Scientific research steps in detail with explanation

Scientific research steps in detail with explanation , scientific research has become the best and most appropriate way to study the problems of society and provide clear answers to the questions that confuse scientists and scientists.

It is based on a set of thoughtful steps and realistic goals that give students highly guaranteed results.

The method of scientific research is limited to specific scientific steps. All researchers and researchers are committed to them, and you can learn more about the steps of scientific research in detail with an explanation through the article on cultural information now.

Scientific research steps in detail with explanation

We can define scientific research as the researcher’s carefully organized inquiry and investigation to discover many new information, correct old information inherited by some, build on it to develop it, and follow well-known steps, which are the steps of scientific research, its tools and its method that must be adhered to, and there are many Of the definitions of scientific research, we mention them:

  • Scientific research is the carefully structured investigation to find out the general rules of something, or it is the investigation that aims to add knowledge and ensure its validity, by the method of scientific testing.
  • Or it is a method of study that enables the researcher to solve a specific problem by thoroughly investigating it and what is related to it.
  • Scientific research is also a study that specializes in one topic according to methods and principles.
  • And systematic research, regardless of its type, whether theoretical or scientific, it is considered the highest scientific ranks and not the last as some believe, and there are steps that the researcher must follow during the conduct of scientific research to reach success in it.

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Scientific research steps in order

  • Determine the title of scientific research

As choosing the title of the academic thesis is very important, as it is the first thing that the eye sees in the study, and it gives the reader the first impression of the study, and there is a big difference between the title of the scientific research and the titles of the books and novels we read, by adding to the research the availability of modernity and exclusivity.

  • Preparing a study plan

Writing a scientific research plan is not an easy matter, for the modern academic researcher, as it needs many factors that the researcher must take into account and be familiar with, and there is a lot of information that must be included in the research plan, namely: –

1. Preparation provided

As the introduction to the research plan must contain what the reader and the discussion committee are looking for, and contain sufficient information about the study, the reasons for the study and its problem, the results of the study, the quantity and quality of the study, and the scientific excitement necessary to pursue the study, all of this must be noted and talked It is reported at the top of the research plan.

2- Research topic

And the actual clarification of the study, the limitation of the research problem and its portrayal within the scientific research, and its close connection with reality.

3- Scientific research questions

And the real questions of the study, which show the importance of the study, and it should not be devoid of logic and realism.

research aims

The diversity of the study objectives is what is required, and more than one goal must be addressed and achieved, focusing on the cognitive goals, the applied goals, and the emotional goals in the scientific study.

research importance

This is shown by showing the benefit of the research message, and the desired effect of scientific research.

  • Previous studies and a preliminary summary of them

And what has the study learned from summarizing previous studies, and the points of agreement and disagreement with previous studies on the master’s or doctoral thesis?

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  • The scientific method followed by the research

The researcher how to use it, and writing down the extent to which the study benefits from this approach.

  • Sources and references

Whereas, the diversity of foreign and Arab sources and references in scientific research is very important, and it has a great impact on the discussion committee, and who looks at the message later.

Different scientific research research methods

There are many research methods that the researcher can use in analyzing the research dilemma, which the researcher can use or rely on a part of, which is the following:

  • the scientific experiments

In separating the dilemma of searching for variables, the theory may be affected.

  • Field trials

On the basis of simple interventions from normal activities, without changing the variables, in order to determine the reality of the research dilemma.

  • Case Study

Focus on one of the factors affecting the research dilemma, with the goal of developing clear answers to how it exists and why it matters.

Scan targets for predefined samples

In order to reveal the social relationships, psychological factors and distribution related to the dilemma.

The difference between research and study

There are many overlaps between the search terms and the study, some say that research is the study, while others say that there is a difference between them. The research combines the field work of the researcher, and the collection of elements and data from research members directly, through question and survey, and effort, it is a scientific activity, To show the hidden science, and there are those who know this as extracting the scientific truth from its respective places. The study relies on collecting research data from books, references, periodicals, and private and official publications. Observers have known it to read, memorize and understand books that benefit the student in the first place and the mind with the knowledge that he searches. about her.

Terms of scientific research

  • Originality and innovation

The conditions of scientific research must be distinguished by originality and innovation, meaning that a subject that has never been dealt with has been dealt with and that information about it has been collected and analyzed, unless the purpose of the research is to refute the previous scientific research and current results that differ from those published.

  • To be realistic

Meaning that it is related to real life, and to be applicable and work on the ground.

  • To be distinguished by the scientific integrity of the researcher

By referring to the primary sources during the collection of information, and mentioning the source from which the information was taken, and documenting it in a scientific way to facilitate access for the reader to access it.

  • Objectivity

Meaning that the researcher must distance himself and not be biased in preparing the research for any party to give the result as it is on the ground, and thus know the causes of the problem accurately and then solve it correctly.

  • Ease and language of the language

The researcher must take into account that the words are not long that distracts or bored the reader, nor are they short and lead to any possible defect in the meaning, in addition to the need to use familiar terms as much as possible to take into account the category directed to the research.

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This was a brief summary of the steps of scientific research in detail with an explanation . There is no doubt that developed countries are interested in scientific research and have made it one of their priorities, goals and spending on it did not even reach what it is today, through scientific research, the state has become more focused on various problems. And thus finding appropriate solutions to solve it and how to avoid it in the future. Therefore, governments encourage individuals to search for the development of their country in order to rise to the desired level of development and progress.

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