Secrets you did not know before about the three pyramids and the Sphinx

Secrets that you did not know before about the three pyramids and the Sphinx, today we will present to you secrets that you did not know before about the three pyramids and the Sphinx, as the pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the world, and are considered one of the great mysteries that puzzled all people in the world, whether from their beauty or the method of their construction In addition to the beauty and splendor of her income, this is one of her secrets that not everyone knows, which we will reveal through this article.

When were the pyramids built?

  • The pyramids of Giza were built thousands of years ago, and they are the pyramid of Khufu, the pyramid of Khafre, the pyramid of Menkaure, and many scholars have sought to reveal the way the pyramids were built.
  • Numerous studies conducted by archaeological researchers have confirmed that the pyramid of Khufu was built 2,551 BC, and it is 128 meters, and it is called the Great Pyramid.
  • The pyramid of Khafre dates back to 2,520 BC, and was built on the high ground of the pyramid of Khufu.
  • As for the pyramid of Menkhar, built more than 2,490 years BC, and its length is 65 meters.

The construction of the pyramids came specifically in the era of the Fourth Dynasty, which at that time ruled the Egyptian country, as this was done 4000 years ago BC.

The distance between the earth and the sun is the same length as the Great Pyramid, as it is approximately 149.4 million km.

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What is the reason for building the pyramids?

  • There was a belief among the pharaohs, which is the resurrection after death, and it says that the soul will return to man after his death, in order to enjoy eternal life, and the pharaohs built the pyramids in order to achieve this goal, and they were built in order to be tombs for the kings to be the place where They live in it after their death.
  • Inside the pyramids and in the tombs in which kings are buried, there were food, clothes and drink that the kings needed, in addition to the fact that they painted on the walls of the pyramids drawings indicating joy and joy in order for the kings to feel the positive energy upon their resurrection.

Names of the pyramids: –

Pyramid of Khufu:

This pyramid contains the king’s burial chamber, and it contains many other rooms for his family and servants, as it includes secret rooms with jewelry, in addition to that there are many corridors inside, and this matter makes it difficult to steal

Khafre’s pyramid:

It includes many corridors leading to the burial chamber, which is made of rock, and it contains many chambers.

Menkaure pyramid:

It contains many chambers as well as secret corridors that lead to the king’s tomb.

What is the way to build the pyramids?

  • Science has been unable to know the way the pyramids are built, although there is a great development in the current era in all fields, but scientists do not yet know how the pyramids were built.
  • One of the most important achievements that scientists face in great confusion is that the pyramids are symmetrical from the four directions, namely the south, north, east and west, and thus the sun is permanently perpendicular to the top of the pyramids, and this makes the sun’s rays enter the room in which the king was buried.
  • The pyramids were built on a single straight line in analogy with the North Polar Star, and that was in order to save the pyramids from being stolen, and that the gods would dwell on the pyramids, in addition to that the pyramid would enter him with immense positive energy, and thus the souls of kings would live in peace.

What is the Sphinx: –

  • The Sphinx is considered one of the largest statues in the world, because its length is about 20 meters or more than its width, reaching 73 meters, and its body is in the form of a lion and its head is like a human head, which is a statue that has been carved from limestone.
  • The Great Sphinx was built in 3 years by 100 workers, using stone hammers and copper chisels.

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What is the goal to build the Great Sphinx?

  • The pyramids were built in order to be a tomb for the pharaohs, and also in order to protect all the supplies they needed when they were brought back to life again as they believed, who believed that it was built in a tapered shape in order for the spirit of kings to ascend to the sky and be identified with the sun god.
  • During the nineteenth century, a crater exploded from the northern side in the Great Pyramid, and it became the entrance to the pyramid at the present time, as visitors in the pyramid enter through the Temple Corridor that leads to the Great Gallery.
  • The Great Gallery Corridor is very wide and reaches a height of 8.53 meters, in order to reach the king’s room, whose walls were built of red granite, in order to see the king’s coffin, and among the things that thieves broke, but they were left because they do not know how to get it out of the place.

Amazing secrets about the Great Sphinx: –

  • The Sphinx was built by carving a rock, and it became with a flat base made of accumulated stones, especially limestone. Copper chisels were used to cut the stones of the Sphinx, and it had sharp edges that were not affected by the work, and it became with steel edges.
  • The statue was built with a wide nose of one meter, but it was lost for several reasons, including that this nose was destroyed by the artillery of the soldiers who came in the Napoleon campaign, and it was also said that the Mamluks destroyed the nose, and there are some stories that say that the pharaohs were practicing Through which to shoot.
  • The Great Sphinx was built according to precise dimensions, which is that its length reaches 73.5 meters, and it was built at a height of 20 meters.

Secrets you did not know before about the three pyramids and the Sphinx: –

  • The color of the pyramids: The color of the pyramids is a bright white color, which is a white lime, which used to cover the entire pyramid, and it gives a wonderful reflection of the pyramid.
  • The length of the pyramids: The Great Pyramid is the tallest structure in the world that man has made.
  • One of the wonders of the world: The pyramids are among the most important of the seven wonders of the world throughout history.
  • Employment in the pyramids: The workers who built the pyramid are estimated at about 100 thousand workers, and a city has been allocated to them for their food, housing, and treatment, and working in the pyramids largely solves the problem of unemployment.
  • Pyramids and the sunset: The pyramids were built according to the Pharaonic doctrine of immortality, in order for the sunset facing the west bank of the Nile.
  • Twenty years: It is said that the pyramid was built in 20 years.
  • Architect of the pyramids: Imhotep, the minister of the pharaoh, was the one who built the stepped pyramid and also supervised its design, so he is preparing or an engineer at that time.
  • The technique for building the pyramids: Scientists have become increasingly confused over the ages about the pyramids and their construction, as they do not yet know the technology that the pharaohs used to build the pyramids.
  • Demolishing the pyramids: Al-Aziz, who was the second sultan in the Ayyubid era, had tried and was the ruler of Egypt, of Kurdish origin, but he discovered that the pyramids are of great durability that no one can destroy.
  • More than 3 million pieces: The stones that the pyramids were built with are more than 3 million pieces, and some of the stones weigh about 50 tons.

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At the end of our article about secrets that you did not know before about the three pyramids and the Sphinx, as the three pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the world, and they have received great attention from scholars in the whole world, and they have a great position with the Egyptians, and they have many secrets that we have revealed, We wish your participation.

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