The complete story of Abraham, peace be upon him, written in PDF

The story of our master Abraham, peace be upon him, is written in full PDF, our master Abraham is the friend of the Most Merciful, the Most High, and he is called the Father of the Prophets. Ibrahim has reason and logic in dealing with his people, and in this article we present to you the full story of Abraham, peace be upon him, written in PDF with all the details.

The birth of the Prophet Abraham

  • The real place where our master Abraham was born, peace be upon him, has not been determined, but our master Abraham was born in the State of Iraq, where he was born to a family living in luxury of life, as his father Azar used to make idols and sell them to people in this time, and he used to worship them with them.
  • And the birth of our master Ibrahim had a miracle from God Almighty, as some astrologers said that the end of the rule of Nimrod, who was an unjust ruler during the era of Abraham, would be at the hand of a young child who would be born, so Nimrod killed all the children at that time.
  • But by the power of God Almighty, Abraham’s mother was able to conceal her pregnancy on all people, so that her child would not be killed.
  • When the pain of the pregnancy came, she went to one of the caves near her, and she placed our master Ibrahim, then cleaned and dressed him, and breastfed him, then left him and went to her home so that no one knew what had happened.
  • She used to come to him every day to breastfeed him, but there are some rumors that our master Abraham used to put his finger in his mouth, and his finger became like food for him, in addition to that our master Abraham used to grow up in the day as a month, and this is from God Almighty miracle, so that the Namrud would not know That this boy was born in this month that astrologers told him.
  • After some time, his mother took him home, so that he could grow and nurture so that he could carry the message of religion to people.

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The complete story of Abraham, peace be upon him, written in PDF

  • After the Prophet, Hebron, grew up in this atmosphere dominated by idolatry and polytheism with God, he wanted to know the truth about the existence of a god who runs this universe, as he did not worship these idols because he knew that they do not harm or benefit, and he began thinking about creating the universe around him, and searching for God.
  • Where God Almighty says in his dear book, “We have come to Abraham with his rationality before and we were scholars in him.” This is evidence of the soundness of Abraham’s mind and his desire to know the truth.
  • Then he went out to know the truth, and he looked at the stars and said this is my Lord. When the stars go, he begins to doubt again and justifies to himself that God does not disappear, and when he sees the moon more in the sky, he says that this is the Lord.
  • But when the moon sets, it returns again to confusion and doubt, and when he saw the sun he said that this is the greatest thing, for he is the Lord, but when the sun goes down, he said that he does not worship these things, but rather goes to worship the one who created these things.
  • After that he went to worship God Almighty, and the message of truth from God Almighty was revealed to him, so he started at the beginning of the matter calling his father to worship God and abandon the worship of idols, but what was from his father but refused him, and forbade him from this invitation, so our master Ibrahim left his father while he wanted to guide him, and called God Almighty to him.
  • Depicts the Koran these details where he says Holy God Almighty in the holy book “and mention in the book of Abraham, he was a prophet, when he said to my father, did not worship what does not hear nor see, nor sing you something, O my father, I have come to me from science unless Aotk Vatbni Ohdk Path together, O my father, do not worship the devil, the devil had Rahman sticks, O my father, I am afraid to catch the torment of Rahman would be to the devil and Leah, Oragb told you about my gods, O Abraham, while not over the Orjmenk, and Ahjrna carefully, said peace you, I will ask forgiveness for you, my lord, for he was a man of mine.

Call our master Abraham to his people

  • And our master Abraham began to ask God’s forgiveness for his father, except that God absolved him, and the call of our master Abraham began to spread, and he wanted his people to know that these statues that they worship are stones that have no harm or benefit.
  • So our master Abraham rose to these idols and broke them all, and left the great idols, and put the ax on him, until he appeared as if he was the subject, then people came and found these idols and they were broken, but they asked who did this action, so one of them told them that the doer is our master Abraham .
  • So they came and began to ask him about this work, except that he said that the oldest of them was the one who did, so he began to look for themselves because they know the certainty that the idols cannot move, and when they recognized this fact, our master Abraham’s response was that you are why you worship stones that cannot speak or move and not It turns back the harm from itself, how do you repay the harm from you?

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Our master Abraham was put on fire and saved

  • When his people could not respond to him with the same logic, they collected many wood and made a great burnt offering, and they wanted to put it in it, so that they could get rid of it forever, but God saved him in a true miracle that indicates the existence of God Almighty.
  • As he did not command the sky to rain or the winds to blow, so that it would not be said that it was the one who did that, in addition to that our master Abraham approached God Almighty asking him for help, so the miracle was that after the end of the fire, our master found Abraham and it only happened to him that the fire dismantled The ropes they tied to him.
  • Where God Almighty says, “We said, O fire, be coldness and peace be upon Abraham.”

Ibrahim’s call to Nimrod

  • After that, Abraham called to God Almighty, so he went to Nimrod, and he was an unjust king to invite him to God Almighty, and Ibrahim discussed him with reason to convince him.
  • Our master Ibrahim said that God Almighty gives life and kills, so Nimrod said that he can kill this and remain on this, and of course this is not the correct concept of resurrection and death, except that he did not discuss it.
  • Then Ibrahim said that God brings the sun out from the sunrise, so if you can, you bring it from sunset, and he could not respond, and despite the strength and rationality of the response, he was arrogant.
  • So what God Almighty did was to send him a fly that entered his nose and then his brain, and he remained for 400 years suffering from it, until it was said that he used to order his guards and hit him with shoes, then he died from this fly, and his end was like the end of every oppressor who is arrogant and arrogant on earth.

Abraham’s marriage and building the Kaaba

  • Our master Abraham had not given birth to Mrs. Sarah, his first wife, except that he went to Egypt and married Mrs. Hagar, and when jealousy erupted in Mrs. Sarah’s heart after the birth of our master Ismail, she instructed him to keep Mrs. Hajar away, so God Almighty commanded his prophet to take his wife and son and go to Barren land with no planting or water.
  • When he left them there, Mrs. Hagar kept looking for water, until she found water exploding from between her child’s fingers, and it was a miracle, and it was Zamzam water, and after Abraham grew up, God Almighty commanded His Prophet and his son to put the stone of the Sacred House of God, which is the Kaaba, for which he pilgrimages Muslims now.
  • The rituals of Al-Safa and Al-Marwah are the times when Mrs. Hajar went between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah to search for water for her baby, because God Almighty does not waste his faithful servants.

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