Suleiman Al-Rajhi’s success story is brief

Suleiman Al-Rajhi, Sheikh Suleiman bin Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi, the famous Saudi businessman who is called Suleiman Al-Rajhi, has become famous because he occupied a good position in the list of the richest men in the world, so how did his career begin and what is his success story? How did he become so rich, and was it rich, or was it simple at first? These are all questions that arouse the mind and deserve research due to the popularity and fame of this character.

The process of searching for such models is necessary to trace the success story and to know the most important steps and stages that Sulaiman Al-Rajhi went through to reach what he reached now, as Sulaiman Al-Rajhi was born in Saudi Arabia in 1929 AD, and grew up in the Qassim region, where an average family between siblings, father and mother, and the beginnings were This man was modest, as he worked as a cook, sweeper, and servant, and worked in a cafe. Sulaiman Al-Rajhi did not receive a large share of education, as he worked from an early age and faced many problems and difficulties.

Sulaiman Al-Rajhi worked as a seller of kites that he made himself from palm fronds and he used to sell them and collect simple money with his brother, then he made a deposit holder from a place to a place where he collects money from those wishing to transport the safe to the airport, so he used to travel more than ten kilometers carrying a lot of parcels to save Money, and he traded from a young age, buying and selling fabrics and things prevalent during this period.

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The success of Sulaiman Al-Rajhi and his establishment of the largest Islamic bank in the world

Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, who is considered one of the richest men in the world, founded the first Islamic bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has become in what is considered the largest Islamic bank in the whole world. He also owned many companies that worked in various development fields such as agricultural development, industrial development, educational development and in the charitable fields.

The wealth of Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, the Saudi businessman, reached nearly $ 7.4 billion, as he and his sisters established the first Islamic bank in Saudi Arabia, which became the largest Islamic bank in the world, in addition to investing in various fields of trade that he was passionate about and keen on. The owner of the largest olive farm and interested in the fields of agriculture, and he was the owner of poultry farms and other farms that he took care of himself, and he occupied many investment positions in his country and traded in cement and building materials.

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Suleiman Al-Rajhi’s success story is brief

Sheikh Suleiman bin Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi from his early years loved working, and when he reached the age of marriage, he had collected approximately 1500 riyals, married 4 women and had many children, leaving his wealth for them, and he used to participate with his sisters in many projects and the bank that was established by Nawat Bank after many branches. Where he established it throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and then expanded from it and moved to all parts of the world, as the bank’s branches expanded to the Middle East and European countries.

In 1987 the branches of the bank, which was established by the Saudi businessman Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi, reached 500 branches, and Sulaiman Al-Rajhi also owned the largest ATM network with more than 2750 different tellers in the regions of Saudi Arabia, in addition to 19 branches in Malaysia, and about 6 branches In the state of Jordan.

Development of Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi projects

Sheikh Suleiman thought about organizing his business in several phases, the first of which started and launched an initial project to restructure and organize its business. He made a new central system for information technology and tested it. He carried out research and development to reach the entity “Suleiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi Endowment” and Sulaiman Al Rajhi continued to work on organizational modernization and development. He established the Suleiman bin Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi Endowment Foundation, also established a glasses council, expanded its functions and powers, and established many companies to serve as the right-hand arm that provides the charitable sector that it established with the financial resources necessary to conduct its business.

Sheikh Suleiman Al-Rajhi undertook industrial development and food security projects that balanced the renaissance and keeps pace with the times, and Al-Rajhi, the businessman, established educational projects and universities in addition to industry projects that keep pace with technology. He was not satisfied with the field of trade, agriculture and banking, so he was a man of investment of all kinds and was keen to be a successful man at the administrative level .

Businessman Sulaiman Al-Rajhi had very important sayings that deserve to be remembered as he said: “After I was the business owner, I became a pamper who brought my clients to my children. Someone likes to participate in charitable work. ”

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Sulaiman Al-Rajhi in his late days and his return to zero

The Saudi businessman Suleiman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi died at the age of 97, and that was on Wednesday 4 Shawwal 1438, and he prayed for him in the Al-Rajhi Mosque in the Riyadh region, after Sulaiman Al-Rajhi returned without wealth, where he distributed it to his children and charitable works, where Zahid was In life despite the enormous wealth he had accumulated until the end of his days, and he had no desire to collect more money than he had collected, he died in poverty after having reached 80 years of wealth and after he had won many titles among the richest men in the world, and Suleiman Al-Rajhi advised his children not to offer condolences to him.

And the Guinness Book of Records recorded the numbers of this great man as he is the owner of the largest charitable endowment in the world, and it is considered the largest palm farm endowment in the world, and the number of palms on the farm reached about 200 thousand palm trees, and it was named Al-Rajhi Farm in relation to Sulaiman Al-Rajhi. The farm is in the Qassim region, and it is one of the greatest charitable acts that this great man left behind.

What you do not know about Suleiman Al-Rajhi

Food Security and Industrial Renaissance

He also worked in the agricultural and industrial sectors and in various food sectors such as poultry and shrimp, and this was not limited to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but also to Arab countries in order to expand his influence and double his wages. One of the pioneering experiences in the field of food security is his experience at Al-Watania Poultry Company, as this is considered an experience where the poultry project in its inception bore a lot of unlikely losses in this field. Despite these losses, he insisted on the success of the experiment despite the fact that the losses amounted to nearly one million riyals. Where he began organizing human resources and the equipment used and merging this with the use of low-cost homemade pens until his production exceeds half a million chickens and more than a million eggs per day, in addition to establishing poultry companies in Egypt similar to this so that Al-Watania poultry is distributed in many countries .

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In the end, we find that seriousness and struggle are the way for everyone who desires to excel, shine and reach the top, but on the other hand, man must always remember doing good and be keen on it and the world does not distract him from the hereafter, and now we leave you to convey to us the most beautiful stories that I have read about In the lives of such greats.

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