Prices for new Tesla electric cars

New Tesla electric car prices, Tesla cars are one of the cars that have achieved great success in the recent period in the automotive world, so we will review with you the prices of new Tesla electric cars for various types of this car.

Prices for new Tesla electric cars

At the present time, there are three prices for new Tesla electric cars, and they are as follows:

  • An American Tesla car, which starts at 2,150,000 EGP.

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Prices for Tesla cars in Egypt

  • Revolta has offered Tesla automatic cars at a reduction of up to 100,000 Egyptian pounds, for Tesla Model 3 cars, which are the cheapest types of Tesla cars in Egypt.
  • This car is now available in Egypt at a price of 990 thousand pounds, and the company said that it is offering this car after offering a huge discount of up to 100,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Rivolta confirmed that there are dozens of reservations for this car in Egypt and that many visitors who visited the exhibition and saw this car have already booked this car in advance.
  • The company also stated that shipping will be free for the first two years after the issuance of this car, and during the offer period, the price of the car has now become one million and 90 thousand pounds without shipping fees because the freight is not added to its price because it is free.

Tesla X 2019 specifications

There are many Tesla X 2019 specifications that distinguished it in the auto market, including:

  • The rear doors in this car resemble the shape of the wings of a falcon and this form of distinct shapes.
  • The drag coefficient of this car is 0.24 so it uses very little fuel.
  • The car battery is located at the bottom of the chairs to provide weight in the car to ensure better stability.
  • This car has a rear spoiler that works automatically.
  • This car contains a navigation system that works on this system to determine the four directions.
  • Tesla cars have an Air Technology system because they have an air filter.
  • This car has a wheel drive system at a speed of 100 km / h and this system helps not to instill this car in the sand.

2017 Tesla X car specifications

  • The 2017 Tesla X cars are one of the new models that appeared in 2017 and it is a car that is expected to tip the scales in the automotive world because it ends with the suv family that works with electricity from inside and outside.
  • This car is characterized by a unique set of other features such as: The rear doors in this car that open like falcon wings and open towards the top.
  • The company that manufactured this car released a trial version of this car in the market in 2012, and actually put this version on the market in 2015 AD and this car could accommodate about seven passengers, the car contains many complete safety systems for passengers.
  • The specifications of the Tesla X 2017 model take into account the aerodynamics that make the car have low air resistance to the maximum degree, according to the declarations authorized by the manufacturer of this car.
  • The drag coefficient in the 2017 Tesla X cars reached (0.24), and this matter distinguished this car by making it consumes less fuel and easier to move around.
  • The manufacturer of these cars took into account the safety rules, as it placed the battery for this car at the bottom of the chair to increase the rate of gravity for this car, which increases its safety rate as much as possible and keeps it from tipping over.
  • The rear spoiler equipped with 2017 Tesla X cars helps the driver to see better and achieve maximum efficiency because it contains rear lights that help him see better.

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Prices of Tesla cars in Egypt after its official entry through Automak Formula

The prices of Tesla cars in Egypt have now become, after their official entry through the Automak Formula Exhibition, about one million and 90 thousand Egyptian pounds, this price will make the category that buy this car a very limited category, especially since the price of the car is high.

There are more than 40 brands that will participate in the activities of the Cairo International Motor Show, which is held every year, which is Automak Formula 2018.

Tesla interior design

  • The interior design of this car is distinguished by a unique design that contains a lot of advanced technological technologies because it contains a system that works to purify the air from the inside due to the filters inside the car, and thus the passenger in the car feels that he is breathing clean air.
  • The interior of the car also contains a touch screen, as its size is 17 inches, so that it can be used to control the audio system, as well as the navigation and telephone communications that the car contains from the inside.
  • This car is powered by a four-wheel drive system with a powerful front engine and a rear axle engine, the speed of this car reaches 209 kilometers per hour.

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With this, we will explain to you the prices of the new Tesla electric cars, as well as explain their prices in detail in Egypt and explain some of the features that this car has, we hope that the topic you like.

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