The most beautiful tourist places in Morocco for families

The most beautiful tourist places in Morocco for families, as Morocco is characterized by many natural and modern aspects that distinguish it from other countries, because it has a wonderful taste in addition to its large markets and the most wonderful natural mountains, the desert and other heights, all these things made Morocco distinctive so the focus was on renewing Tourist areas are a good project, and through this article we will get to know the most beautiful tourist places in Morocco for families.

The most beautiful tourist places in Morocco for families:

Marrakech city:

After its modernization, Marrakesh is summed up in being a bustling and lively city for many visitors and it is a major tourist attraction, as this city was entered from the vast Elfna Mosque square, making it seem that half of the city converges throughout the day and into the evening to hang out with street vendors, traditional musicians, snake magicians and games Random acrobatics.

You can also enter a world of maze-like alleys. It is an experience full of local life and full of noise and not to be missed on your itineraries Morocco.

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Hassan II Mosque:

The Hassan II Mosque is the main point of interest in Casablanca for its beautiful buildings, and the Hassan II Mosque is a grandiose symbol not only of the city, but also of Morocco itself, and this modern mosque (completed in 1993).

The decoration details covering every centimeter of the gigantic two-hectare site took 10,000 craftsmen, the intricately carved marble pieces, vibrant mosaics, and the zellige tile details pay tribute to the principles of traditional architecture and mastery of Moroccan craftsmanship, this mosque is one of the best modern areas that can Her visit while going to Morocco.

UDAS Kasbah:

Morocco is a country that has many beautiful old towns that have been modernized, but the Odas Kasbah district in Rabat should be one of the most picturesque areas in the country, because it is a quiet and completely attractive area for being miles away from the city, despite being located in the heart of City.

Within the walls of this ancient castle, the corridors of elegant white and blue homes surrounded by colorful flowers and flowing laundry have a special charm, unlike the other town areas of Fez and Marrakesh.

Fez el-Bali:

Besides Marrakech, Fez is considered the major cultural destination in Morocco, but unlike its imperial sister in the south, Fez was not limited to tourists, Fez Bali is an authentic overlap in this place, because its appearance is from its plastered parts and old doors Brilliant.


Tangier is one of the most ancient European cities, and it has a charming and slightly open role in literary history in the twentieth century, and this past is what attracts many tourists to it, and this is the city that inspired famous works such as Paul Shells.

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In the beautiful Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen is a wonderful maze of blue-colored buildings that are characterized by an incredible photographic glow, and this city is characterized as a quiet and peaceful city, a great place to recharge your positive energy and a suitable place if you live in the center of cities, and it is also one of the Major destinations for hiking and trekking in Morocco, starting point and organized center for hiking in the Rif Mountains.

Bab Al-Mansour:

This modern giant gate (which guards the entrance to the imperial city of Meknes from the Medina) is known for its amazing decoration, and it means as a memorial to the power of the Sultan, and Bab al-Mansour is one of the remnants of the glorious Meknes era as the capital of Morocco, and is widely regarded as the largest and best preserved Moroccan gate. One of the best times to photograph this gate is in the afternoon to photograph the gate in dim light, then wander through the small maze of Meknes from the old city.

Ait Ben Haddou:

This place is considered a fairy tale, and it is not surprising that the orange-colored towers and winding lanes inside are a favorite of many tourists due to the surreal beauty of the place, and you can even sleep inside this place if you want the full Ait Ben Haddou experience.

But those who want to visit this place must be aware that this place does not have electricity, if you are heading to the interior regions of Morocco, try to come early in the morning or later in the afternoon, so that you can see the beauty of this castle in its most beautiful manifestations .

Follow with us the most beautiful tourist places in Morocco for families:


Essaouira is considered the most charming coastal city in Morocco and dates back to the seventies, and this city is characterized by colorful fishing boats that swim on the water, the walls of the luxurious old castle and the winding paths of the old city that have been developed.

Besides seafood and great café life for those looking for a more active sightseeing, there are also great picnics along the beach to remote villages, and surfing on the beach.

Erg Chebbi:

Inland in the Eastern Sahara region of Morocco, there are the great and extended sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, where explorers and adventure seekers head for a dose of desert activity, and this is the main region for surfing using sand dunes, four-wheel push descent, and camel trekking (the most authentic) .

For those of a less active nature, sitting in the midst of the sand dunes is well worth the long drive, and the most important thing for travelers is to spend the evening at a desert campground amid the dunes themselves.

Djemaa El-Fna:

Djemaa El-Fna is the most important feature of any visit to Marrakech and one of the most important tourist attractions in Morocco, as this square in the heart of the city is filled with the magic of snakes and people who have monkeys, in addition to some of the more common stalls, as the day progresses in changing the entertainment on offer.

For example, after the snake charmers leave, in the afternoon and evening the square becomes more crowded, with storytellers, magicians, and street vendors of traditional medicines, and as darkness descends, Djemaa El-Fna fills with dozens of food stalls, and the crowds are at their height.


Meknes is one of the four imperial cities in Morocco and its name and fame are closely related to Sultan Moulay Ismail, the Sultan turned Meknes into a wonderful city in the Spanish-Moroccan style, surrounded by high walls and large gates, while Meknes is an imperial city that includes many historical monuments and sites It is also the closest city to the Roman ruins of Volubilis.

Deraa Valley:

Located south of the High Atlas Mountains, it is one of the amazing valleys, which are lined with ancient kasbahs, Berber villages and palm groves, and it spreads from Ouarzazate in the west to Zagora in the east, and going on a trip to this region is undoubtedly one of the most tourist trips in Morocco, as the valley intersects His shield with the River Deraah which begins in the High Atlas and ends in the Atlantic Ocean, although the river usually dries up before the arrival of water into the ocean.

White House:

The last thing we conclude with is the topic of the most beautiful tourist places in Morocco for families is Casablanca, where Casablanca is the most modern city in Morocco, which focuses on business, and Casablanca is also a center for trade and urban development, and is followed by fame after the Hassan II mosque, Which is one of the largest mosques in the world, and other areas that must be visited while visiting Morocco are the Twin Center Towers, Anfa, the market, Mohammed V Boulevard, and the city center.

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We have presented to you through the past lines an article about the most beautiful tourist places in Morocco for families that you can visit while going to Morocco, whether with your family or friends, read the article so that you get to know these wonderful areas.

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