Preferred Surat Yusuf before bed

The merits of Surat Yusuf before bed, today we will talk about the virtues of Surat Yusuf before bed, as it is one of the surahs that contain many stories, wisdom and sermons that everyone must follow, and when a person reads it, it brings many benefits to him, whether it is for sustenance or before bed, as we will explain a lot of Information about her.

Surah Yusuf

Surat Yusuf contains the complete story of our master Yusef, peace be upon him, and it is one of the beautiful stories that have helped us a lot in our lives, and it is one of the surahs that were revealed to our master Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.

This surah was revealed during the period of the Meccan call, and as for the number of verses in it, it is 111 verses, and its main focus is the story of our master Yusuf, peace be upon him, which contained many meanings and lessons that greatly benefited the believers in the various matters of their lives.

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The virtue of Surat Yusuf

  • It can be said through the virtue of Surat Yusuf that it is one of the surahs that includes many lessons, rulings and miracles, and it heals the hearts of Muslims.

As for its merit, it was mentioned through scholars ’deduction in many weak narrations or from many news stories.

  • Some have mentioned that these narrations have become famous from the situation and this is through the hadiths of our master Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and therefore they are among the fabricated narratives and among the narrations (Teach your souls of a surah Yusuf, for whichever Muslim was recited by his teacher is his family and what his oath possessed, death is placed upon him by God. Power does not envy a Muslim).
  • Its merit was also mentioned in many hadiths that I talked about and some of the other surahs, and this is evident in the hadith of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, when he said (I was given the place of the seven long Torah, and I was given the place of the Zabur, and I was given the place of the second gospel), and I was given the place of the second gospel.

This surah exceeds a hundred, so it has been called Surat Al-Meen`.

  • In this surah there is a feeling of joy and a feeling that it has been released, so he wants to read it and it is preferable to read it for everyone who is sad and complaining about something. This surah was revealed in a year that was a year of grief for the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, as he lost both Khadija bint Khuwaylid and his uncle Ali Bin Abi Talib, may God be pleased with them.
  • And both Omar and Othman, may God be pleased with them, wanted to read it, especially at the time of the Fajr prayer, and this is what many of the Companions used to do, not Omar and Othman, may God be pleased with them only. He was repeating it.)

Alqama bin Waqqas, may God be pleased with him, said: (Umar ibn al-Khattab – may God be pleased with him – used to recite Surat Yusef in the darkness while I was at the end of the lines, even if the mention of Yusef came, I heard a whimper).

Preferred Surat Yusuf before bed

The virtue of Surat Yusuf before bed lies in the feeling of comfort and reassurance that God will bring the truth to its owner, just as it teaches the individual to be patient with the adversities he faces and make him learn from them many judgments and sermons through which he relies on God and leaves all his life on God Almighty.

Lessons learned from Surat Yusuf

As for the lessons learned from Surat Yusuf, they can be explained through the following: –

  • Satisfying needs in secret and concealment: This is evident through our master Jacob, who instructed our master Joseph to conceal his vision of the planets, the moon and the sun, as this could harm him because his sisters could harm him.
  • Steadfastness on the truth and confronting temptations: Our master Joseph did this and remained steadfast on the truth despite the temptations of the beloved woman a lot to him, but he endured imprisonment and his troubles and remained steadfast on his approach and calling, and then God rewarded him.
  • The truth of jealousy among the brothers: This jealousy leads to a lot of harm between them, and this damage led Joseph’s brothers to murder, and indeed they made this attempt and they were saying (Kill Joseph).

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The meanings of Surat Yusuf are learned

  • Relief after hardship and ease after hardship: Patience is required over the affliction, and this is what our master Jacob did when he was patient with the loss of his son, but God rewarded him that he brought them together and in the hereafter also they will receive a good reward.
  • The danger of the forbidden seclusion with the woman: since the devil whispers in the souls until he leads them to fornication, and God Almighty has said (and the one who is in her house on his own, and the doors are closed).
  • The expression of a vision is like a fatwa: This is what was mentioned when God Almighty said (The matter in which you are asked for a fatwa has been fulfilled), and therefore the scholars have made it clear that he who does not know about the interpretation of the vision and does not know about it should not speak about it or issue a fatwa on it.
  • Striving to take the permissible reasons for escaping calamities: This is evidenced by Yusef’s saying (Remember me with your Lord), so that the story is mentioned to the king who gets out of prison and thus the king conducts the necessary investigation, until our master Joseph, peace be upon him, is released from prison innocent.
  • The permissibility of seeking empowerment from the position: This was evidenced by the words of God Almighty (He said: Put me on the treasures of the earth I am preserving and knowledgeable), since this position was to demonstrate the capabilities of our master Yusuf with the king without harming him, and it also works to serve God Almighty And all.
  • But the position is a trial when the position is a service to the person’s soul only, just as God Almighty does not help him in that.

Joseph’s shirt

Youssef’s shirt was mentioned in many topics that can be explained through the following: –

  • Whereas, the shirt was an attempt by the sisters of Yusuf, peace be upon him, to prove that they are sincere, and this was evident through the words of God Almighty (and they brought a shirt on it with false blood).
  • This shirt was the reason for the sincerity of our master Yusef, peace be upon him, and also the reason for his innocence and the testimony of the cradle child on this from the false sayings of the Aziz woman, and this has been demonstrated through the words of God Almighty:
  • (And Astbaka door and lead his shirt masterminded and Elvia her master at the door said the penalty of wanted your family worse, but be imprisoned or torment Olam- she said Raodtna about myself and the witness from her family if the shirt had previously had ratified a Alkazban- though Qmas- had He is one of the truthful – when he saw a tee pulled from a bear, he said that it is from your hand, that your hand is great.
  • When the sisters of Yusef, peace be upon him, throw the shirt on our master Jacob, then Jacob’s sight, may God return him to him, and this is evident in the words of God Almighty (Go with this shirt, throw it on the face of my father)

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At the end of our journey with the merits of Surat Yusuf before bed, after we explained a lot of judgment and sermons and the preference of this surah over a person, we wish you the full benefit of the article, and we would like you to follow this judgment and the sermons that lead the individual to comfort and tranquility and the highest peaks of happiness and success, and we would like to share the article with us With your suggestions and opinions, you were well and wait for more from us.

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