Real moving stories about girls

Real moving stories about girls, women are considered half of society, and the girl has obtained many rights, including the right to work, the right to travel, and the right to occupy many positions, but we are human beings and we are not perfect, there is injustice and there is corruption, among us the oppressor and among us the oppressed, and in most Sometimes the woman is the wronged part, the woman whom God has honored and honored by Islam sometimes the man insults her, not sometimes but most of the time, but in different ways. This is a man who hits his wife and this is a man who abuses his wife in front of people, and other things, but he did not stop The matter is at this point, but it has reached cases of rape and harassment that we see a lot in our Arab world, and today I will tell you real, moving stories about girls , through a cultural information site .

Real moving stories about girls

College girl behind bars

  • There was a university girl who was known among the people for literature, morals and her academic excellence. One day she went out of the door of her university and saw a well-groomed young man, but she did not pay him any attention, but he kept talking to her with sweet words as he followed her.
  • I was confused a lot, but she kept calm until she got home. The subject did not stop here, but he kept chasing her in front of the university, and on her phone with that sweet talk,
  • Until her heart turned to him and she allowed herself to speak with him, days passed and this young man disappeared several days when she was very sad and did not know the reason, and one day he appears before her again in front of the university door,
  • He told her that he wanted to talk to her in a quiet place away from the crowds and the street. He took her to a furnished apartment and kept looking at her and looking at him until something happened that she was not hoping for. She died when she found herself lost the most precious thing that any girl possessed.

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  • She lost her honor and quickly returned to her home and did not tell her family about what happened, so what will she say to them despite their many attempts to find out what happened to her and put her in this sadness and depression, and after a while not far away this young man called her again and told her that he wanted to meet her So she went to him thinking that he would fix that mistake and marry her, but he was far from that. He told her that he wanted her again without marriage or restrictions, so he slapped him in the face, so he raised his hand holding a video tape and ordered her to see him, and threatened her with her pictures while she was with him in that apartment.
  • He is an immoral person and is closer to animals than he is to man. He threatened her, if she did not obey his orders, he would publish that video on the Internet. She was afraid of the scandal and was forced to carry out what he asked of her. He kept moving her from one man to the other until she became a street girl.
  • One day, this video reached her cousin, and she informed the family of that disaster. They almost killed her, but she escaped from them and hid in one of the brothels, and when she had the opportunity, she stabbed him with a knife and the matter ended with that girl of etiquette and morals beyond bars.

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The death of a girl at the hands of her father

  • Let me tell you now another story from the failings of our society, a girl from high school was committed to a love for her religion and her family, she met a classmate of her in school, and they used to go out together and go to the homes of some of them to study, and one day her friend asked her to go to another friend’s house on the grounds of studying and That the rest of the friends are there,
  • She went with her and opened the door to her school in the school, but there were many men who tried to assault her, but she refused and screamed until she came out, but they injected her with an anesthetic substance, she woke up and found herself on one of the beds, and she did not have any clothes on her, but that they took turns on her.
  • And as usual, they photographed her so that there was a threat with them and a way to blackmail her, so she had to submit to them in order to avoid the scandal, it remained like this until she discovered that one of them was sick with AIDS and that she took that disease from him, so they left her, and they gave her these pictures and videos because she was no longer desirable after she became ill with that. the disease,
  • At first, she had lost her honor, but this time she became ill and on the verge of death with a serious and contagious disease. Her family knew what had happened and her father killed her for fear of shame, and her end was the grave.
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    This was a glimpse of real moving stories about girls , and there are many different examples that may affect girls at a young age, especially high school or university age, as the girl at this stage is young and does not realize the dangers of what she is doing, and young people exploit many girls Young girls to cast the girl into horrors, whatever we are above, whether we are parents, mothers or sisters, to offer our teenage daughters and girls advice and help them pass through this stage in peace,

    It is imperative to listen to them well during this period because they need to talk, help them to adhere to religion and prayer, and to observe God in all their work, make them strong and mature mothers for the future, so that they raise equal generations of girls and boys, and the tragedy of injustice from society ends, and in the end accompanying and watching the girl At this age, a necessity must be necessary to protect them from themselves first and from bad people second.

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