Smile and its health, psychological and social impact

Smile and its health, psychological and social impact, the smile has many beautiful meanings that make us better, more beautiful and stronger in the direction of life’s difficulties. The smile reveals us joyful people who are optimistic about life and matters of life, you have to know that in order to smile we have to move 14 muscles only, but if you want to grimace You have to move 70 muscles, you have to imagine the big difference between the number of muscles in smiling or sadness, we will learn together on the effect of smiling on the psychological and health aspect and also the social aspect Follow us.

Smile definition:

  • A simple and clear smile is a movement in the muscles close to the mouth and indicates joy, happiness, and sometimes amazement.
  • And if the movement of these same muscles is carried out, along with some of the extra muscles, it is called in this case his grimace and appears when a person becomes sad about something.

Smile search:

  • The smile has many benefits that may affect the shape of our life in its entirety, so do not be surprised by the smile, its special magic that captures hearts.
  • Smiling can help you improve your health, physical and psychological condition, so do not diminish it.
  • Smiling also helps reduce stress resulting from life’s difficulties, and often reduces the level of blood pressure.
  • Also, a smile has a special charm in increasing the body’s immunity, and making it more tolerant of physical disease in general.
  • Smiles can also help you reduce stress and anxiety and relieve your problems.
  • Smiling helps the heart retain a large amount of oxygen, which makes it work properly
  • Smiles remove the hassles of insomnia, depression and nerve fatigue.
  • Make you a quiet person with wisdom and cunning than other people.

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The benefits of a healthy smile:

You should pay attention to the health benefits of smiling, because it has so many benefits that you will be amazed when you know it, and after you have read these following important points, you will always smile at all times:

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  • Smiling greatly increases the number of white blood cells produced, which results in the immune system becoming more resistant to disease than it was.
  • And it has a great role in keeping the heart working comfortably without fatigue because it reduces the number of its heartbeat in a remarkable way, and this information will benefit heart patients very much.
  • When you smile, the hormone endorphins is secreted, which reduces feelings of stress and reduces the feeling of bad mood or usual mood swings.
  • Some statistics have been conducted that have proven that the smile increases individual focus significantly.
  • I also ran statistics that say that a person who always smiles lives an average of 7 years longer than a non-smiling person.
  • The Messenger of God instructed us to smile because of its effect on the hearts of others and within us as well.

The benefits of a smile in Islam

  • And the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, instructed us to smile, as it has a great influence on the souls of others. It also strengthens the spirit and makes it more joyful and happy.
  • And it helps digestion for people who have problems with indigestion, and it is one of the simplest things that can treat you, and it makes a person more vulnerable to intelligence, creativity and imagination of jealousy from those who are jealous, and it makes you more active and lively than others, as many mentioned that smile and laughter is medicine Sad hearts, which were subjected to wounds and deep sadness.

The importance of the smile:

  • Smiles may become one of the things that fight sick people with the curse of nocturnal insomnia, which bother them for long periods.
  • As a result of conducting statistics, there is a substance that is secreted when smiling and laughing, similar to porphine, which makes a person go to sleep calmly and simply without taking any hypnotics.
  • But after more time, glory to God, the smile has a little massage for the muscles, as if someone is massaging your muscles in a self-refreshing way for the members and to automatically relax them.

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The effect of a smile on others

  • Smiling may be considered one of the types of moral giving that we must give to each other, because the smile has a great effect on others and enters their hearts with happiness and joy, unlike the grin that makes others forced to alienate you and your place.
  • Also, pleasure is considered a medicine for many diseases, including chronic heart disease, so you should always do it, you should also know that any word accompanied by a smile is able to penetrate into brain cells more than other words.
  • It also makes others more convinced of your speech, whatever the content of your speech, you may also be able, through a smile, to reduce tension in a situation, and laughter is one of the most beautiful things acquired that can become a very beautiful habit.

The effect of a smile on patients:

  • Many statistics have been made in the largest American universities based on the fact that the treating doctor who accompanies a speech with a smile, his patients are treated quickly for the patients of the frowning doctor, and this is an example that shows that laughter is associated with healing greatly.
  • Smiling can have a big impact on friends, so friendship is full of love and laughter, so you should not lose it. Smiling has a great effect on your enemies as well, try to savor this influence and not lose it, no matter what.
  • Through laughter, you make you more influential than anyone else, and make you a joyful and loving person.

Smiling between material and moral giving:

  • Some people may be confused whether laughter is considered a tender and if the answer is yes, then it is what kind of tender it is, whether material or moral, we will answer you in detail on this point with examples also being mentioned, so the smile is a moral aspect.
  • And it greatly affects all that is around you, including people, neighbors and friends, so the smile is able to enter pleasure and smile on everyone around you, and this is considered a gift for the happiness that results from it in the hearts of others.
  • Through laughter, you will do many things that will affect others for a very long time.

Smile is charity:

  • Smiling becomes a big aspect in treating sick people and makes them treat illness easily, for unfortunate people who attract disease to them with every action they do, because it has an effect on both the heart and brain cells and also secretes certain hormones that make one feel great happiness and love.
  • If you are a teacher or lecturer to your students, one of the ways to communicate information is simple smiles that make the individual absorb a lot and is convinced of what you will explain or say on a topic, you must accompany you with a smile at all times among your family, friends or neighbors, because it will make you happy and make them happy as well. Your.

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We hope that we have fulfilled the right to smile and its countless benefits due to its many benefits, from the health, social and psychological aspect, and it helps you to improve your relationships with everything around you, and make you a beautiful, optimistic person who loves everything around him, and improves your physical health Psychological and physical.

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