The correct way to arrange clothes inside the travel bag

The correct way to arrange clothes inside the travel bag is one of the things that concern us most when we decide to make a trip, but from now there is no need to worry, you just have to determine the type of travel trip if it is a business trip or a trip to the resort, in addition to the duration of the trip and also determine the place of travel Inside or outside the country, based on that you can know what you have to take, we will now present to you an article in which we explain to you the correct way to arrange clothes inside the travel bag in order to facilitate the way of carrying it and provide a large space to take everything you need.

The correct way to organize clothes inside the travel bag:

  • Folding the clothes on top of each other will cause them to wrinkle, in addition to that gives an opportunity to have spaces that we need and is considered an inappropriate method that did not help you save the space of the bag, just roll the shirts, dresses and cotton pants in a cylindrical well, starting from the bottom up.
  • Also, you do not need to transport the entire wheel inside the bag, it is sufficient to take one trousers for every two days of the travel trip, and you also need one shirt for every two or three days, the division is made according to the duration of the trip.
  • Should you bring a belt with you? No problem, just wrap your belt inside the collar of your shirt to save space, or it is possible to wrap the belt around the perimeter of your bag, so as not to take up too much space from the bag.
  • We compress the clothes so that they are sticky to each other, and it is preferable to follow this method with all pieces of clothing.
  • We stack them well, helping to save the maximum possible space.

After we have presented to you the correct way to arrange clothes inside the travel bag, we will present to you another way.

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Another way to organize clothes inside the travel bag:

Put your clothes in plastic bags, some of us prefer the method of folding clothes inside the bag, in this case we recommend using dry cleaning bags as they are suitable for shirts, just put your clothes in dry cleaning bags before folding them, thus protecting wrinkles that appear on clothes.

Even if you don’t put your clothes in dry cleaning bags before you fold them, it is best to place one of these large plastic sheets between each layer of clothing.

Thus, we will explain the correct way to arrange clothes inside the travel bag, and now we will show you how to arrange shoes and all other supplies that you will need during your trip.

1- arranging special shoes inside the travel bag:

The best place to arrange your shoes is the bottom of your bag, this helps to keep the weight distributed in the place that will not make your bag fall off, so make sure that you bring a small amount of shoes, and it is better only two to provide more space.

2- Exploiting what is inside the shoe:

Shoes are actually the ideal place for some things such as your socks, and some small things that do not fit anywhere else. If you are traveling with children, you will need to provide the maximum space possible, but this method will help you to save more space in the bag.

3- Use the glasses bag to store small things:

Whether you will bring your glasses for viewing, reading, or sunglasses, there is usually extra space to fit small items like headphones, but if you have an old eyeglass bag, you can now reuse it, you can put charger cables, or wipes inside. Cotton, medicine, and some other needs, and it is an easy process in terms of trying to search in the bag to find it.

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4- Putting underwear in small squares:

Underwear is one of the most complicated clothes when it is folded and not wrapped, but this solution will help you get rid of the mess caused by underwear inside the bag, just put it in small squares of cardboard that spread inside the bag and put every piece or two inside Every template.

5- Putting earrings and rings:

If you are taking your accessories, you do not need to take the huge accessories box and you can keep them in a small box, and it is also possible to place the accessories between two flat layers of plastic wrap, in addition to that, this method will ensure that the necklaces do not overlap with each other.

6- Another way to store socks:

If you have glass containers such as a perfume bottle, you can now pack it inside the socks, the socks will protect the bottles from breakage, in addition to providing adequate space. If you have packed a razor blade, be careful to cover the side of the razors with a tie clip or an adhesive material such as sticky wax. You can also put them inside the socks.

Also, among the supplies that you cannot abandon during your trip is toothpaste, where you can buy a small tube that is sufficient for travel, or you can put a few of it in an empty bottle of eye drops.

And after we presented to you the correct way to arrange clothes inside the travel bag, with some needs other than clothes.

Tips and tricks you should follow with every travel trip you take:

1- Prepare a list of the important things to take with you:

Every time you take a trip, you must write a list of what you take from your clothes, create a list of everything you need, this way you can visualize how much space you will need and what are the necessary supplies that cannot be abandoned during the travel trip.

2- Preparing the bag before travel with an appropriate period of time:

When you pack the bag at the last moment, it will make you have to throw the clothes in the bag untidy, causing this mess to clutter the bag uselessly.

You’re supposed to start putting your clothes on a week before you leave, this way you can take your time planning what to bring, rather than speeding up the assembly so you can leave on time.

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3- Use a small bag or backpack:

The weight of the bag is one of the reasons that tire us most during the travel trip, and this is due to choosing inappropriate bags such as large leather bags, for example, or tough plastic bags, but now you can choose a small size bag or a backpack, which is the simplest method that will help you get rid of The burden of the bag, as you can carry it easily, but in the event that you carry a larger bag, this means that you will fill it with unnecessary things.

4- Avoid the use of small bags for decoration:

Toiletry bags, makeup bags, and other small bags can take up a lot of space in your luggage because they lead to a lot of gaps and wasted spaces in your bag, so try to avoid bringing them altogether.

You don’t need to pack the whole bathtub, just put the amount of cream you will need for the duration of your trip in a small box.

You can put an amount of foundation in an old contact lens box, and it is possible to fill one side of the foundation and the other with concealer or any other kind of cosmetics.

Thus, we may have reached the end of the article after we explained to you the correct way to arrange clothes inside the travel bag with some other things that you will need during your trip, so all you have to do is read the previous steps before arranging your bag.

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