Steps to teach drawing charcoal in detail

Steps to teach drawing with charcoal in detail, we will offer you the steps to teach drawing with charcoal in detail, because drawing with charcoal is a type of different drawing, and pictures drawn with charcoal appear beautifully attractive, and for this we will show you the details about this method of drawing.

drawing by coal :-

Drawing with charcoal is one of the wonderful artistic creative drawings, and it is about the personality of the artist and his talent that he possesses, because every painter has his own way and style of showing his creativity.

Every person can learn to draw with charcoal, because drawing with charcoal is considered a talent that strengthens self-confidence, and it is the beginning of the ladder of creativity and success.

The steps to teach drawing with charcoal in detail are easy for anyone to do, but the painter must have a talent for drawing in the first place.

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Steps to teach drawing charcoal in detail: –

The steps to teach drawing charcoal in detail are easy and simple, as follows:

  • The drawing is done with a sharp circular line.
  • The charcoal and paper are pressed firmly by the middle finger in the shading process, and this process is repeated until we reach the desired symmetrical gradient.
  • We come back by drawing a dark line in the same place, taking into account leaving some white areas to give the painting shine.
  • At the beginning of learning to draw with charcoal must transfer; This is done by placing a drawing in front of you and by copying it exactly.
  • The same drawing is repeated more than once, so that you can use more charcoal in the drawing.
  • A fixative material can be applied to prevent the color from moving out of place.
  • With the repetition of the drawing process, you can draw movable drawings that contain more details.
  • When you have mastered the small details at 75%, start with some immovable drawings, so you may be able to remix by using charcoal.
  • Basics of using charcoal pens: –

    There are a set of charcoal pencils essentials to follow when drawing with charcoal and they are:

    • The charcoal pencil is not held like any other pen, because it will work to transfer the color from one place to another place when we put our hands on the paper.
    • The charcoal pencil is carried by the index finger, thumb and middle.
    • Paper on a large format drawing is better than drawing on small paper because it shows the beauty of the details.
    • Good quality charcoal pens should be chosen.
    • We must know the different types of charcoal pens, and distinguish between them.
    • Focus on what we want to draw in the beginning before starting the drawing process.

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    Tools used in charcoal drawing: –

    The tools used in drawing with charcoal are varied as follows:

    • Paper; Whereas, one of the best types of paper that is chosen for drawing with charcoal is the thick white, light and bright white paper, and it should not leave a trace on the paper when erased, and the paper must also be strong and not spoil quickly.
    • Charcoal fingers; They are found in many libraries and it is easy to draw and erase without leaving any traces.
    • Charcoal pens; They are of various types and grades.
    • An eraser used to erase fine details in drawings, as well as an eraser used to erase charcoal fingers, and an eraser used to make dough.
    • Charcoal tissue paper that combines lighter shades with strong shades.
    • Charcoal rods, which are available in different lengths and thicknesses, and each has a subframe that are used to give distant and near contours.

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    Types of charcoal: –

    There are many types of charcoal and they are:

    • Pressed charcoal bars, of which there are several degrees, are hard, soft, moderate, and very soft.
    • Putty charcoal by means of adhesives.

    Thus, we have discussed with you the steps of teaching drawing with charcoal in detail, as well as the types of charcoal, the tools used in charcoal, and the basics that should be followed when drawing with charcoal. We hope that the topic you like.

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