The art of persuasion and how to influence others

The art of persuasion is a skill to influence others, and it is one of the very useful ways to solve all problems and gain the confidence of those around us, without the individual from us resorting to providing material or moral incitement or pressure in order to achieve his goal, and the art of persuasion is a means of social media, and there are several We offer you ways to practice this art through the “cultural information” website , so follow us.

The easiest way to acquire the art of persuasion

We will show you the most important ways that you can achieve the individual to have the art of persuasion and influence others in the easiest way, as follows:

  • You, as an individual who wants to influence others and convince them of his idea, must first believe in this idea, and know the goal of convincing others of it, because getting lost during your presentation of your idea will make it reflect on those in front of you and he will not be convinced of what you say, rather it will be a negative idea about you.
  • In order for you to master the art of persuasion, you have to completely avoid the method of comprehensiveness and generalization, meaning that you choose carefully the meaning that you want to convey to the other through a good choice of pronunciation so that it explains your idea and shows its meanings, without distracting the other party with a general idea.
  • Sociologists have shown through many studies that arguments and open discussions never lead to convincing the other party of your idea, so convey your idea to those around you through friendliness away from reviewing your information and sticking to the opinion and trying to prove the validity of what you say, and if you have a scientific argument presented by it, do not try to feel The other side never states that you are right and they are wrong.
  • If you want to persuade an individual in a way that achieves a better result for him than the one he uses, show him the result of your suggestion with some justifications that made you prefer this method, and never criticize his method because a person by nature refuses to see himself wrong.
  • As an interlocutor, if you want to convince those who see you and listen to you with an idea, you must choose the wording and the word very carefully, and choose the mode of suspense, humor and excitement at the same time, and completely move away from the method of intimidation and pressure and export any negative energy from your words to him.
  • You must always maintain that if you want to convince others of your opinion and obtain their support, you should continue to communicate with them, so that they do not disappear for long periods of time, and if you are one of those who give lectures on development, you must choose appropriate endings for your sentence, and enter your topics logically, this generates a feeling With admiration for your person, respect for you, and interest in following your conversation and waiting for other conversations in the future.
  • If you want to master the art of persuasion and influencing others, you have to make a mutual connection between you and them, so it is not important that you be the only person speaking to them, but rather that you must listen to them with all interest, and with the same extent that you want them to listen to you through, and approve of their opinions. She may have a better opinion than yours and accept this fact.
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    Obstacles to the art of persuasion

    • Approach the point of view with authoritarianism and individualization of opinion without listening to others.
    • Not realizing the nature of the other, so you talk to him about something that does not suit him, and he finds that he does not understand anything from your words.
    • Having a messy set of ideas makes the other person’s mind unable to decide what you want to convince him or her.
    • Not listening to and mocking other opinions and feeling that you are the only one who is right.
    • The human being afflicted with arrogance and excessive self-love, this makes him reject any opinion that contradicts his opinion.

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    We have presented you with the method of mastering the art of persuasion, and we hope that we will all take it as a way of life, especially if we have a beautiful idea that we want to present. We hope that you will not be stingy on others by publishing this useful article, and the site’s family welcomes any addition to a new method of the art of persuasion through comments.

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