The benefits and harms of Otrivin nasal drops and what is really addictive

The benefits and harms of Otrivin nasal drops and the fact that it is addictive. Otrivin nasal drops is a decongestant and the scientific name is Xylometazoline manufactured by Novartis (NOVARTIS) and it works directly on the blood vessels in the nasal tissues. The nose and sinuses lead to and reduce congestion, and nasal drops are used to treat allergies associated with allergic rhinitis, sinus irritation, and colds. They are available in pharmacies at concentrations of 0.1% for adults and for children at a concentration of 0.5% for under the age of 12 years. Drops can be taken without a prescription.


Otrivin is used for adults and children over the age of 12 years. The specialist drops have one drop of 0.1% from two to three drops in each nostril and take two to three times daily every 8 hours. – The dose for children is 0.5% for 6-12 years of age. One drop in each nostril or two more drops should be taken only twice a day and the duration of Otrivin should not be more than five days.

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Otrivin Spray

How do I use Otrivin?

  • Use the nasal drops exactly as directed by your doctor, or follow the directions on the package insert, and if you do not know them, ask your pharmacist how to use them.
  • If you are using the spray, you should put your head upright, then spray the spray through the nose in a sharp way one time, and if you use a drop that lies on the bed on your back with your head on the edge, add drops in the nose and stay in this position for several minutes, then repeat Your head gently back to its normal position.
  • To prevent the spread of infection, do not use these eye drops but each patient must use one alone.
  • Do not store the finished bottle after use, but throw it away.
  • Do not use Otrivin nasal drops in large quantities, and follow your doctor or pharmacist’s instructions for using Otrivin nasal drops, as it is harmful to your health and may be addictive.
  • Do not use Otrivin drops for longer than three to five days because they damage the tissues of the nose and this may lead to chronic congestion and for this you should consult a specialist.
  • Store the nasal drops at room temperature away from moisture and heat and out of the reach of children.
  • Necessary warnings to be avoided

    • Not to use Otrivin during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
    • Diabetics.
    • Those with high blood pressure or heart related diseases.
    • People with an overactive thyroid gland or prostate or kidney problems.
    • Glaucoma or high pressure in the eye.

    Side effects of Otrivin

    If you experience any of the following side effects of this medicine you should stop using Otrivin immediately and check with your doctor, including:

    • Allergic attacks (difficulty breathing, closing the throat, swelling of the lips, tongue, face, or hives)
    • Alzheimer’s or unusual hallucinations.
    • An irregular heartbeat or a fast heartbeat.
    • The most common effects are sneezing, burning, nosebleeds, or irritation. These side effects are usually mild and temporary.

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    Damage to atrophy

    Some people turn to treating rhinosinusitis using Otrivin nasal drops, which many doctors prescribe, and some medical researchers have indicated that most patients begin their journey with a feeling of colds and severe colds in the sinuses, nasal secretions, and partial obstruction of the respiratory passages, which It requires the use of nasal drops, or nasal spray, which is a spray that treats and opens the various nasal passages and helps you breathe comfortably.

    The researchers emphasized that these nasal and respiratory passages may actually open, and the patient feels comfortable, which may put him at risk of getting used to it, and this leads to the addiction stage of Otrivin nasal drops, a condition that is widespread among patients without realizing that it is a real addiction.

    The researchers added that the patient begins to enter into a state of addiction to real steps that are difficult to get rid of, only with the help of a specialist, chronic inflammation, irritation of the membrane and nasal mucus, burning, and a slight obstruction in the nose, which requires resorting again to a new type of drops, which return Addiction, so consult a specialist and use nasal drops only as prescribed by your doctor, so that they do not exceed 3 to 4 days only.

    Addiction to Otrivin

    Continuing to use Otrivin causes chronic congestion in the mucous lining of the nose, causing severe blockage, which necessitates increasing the dose to relieve the congestion that enters a vicious circle and causes addiction, so you must know the main cause of nasal obstruction and how to treat it immediately.

    Otrivin for children

  • Treat nasal congestion.
  • Cold treatment.
  • It works to allow a cold patient to breathe easily.
  • Removes congestion of the mucous membranes in the nose and throat.
  • Treats cold and cold.
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    We have reached the end of our articles and we have talked about everything related to Otrivin nasal drops, their symptoms, advantages and disadvantages, and their frequent use may lead to addiction, and I pray to God that I have succeeded in communicating the information and that it is useful to all.

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