Statements expressing a fair judiciary and equality for all in society

Sayings expressing a fair judiciary and equality among all in society, we will present to you statements that express a fair judgment and equality for all in society because justice is the basis of the heavens and the earth, and justice is the other side of injustice, and justice is one of the names of God, and this indicates the importance of achieving justice In life and commitment to it, especially in the field of the judiciary because judges are justice on the ground.

Justice in Islam: –

The word justice has been associated with Umar ibn al-Khattab, may God be pleased with him, and Islam has commanded us, and justice was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and it came with an explicit command from God Almighty that we adhere to it in our life, because justice is security for the human being, and it is the basis of sovereignty, and it is safety for the weak and the poor from Treachery of time, just as justice is the basis of love among people.

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Achieving justice: –

Justice has many types, including fairness among litigants, justice in the balance, fairness in giving people’s rights, and justice in many things, because justice is a demand demanded by all people, especially the category of judges for whom justice and the application of justice are the basis of its work that will be held accountable on the day Resurrection, so they must implement justice and equality for all people in society.

Statements expressing a fair judiciary and equality for all in society: –

  • Justice must be combined with strength so that everything is just strong and all powerful are just.
  • I am for the truth, no matter who says it, and I am for justice regardless of who is with it or against it.
  • Peace is not achieved in the absence of war, but rather in the presence of justice.
  • The closest resource for justice is analogy.
  • Injustice is anywhere a threat to justice.
  • If you want peace, work for justice.
  • This world crushes justice.
  • Insignificantly, every day nothing can be preferred before justice.
  • People would not have known justice if there had not been injustice.
  • Whoever pardons the oppression of the servants in kindness (the kindest of God came to him as a donation).
  • Justice is absolved from any place that weakens justice.
  • It is fair for a man to bring the arguments to his opponents as much as he does for himself.
  • Justice cannot be for one party, but for both parties.
  • State Right and False Tour.
  • It is better to return to the right than to persist in falsehood.
  • The wise person does not nullify a right nor is he entitled to falsehood
  • Justice is the basis of ruling.
  • An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
  • The owner of the right has a strong eye.
  • On the aggressor spin circles.
  • It also condemns the conviction.

Various sayings about justice: –

  • Existing justice is better than permanent giving.
  • You will not be fair unless you are a human being.
  • Justice is giving everyone his right
  • Justice is very precious, and therefore it costs dearly
  • He who uses justice dispenses with courage.
  • Just is a winner, and arbitrariness is a matter of perdition.
  • Sultan without justice, like a river without water.
  • One is not tormented by persecution if it is just.
  • Extreme justice is extreme injustice.
  • Be fair before being generous.
  • Justice is giving everyone his right.
  • Justice is the moving truth.
  • Existing justice is better than permanent giving.

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Words about justice in Islam: –

  • “And the oppressors have their money from a guardian or a helper.”
  • “And if for those who wronged all that is on the earth and likewise it with him, they would have redeemed it from the misfortune of torment on the Day of Resurrection and it seemed to them from God that they would not be counted.
  • O those who believe, be steadfast witnesses to God, martyrs with fairness, and do not incriminate you.
  • Among the authentic hadiths on the authority of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, about justice and equality are:

On the authority of Abdullah bin Omar, may God be pleased with him, who said: The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: ((Those who are just people are those who are just with God on the pulpits of light, on the right of the Most Gracious, the Most Glorious, and both of his hands are on the right, those who adjust in their judgment, their families and what they have passed away)) Narrated by Muslim .

  • On the authority of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, in what was mentioned in Sahih Muslim, he says: (Indeed, those who pay in installments with God are in them in the light on the right of the Merciful, and they are in their hands, and both are their hands.
  • On the authority of Abu Hurairah, may God be pleased with him, on the authority of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: ((The Imam is a paradise that fights behind him and is dear to him, so if he commands the piety of God Almighty and Exalted is He will have a reward for that, and for him to command someone else he must have from him)) Narrated by Muslim
  • On the authority of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, he said: “The people of Paradise are three: one who is straightforward, reconciled, and a man who is merciful and tender-hearted to every kin and Muslim, and chaste, mufti, with children.”

Words about justice and equality among people: –

  • We want freedom, justice and equality in any way.
  • If life divides the blaster, the mosque brings them together and mixes them, it is the daily school of harmony, equality, unity and feelings of friendliness.
  • Equality does not exist except in name only.
  • The worst form of inequality is trying to equalize unequal things.
  • If you are looking for equality, understand the religion, watch people on Hajj, or go to the cemetery
  • No justice without equality, no equality without freedom.
  • O my brother, do not turn your face away from me, I am not charcoal, nor are you alone, you are in the puddle puddle like me, in the covering of the rubble, you are miserable and happy.
  • Equality is made by God, discrimination is made by people.
  • WHen did you enslave people when they were born free?
  • He who equated you himself what wronged you.
  • Equality in injustice justice.
  • Who equated you himself, what wronged you?
  • Is it permissible for birds of every race to be in the wrong place?
  • If my intercourse is deficient, I will not answer it, for if I answer him, I will be guilty of sin, and I will separate myself from negligible equality, and whoever bites the dog is bitten by the dog.

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We will discuss with you statements expressing a fair judgment and equality for everyone in society, some words about justice, and some Qur’anic hadiths that instructed us to achieve justice, as well as some Qur’anic verses in which justice was mentioned. We hope that the topic won your admiration.

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