Simple and easy DIY crafts in paper with step-by-step explanations

Today we will present to you the method of making a number of easy-to-make handicrafts and explain to you the steps so that you can make them easily and easily, we will use colored cardboard, which is one of the materials available in all libraries, which are considered inexpensive, and housewives can decorate their home with these beautiful shapes, It is also possible for her children to learn to make their own beautiful shapes and decorate their bedrooms and the rooms in which they play, and they can also present them as a gift to their friends, so today we will show you simple and easy handmade works in paper with a step-by-step explanation with pictures, and we will also show you handicrafts in foam We will also show how to add inscriptions to your daughter’s tights or gentlemen’s socks. We wish you an interesting reading.

Simple and easy DIY crafts with paper

Tools used to make a bouquet of roses with napkins:

Thread, proper amount of napkin.

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Steps: We form the paper napkin by bending it into strips and making it take the shape of a fan, then we put the thread and tie it in the middle area of ​​the napkin, then we repeat that process a number of times over the rest of the quantity of napkins that we have prepared, then we lighten the napkins until we get The shape of the rose, we decorate the children’s bags with flowers, and we can paste the rose made of napkins to the juice straw and put it in the vase, giving a beautiful shape, as it can be placed on the dining table to give a pleasant look.

Handicraft with paper for children

Tools for making toys for children from cardboard

Color cardboard, scissors, adhesive, ruler.

Steps: We bring cardboard in the colors you prefer, then we bring a number of parts of old toys for your children or even broken toys, where we will wrap them to create a beautiful shape that will appeal to them because it will be new to them, where it is possible to make a duck shape and decorate it with colored ribbons and old buttons Where more than one duck in different colors can be made to race with each other.

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Handicraft with colored cardboard

Tools for making a children’s pencil case out of cardboard:

Tissue roll, carton or corn flex box, scissors, paste, colored paper, color pencils.

Steps: We bring a carton of tissue rolls, wrap them with cardboard and the colors we prefer, and paste them on both sides, then draw the shapes that we prefer using the colors, and thus we have a pencil case that we put on our children’s desk in order to keep the pens from being lost and thus we will make beautiful shapes from things that were to be thrown in the garbage.

Paper craftworks

Tools for making paper roses:

Paper, scissors, paste.

Steps: We cut the cardboard so that the length is equal to the width, i.e. in the form of a square, then we bend the paper that is in the form of a square from the middle of one of its diameters in order to turn it into a triangle shape, after that we bend the triangle from the middle of it in order to turn the shape into a small triangle, then we repeat That last step until we get a smaller triangle, then we install the triangle from the side where the big side of the triangle is in our hands perpendicularly, then we bend one of the small sides of the triangle so that it is parallel to the long side, we put the small side of the triangle over the long side, then We bring the scissors in order to reduce the small triangle, then draw the petal of the rose by going out from the high point until we reach before the bottom of the triangle by a distance of one centimeter so that the rose does not break, then we open the cut paper gently until we get the desired rose, then at the end we make A small circle in a different color and put it in the center of the flower using glue.

Easy paper ideas

Tools for making a model of the marine world:

Cardboard, scissors, paste, medium size carton, colors.

Steps: We prepare cardboard and draw fish of different sizes, and it is possible to draw starfish and seahorses, then we bring a fifteen centimeter thread and fix it to the ends of each fish separately, then we bring the carton and get rid of the pieces that helped to close it, then turn it on its side And we start putting each fish inside, then we fix the other end of the thread on the inside of the carton and we do that with all the fish quantity, then it appears to us in the end that the fish is suspended in the air and as the air passes through it, it begins to move in a beautiful way that will appeal to your children.

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How to make flowers to decorate the walls

Tools: cardboard, adhesive, scissors, leg.

Steps: We bring cardboard and draw a circle with a diameter of twenty centimeters, then reduce it and bend it several times until we have a triangle and reduce the base of the triangle in a circular motion, then we straighten the circle and leave it on the side, we draw a circle with a diameter of fifteen centimeters less than the first circle and reduce it and then we bend it a number From times we reduce the base of the triangle, then spread it out and leave it on the side, then we draw a circle with a diameter of ten centimeters and bend it a number of times, then reduce the base of the triangle in a circular shape, then we bring the previous two circles and fix the three circles with each other by gluing and prepare a small piece of decoration that is used On birthdays, we place it in the middle of the circles, and by doing this we will make one flower, repeat the previous steps until we make four roses of different size and colors and then install them on the wall in the guest reception room by sticking on both sides.

Easy manual work with steps

Take advantage of old magazines, scissors, paste.

Steps: Each of us has a large number of old magazines that we do not benefit from with anything, we will explain today a way to exploit its distinctive colors and strong paper, we bring every two pages that are joined together and twist them and paste the edges and repeat that step a number of times until we collect a large number of pages The bouffant and put it in the form of a basket in which we put any of our items, and we can make an attractive tableau from it.

How to add inscriptions to your daughter’s tights or gentlemen’s socks

In the following lines, we will explain to you how to decorate your gentlemen’s little daughter’s colon or your gentleman’s socks with beautiful and delicate patterns. You just have to follow the following steps. You must carry out this experiment on an old sock that you do not need so as not to spoil your new sock if you are not able to succeed in that process.

Tools: plain colons, white paper, paste, a cardboard roller, but not a kitchen tissue roll.

Steps: We bring the white paper and draw our favorite shape on it, whether it is a small heart or a small rose, then we shade it with a black pen well, then we put the paper on the cylinder by pasting and fix it well, then we insert the cylinder inside the colon or the sock, then we redraw the shape We have chosen either hearts or roses on the sock from the outside, we repeat that step a number of times as we see fit until we finish the two individual ones.

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At the end of the topic, after we explained simple and easy manual works on paper with an explanation with pictures step by step, we hope that we have provided you with useful information and provided you with useful information, as we explained how to make roses with napkins, how to make new toys from toys, how to make roses from cardboard and shapes of roses to decorate the walls As we explained how to add inscriptions to your daughter’s colon or to your sock socks, we await your comments and questions about these handicrafts.

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