The most beautiful sayings of Al-Fadil bin Ayyad to King Harun Al-Rashid

The most beautiful sayings of Al-Fadil bin Ayyad to King Harun Al-Rashid. Al-Fadhil bin Ayyad was famous for his good conduct, piety and piety. Rational in this article.

Who is Al-Fadil bin Ayyad?

Al-Fadhil bin Ayyad bin Masoud al-Khorasani was born in the city of Samarkand in the year 107 AH and had an Iranian nationality, as he was a follower of Sufism, then he became a member of the Sunnis and the community and was called Abed Al-Haramayn, where he was educated by Hisham bin Hassan, Mansour bin Al-Mu’tamer, Awf Al-Arabi and other scholars.

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The status of Al-Fadil Bin Ayyad among the scholars: –

Al-Fadhil bin Ayyad died in 187 AH, and many scholars and sheikhs who knew him praised him, as he had a great position among them. Imam Al-Dhahabi, Sheikh of Islam, said about him a Kofi sheikh, a trustworthy worshiper, and some of them said about him Saduq and Harun al-Rashid said of him I have not seen the most valuable virtue Bin Ayyad.

The most beautiful sayings of Al-Fadil bin Ayyad to King Harun Al-Rashid: –

O good face, you are the one who asks God about this creation on the Day of Resurrection, and if you are able to protect this face from the fire then do and beware that it becomes and touches and in your heart deceives one of your subjects, for the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: (Whoever becomes a deceiver for them will not smell the Paradise).

Aaron cried and said to him: Do you have a debt? He said: Yes, a debt to my Lord, he did not hold me accountable. Woe to me if he asked me, and woe to me if he discussed me, and woe to me if I did not inspire my argument.

He said: I mean from the religion of the servants.

He said: My Lord did not command me to do this by ordering me to believe his promise, and I obey his command, so the Almighty said: (I have not created jinn and mankind except to worship.

He said to him: This is a thousand dinars to take, so spend it on your children and strengthen it in worshiping your Lord.

He said: Glory be to God, I am guiding you on the path of salvation and you reward me with something like this? ! May God bless you and grant you success.

Then he fasted and did not speak to us, so we went out of his presence, and when we reached the door, Aaron said: Aba Abbas, if you guide me to a man, show me something like this, this is the master of Muslims.

The most beautiful sayings of Al-Fadil bin Ayyad:

  • Whoever seeks a brother without blemish becomes without a brother.
  • The best work is the most sincere and the most correct and sincere is for God, and the right thing is for it to follow the Sunnah, meaning in the legitimate way that is acceptable to God and His Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace
  • Two qualities that harden the heart, sleep a lot and eat too much
  • Humility is to submit to the truth, to obey it, and to accept the truth from everyone who hears it
  • Fear is better than hope as long as the man is right, and if death descends on him, hope is better.
  • The smaller your sin, the greater it is with God, and the greater the greater your sin, the smaller it is with God.
  • A servant will not be pious until his enemy secures him.
  • There is no work for the one who has no intention, and no reward for the one who has no intention.
  • Suffice it with God with love, the Qur’an sociable and death, as a preacher.
  • Rather, the creation fears you as much as you fear God.
  • You spoke about what does not concern you and distracts you from what concerns you.
  • Rather, he interrupts people with impiety, one of them visits his brother, and he is appointed to him, and that cuts him off from him.

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The most famous sayings of Al-Fadil Bin Ayyad:

  • The gift was blessed with the kind word of wisdom that a man would preserve until he delivered it to his brother.
  • A believer grows palm trees and is afraid that they will bear thorns, and the hypocrite sows thorns and asks to bear fruit.
  • People did not adorn themselves with something better than honesty and asking for halal.
  • The believer is envious of faith, envy from hypocrisy.
  • The bearer of the Qur’an should have no need for anyone, nor for the caliphs, and without them, the needs of creation should be for him.
  • I have been informed that immorality of scholars begins with them on the Day of Resurrection, before idol worshipers.
  • The judge should be a day in the judiciary and a day in tears for himself.
  • Because he is accompanied by a vigorous, good manners, is dearer to me than a slave of bad manners.
  • He is full of virility from the righteousness of his parents, fixes his money, spent from his money and good manners, honored his brothers and stayed at home.
  • A man asked him, saying: O Abu Ali, when will a man reach his goal of loving God Almighty? He said to him the virtue if his giving and preventing him from you, whether you have reached the goal of his love.

Rulings and masterpieces of Al-Fadil bin Ayyad: –

  • But yesterday is an example, today is work, and tomorrow is hope.
  • Save your tongue and accept your affairs, know your time, and hide your place. What is meant by saying: Bring your place to light, that is, to leave the love of appearance and fame.
  • Adhere to the path of guidance, and the few who walk do not harm you, and beware of the paths of misguidance, and do not be deceived by the abundance of those who perish.
  • Empty your heart for sadness and fear until it calms it, so it cuts it off from sins and keeps you away from the fire.
  • The best work is to hide it and prevent it from the Devil, further from showing off.
  • People are the most deserving of satisfaction with God, the people of knowledge of God Almighty.
  • Humility is to submit to the truth, to obey it, and to accept the truth from everyone who hears it.
  • The believer is a few words, a lot of work, a hypocrite a lot of words, a little work. The words of the believer are wisdom and his silence thinks and looks through his work as righteousness.
  • If backbiting appeared, brotherhood in God would rise.
  • Whoever protects five has guarded the evil of this world and the hereafter: wonder, hypocrisy, arrogance, contempt and lust.
  • The servant is fine if he says: God said, and if he does work for God.
  • Al-Mutawakkil, who trusts in God, does not accuse his Lord and is not afraid of failing him.
  • I disobey God, so I know that in the creation of my donkey and my servant.

Unforgettable words of Fadil Bin Ayyad: –

  • Two traits harden the heart, talk a lot and eat too much.
  • He who is desperate for loneliness and becomes tame with people has not been spared hypocrisy, Hajj, or jihad is more severe than holding the tongue, and no one is more gloomy than the one who has imprisoned his tongue.
  • Most pious in the tongue.
  • Fear is better than hope as long as a man is healthy. If death descends on him, hope is better.
  • Abandoning work for the sake of people is hypocrisy, and working for the sake of people is shirk, and sincerity is that God will cure you of them.
  • The believer is envious and not envious, and the hypocrite is envied or envious.
  • Indeed, God – the Almighty – may his faithful servant pledge to misfortune just as a man pledges to his family for good.
  • One of the signs of the hypocrite is that he loves praise for what is not in it and hates slander for what is in it and hates those who see him with his faults and rejoices if he hears about the defect of one of his peers.
  • It is well known that you see the blessing for your brother if he takes something from you, because if he had not taken it from you, the reward would not have happened to you. Also, he assigned you to the question and hoped for good in you without others.
  • Lord laughed and his shrouds had come out of the short.

Sermons and Judgment by Al-Fadil Bin Ayyad:

  • We did not realize, among us, those who observed a lot of fasting or prayer, but rather realized the generosity of souls, the soundness of breasts, and advice to the ummah.
  • The people of credit are the people of virtue unless they see their virtue.
  • He does not like the slave of the leadership except I like to remind people of his shortcomings and faults so that he is distinguished by perfection and he hates for people to mention someone who has goodness and whoever loves the leadership has deposited from his goodness.
  • To tell you a word that is better for you than this world and what is in it: By God, if God knew of you to remove human beings from your heart so that there is no place in your heart for others – you did not ask Him for anything but He gave you.
  • Whoever saves five shields from the evil of this world and the hereafter: wonder, hypocrisy, arrogance, slander and lust.
  • He who likes to be mentioned is not mentioned and whoever hates to be mentioned.
  • Do not surrender your heart to you so that you do not care about eating the world.
  • Whoever fears God, no one will harm him, and whoever fears except God, no one will benefit him.

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