The most amazing thing Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali said about the status of women

The most amazing thing that Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali said about the status of women, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali did not view the mirror as an easy and weak thing, nor that the wife is an attainment for the husband, or as some considered it to be something of no importance, but he treated her in the treatment of Islam. She has more right to her and clarified her duties .

Who is Imam Muhammad Al-Ghazali?

He is the great imam, scholar, and Egyptian Islamic thinker, Muhammad Al-Ghazali, born on September 22, 1917 AD. He is considered one of the advocates of Islamic thought who emerged in the modern era. He was known for his good vocation and his keenness to renew Islamic thought. .

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Among the books of Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali: –

  • Sunnah between the people of jurisprudence and the people of hadith.
  • Muslim belief.
  • Jurisprudence of biography.
  • How do you understand Islam.
  • The worries of an advocate.
  • The secret of the backwardness of Arabs and Muslims.
  • Constitution of cultural unity among Muslims.
  • The creation of a Muslim.
  • The battle of the Koran.
  • Problems in the path of Islamic life.
  • Defamed Islam.
  • Islam and socialist curricula.
  • Islam and economic conditions.
  • Islam and political despotism.
  • Islam and idle energies.
  • Colonialism grudges and ambitions.
  • In the calling parade.
  • Intolerance and tolerance between Christianity and Islam.
  • The reality of Arab nationalism.
  • With God.
  • Bitter right.
  • Right shells.
  • A debt struggle.
  • From here we know.
  • Looks at the Qur’an.
  • Shout of warning from advocates of Christianization.
  • refresh your life.

The position of Muslim women in Islam: –

God Almighty has honored the Muslim woman and granted her many rights as he wrote duties on her, as he equated her with the late one in many situations, and if he singled out her with some rulings, this is to preserve her and her nature and honor her. The Almighty said: Weak and separated in two years, to thank me and your parents for the fate.

Muhammad Al-Ghazali’s way of raising his daughters: –

When Sheikh Muhammad al-Ghazali asked how he raised his daughter, and his thinking about the process of educating them, he found that he actually applied what he had written in his book, which was called Happy Homes, and his son Alaa confirmed his hadith, as he said:

“My father’s dealings with us were based on compassion and cooperation. He was never a dictator, but he listened and discussed, and he left us the freedom to choose. We used to see him helping our mother in household affairs with love and without embarrassment.”

Regarding his daughters, he says: “A girl died in the beauty of her mother .. The rest of me have five girls who are married, and some of them worked as teachers, and some of them stayed at home according to the request of the husbands… I know girls as I teach boys, and I feel that educating a girl is an obligation, and this must be done, and my treatment of my daughters is my treatment To my wife, and I always saw girls as a blessing from God Almighty.

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The most wonderful thing Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali said about the status of women: –

  • The oppression of the husbands towards the husbands is the most ancient corruption and hastens the destruction of the prince’s oppression to the parish.
  • If the owner of the house is a coward and the thief bold in the house, he is inevitably lost.
  • Kindness towards females and kindness towards them is a sign of the completeness of masculinity and the fullness of its virtues, and it is a literature that is given to women in general, whether they are relatives or strangers, old or young, with the integrity of the human instinct this high conduct rarely lags behind.
  • The husband and wife are two equal human beings in rights and duties, and with sincerity of passion, the man is an obedient property who permits the word, and his means in that is loyalty, loyalty and love.
  • Any person who reads the Noble Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah sees a woman as a living part of a living society, for she learns, worships, enjoins good, forbids evil and strives – if she wants – on land and sea, and she takes pledge of allegiance to beliefs and morals, and opposes or supports the ruling.
  • The person who affects adultery on the horse realizes him from misery what the lost dog perceives when he hangs around to snatch his food and falls on his body from more blows than he enters his mouth from the stolen chew.
  • There is a difference between two feelings: the feeling of jealousy over the sanctities of God and the desire to protect them, and the feeling of hatred for God’s worshipers and the desire to humiliate them.
  • One of the sad contradictions is that a Muslim spends time and money on engagement, dowry, furniture, gifts, and weddings that may be thousands of pounds over long days, then after all that he says he must divorce if he returns to smoking, then he smokes and his wife goes in a cigarette and collapses a house that has spent a lot in his stay !!.

Muhammad Al-Ghazali’s words to the nation: –

  • The manhood of Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was at the top, but his spiritual powers and psychological clarity made this manhood increase with the virtues of manners, integrity and contentment.
  • Troubles and pains are the soil in which the seeds of masculinity germinate, and the talents of the great have only emerged amid the accumulation of hardship and effort.
  • When a Jewish politician speaks raising his holy book with his right hand, will an Arab politician silence it, who is ashamed of his book, and does not mention it either in a niche or in a square ??.
  • I despise someone who raises doubts to be said to be intelligent, and whoever conceals his admiration, to say that he is independent, not dependent.
  • The faithful soldier looks into the darkness at night with a party that is almost penetrating his leash, and is looking for a thousand tricks to resist and defeat the enemy .. And the insured worker dries up the sweat, and relieves himself of fatigue, because by motives of love not oppression, he wants to serve their nation and elevate his message.
  • If you find patience equals dullness in some people, do not confuse the dullness of the sick temper with surrendering the powerful to what befell them.
  • Atheism is a psychological scourge, not likened to it.
  • Woe to a nation led by petty people, and the able are ashamed.
  • The theoretical information that the work did not transfer from the circle of the mind to the reality of life is like food that complete digestion did not transform into movement, heat and feeling.
  • Glory, success, and production remain delicious dreams in the souls of their owners, and they will not become vivid realities unless the workers breath into them their spirit and connect them with the feeling and movement in the world.
  • There are lazy people in seeking the world.

Muhammad al-Ghazali’s sayings on religion and morals: –

  • Islam is a successful case, but its lawyer is a failure.
  • I still assert that the difficult work is to change peoples. As for changing governments, it occurs automatically when the people want it.
  • People from fear of poverty in poverty and from fear of humiliation in humiliation.
  • The spread of disbelief in the world bears half its burden of religious people who hate God for His creation, through their bad deeds and bad words.
  • How beautiful it is for a person to reorganize himself from time to time and to send critical looks on its aspects to recognize its faults and pests and to draw up short and long-term policies to get rid of the shortcomings that afflict him.
  • Faith requires that a person knows for himself the limits to which he stands … and milestones to which he ends.
  • It is a fall for a person to put one’s great talents to bear for a trivial purpose.
  • I do not fear for the person who thinks even if he goes astray, because he will return to the truth.

The rule of Muhammad al-Ghazali: –

  • Lord harmful beneficial, the bodies are corrected with ail.
  • Lord of the ordeal folded in distress.
  • God costs you as much as he gives you.
  • The task of the debt, if he sees a stumbling block, is to help him to rise, not to come forward to finish it off.
  • Whoever said: People are two men, a man slept in the light, and a man woke up in the dark.
  • People may have slept on mats with sticks imprinted on their skin; Does that give them an analogy to the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, who embraced the world with an absent look? Because his heart is present with his Lord, awake in His presence, and is absorbed in his witnesses? A man is not a captain because he found and put on a captain’s suit.
  • Do you know how one’s life is stolen from him? He stuns about his day in anticipation of tomorrow, and remains so until his time expires, and his hand is zero for any good.
  • My face turns black when I see the work coming out of the hand of the unbeliever an elaborate glory and out of the hand of the Muslim emaciated and deformed.
  • The pests of emptiness in the embrace of unemployment generate thousands of vices and the germs of vanishing and annihilation are brewing.
  • If work is the mission of the living, then the unemployed are dead.

From the sayings of Imam Muhammad Al-Ghazali: –

Through our journey with the most amazing thing that Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali said about the status of women, we found many sayings of Imam Muhammad Al-Ghazali, including:

  • The human being has the choice in what he knows, he is guided by what he does not know .. That is, he increases in freedom the more knowledge he increases.
  • If truth has exhausted a person’s stored energy, the falsehood will not find a rest from it.
  • We are not mandated to transfer the traditions of Abs and Zebian to America and Australia, we are mandated to transmit Islam just.
  • Contemporary life does not complain of dependents who do not work, but rather of workers who do not depend.
  • Cultural colonialism is keen to create empty generations that do not start from a principle and do not end with a goal that is sufficient for them to be driven by the instincts that move the animal with few or many theoretical knowledge that are not surmounted by a mettle or a forehead .. Most of the peoples of the Third World are of this descending type.
  • I do not know of a wronged person who colluded in his digestion, nor did they neglect his justice as the truth.
  • Humans will not find righteousness with them, nor will God Almighty bend them to them.
  • If changing the hated is within your power, then being patient with it is his country and being satisfied with it is foolish.
  • There is an equation that every Arab must memorize: Arabs – Islam = zero.

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