is going on in her depths.
  • Marriage is the only thing that transports a woman from the realm of fiction to the realm of reality.
  • Marriage is the best way to find out what a man hates about a woman.
  • Marriage is a share in which men gamble with their freedom and women with their happiness.
  • If a man is a sea, then a woman is a bridge.
  • Women have long hair and short mind.
  • The last thing a man dies is a heart, and a woman has her tongue.
  • An ugly woman is a stomach disease, and a beautiful woman has a headache.
  • A woman has no weapon except her tongue.

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Wonderful and beautiful ruling on men and women: –

  • He who marries a woman who has three daughters marries four thieves.
  • Women learn to cry to lie.
  • A woman who loves two fools both.
  • A woman does not stop talking except to cry.
  • One tear from a beautiful woman is enough to refute all the evidence of a man.
  • The more a woman gains spaces of liberation, the shorter her dress becomes.
  • Life is a woman who bathes with the tears of her lovers and is scented with the blood of her dead.
  • The fictional woman is the one who floats her imagination beyond the horizon, so she is happy with the imagination, and she is unable to face the facts.
  • No man in the world will be able to satisfy his wife even if he gives Qarun’s money, because there is always something in her requests that he cannot achieve.
  • The man wishes happiness, but the woman makes it.
  • All happy women are alike, but unhappy women are nothing alike.
  • A woman’s happiness is not what she is, but what she can show. To the extent that she succeeds in deluding people that she is very happy she is.

After completing the article of the most famous sayings of the wise men about women and men and explaining the importance of the presence of men in relation to women and vice versa, and the result of the existence of understanding between them, whether at the level of the family or society, its impact, as men and women are the community and we are now dear reader awaiting participation with your comment.

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