The most beautiful prayer for covering from the scandal and people’s words

The most beautiful supplication for concealment from the scandal and the words of the people, O God, hide us above the ground and under the ground and the day of the offer to you, O God, with this beginning we invite you my brothers to our topic today about the most beautiful supplication for concealment from the scandal and the words of the people where concealment is one of the blessings of God Almighty upon us and we must stick to this pure garment And not disclosing what God will cover us.

What is the importance of praying for cover from the scandal?

Supplication is in itself an act of worship that God Almighty and His Honorable Prophet have commanded us to do, as supplication in concealment is one of the blessings that God has taught us of its importance and the necessity of preserving it so that we do not enter the circle of scandals, problems and conflicts, and our image is not broken in front of others and our foreheads are reduced because of these scandals, which were previously And that God covered it.

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A prayer of distress and relief, God willing

What does a person do when afflicted with adversity?

There are some necessary steps for every Muslim when he is afflicted with adversity and adversity, including approaching God and praying to relieve anxiety, returning to haunt him in a tent of concealment, health and wellness and preserving it with him, sincere repentance and distance from everything that is defiled by passion, and approaching God in all available ways until he comes out of this Misfortunes and misfortunes.

Supplication of tunics

  • Oh God, you are more worthy of mention, more worthy of a slave, support for whomever he seeks, and more compassionate than a king, and the finest of one who is asked, and the widest who gave You the king, you have no partner and the individual does not perish, everything is lost but your face, you will not obey except with your ear, and will not disobey except with your knowledge Obey, thank, disobey, and forgive.
  • The closest martyr and the lowest Hafeez, you turned without the gaps, you took the wills, wrote the traces, and the terms were copied, the hearts are conducive to you, and the secret is openly for you. The heavens and the earth have shone brightly for him, every right is yours, and it is the right of those who are asking you, that you kiss me on the eve, and shield me from the fire with your mercy.
  • O God, I am your servant and the son of your servant, and the son of your nation, my forelock is in your hand, he continues in your judgment, amending your judgment, I ask you by every name that you have named yourself or revealed in your book, or you taught him someone of your creation, or I sought it in the knowledge of the unseen with you, to make the villages The spring of my heart, the light of my chest, the clearance of my sadness, and my delusion.
  • There is no god but God before everything, and there is no god but God after everything, and no god but God remains our Lord and annihilates everything.
  • Oh God, have mercy on you, I hope that you do not tire me out in the twinkling of an eye. Fix my affairs for me.
  • There is no god but God, the Great and the All-Righteous, there is no god but God, Lord of the Great Throne, there is no god but God, Lord of the Seven Heavens and Lord of the Two Earths, and Lord of the Generous Throne.

Supplication of concealment and vulva

  • Oh God, I seek refuge in You from the calamities of calamities and the horrors of great misfortune, so my Lord forgive me from the scourge of misfortune, shield me from the misfortunes of misfortunes, save me from the surprises of resentment, and guard me from the demise of blessings and the slippage of the foot, and make me.
  • Oh God, my Lord, in the fever of your glory and your life, your protection from the surprise of the circles and the treatment of the circles, O God, my Lord, the land of calamity and its evasion and the mountains of misfortune, so blow it up and the anguish of eternity, so uncover it and the obstacles of matters and dispense it, and we enumerate the menstrual safety.
  • Carry me on the rays of dignity and accompany me to remove the stumbling block and cover us with the covering of the nakedness. My Lord found upon me with your deeds, uncovered your afflictions, and paid your woes, and warded off me as all your torments and distract me from the pain of your punishment and protect me from the scourges of ages.
  • And save me from the bad consequences of things, guard me from all things that are forbidden, crack the traces of calamity from my command, and release his hand over my life. You are the glorious Lord, the beginning, the effective restorer of what he wants.
  • Oh God, the glorified great things from matters, and reveal the hardships of worries, and the great distress, and believe that if he wants something, he just says: Be, and it will be, God bless him. Your weak servant surrounded the sins of sins, and you are the savings for them and for every hardship, no God but you, the chastisement, the mercy, the mercy, the caring care. Pray for your servant and prophet, our master Muhammad and his family, and kindness to me in all my affairs and the Muslims.

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The most beautiful supplication for patience and relief is desirable, patience over affliction

The most beautiful supplication for cover from the scandal and people’s words

  • Oh God, hide me on the ground and under the ground and on the day of the offer to you.
  • O God, do not gloat over me, neither enemy nor envious, nor near nor far, with sincere repentance. There is no god but You, Glory be to You. I was one of the wrongdoers.
  • My Lord has touched me harm, and you have mercy on those who have mercy. And if God touches harm, there is no disclosure to him except He, and if God touches him well, then he is over all things.

Supplication to conceal women from people

  • Oh God, cover us with the beautiful veil that you covered yourself, so that no eye can see you, and a hand that holds us, and do not expose us between your creation and do not disgrace us on the Day of Resurrection.
  • Oh God, hide us above the ground, and under the ground and the day of the offer to you.
  • In the name of God, praise be to God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God, God, we are in the veil of our faults, and in the matter of your servants to conceal us with a good news of forgiveness, you would not conceal in the courtyard house to expose in the abode of survival, and so that we would not renounce the good deeds of those whom we know bad, and we counted As a reward for concealing faults other than us is to conceal others from our faults. And may God bless him and grant him peace and bless our master Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.
  • To them, I ask you for pardon and wellness in this world and in the hereafter. Oh God, I ask you for pardon and wellness in my religion, my world, my family and my money. Oh God, hide my nakedness and secure my beauty. Oh God, protect me from between my hands and from behind and from my right and on my left and from above, and I seek refuge in your greatness that I assassinate From under me.

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And now, I invite you, dear readers, at the conclusion of today’s topic about the most beautiful supplication for concealment from the scandal and the words of people to stick to the rope of God and leave the sins in succession and to enter into the presence of God and conceal him and to move away as much as possible from sins so that we remain in the protection and concealment of God, and I will wait for you to comment on this article and supplicate them Favorite, so be close.

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