Predicting the future in dreams

Predicting the future through dreams, a person sees various dreams in his dream, but few of them carry meaning and are interpreted in daily life in a person’s dream about four dreams every night, but most do not remember these dreams upon waking up, but if a person wakes up during a dream, he remembers it, but can the future be predicted By dreams, as some believe, this is what we will talk about in this article in detail.

Introduction to the article predicting the future through dreams: –

Most dreams that predict the future are seldom about happy events in the future, most of them are either death, attending a funeral, or the illness of a dear person. This is due to the memory and mind preoccupying with death and disaster events more than positive events, as many studies indicate that predicting the future through dreams A common thing among people.

Predicting the near future: –

The issue of predicting the future has become a matter that concerns many people around the world, especially specialists in this field, but this matter remains subject to research and study, due to the difficulty of confirming it despite the validity of some predictions during the previous years through many events and facts.

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Predicting the future is the expectation of events that can happen in the future, and God may specialize some people with this ability. God alone knows the unseen, and the best example of this is the story of Al-Khader, who is a righteous slave who accompanied Moses and told him about some unseen things that our master Moses could not be patient with and wanted to know, such as the story of the construction of the wall. And the story of the ship’s breach and others.

Dreams are one of the most famous ways in which the future is predicted for a long time in history, such as the pharaohs and emperors in Japan, and therefore many dream interpreters have appeared and studies are still in place to prove the role of dreams and visions in predicting the future.

Most kings had their own interpreters, such as the dear of Egypt and his famous vision, which had a clear impact on the economy of Egypt for a long time, as the kings had certain rituals to prepare themselves to receive these dreams and the interpreters to interpret them later as the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, told us that the true vision is part of the prophethood. .

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Predictive dreams: –

Predictive dreams are a type of dreams in which a person can see events that will occur in the future, whether with him or with another person, and when the dream coincides with the future, it is called a predictive dream. The reasons for interpreting these dreams are due to many reasons that are preferred by scientists, and these reasons are:

  • That this dream is a message that directs the person who saw him to follow a certain path, and when the person follows this direction, he interprets that as a prophecy.
  • This dream is an invitation to set the soul free and make it accept the outcome that will happen in the future.
  • The human subconscious is able to see and predict the future faster than the human consciousness, due to the information it possesses.

Among the most famous predictive dreams that occurred, which are proof to some of the possibility of predicting the future through dreams, was the American President Abraham Lincoln, who dreamed two weeks before his assassination that he was wandering in empty rooms and heard sad voices and when he entered rooms from these rooms he saw a body covered with a face and when he asked who she was They replied that it was the corpse of a president who had died in the assassination.

Known prediction types: –

It came during the search for predicting the future through dreams that predictive dreams have many types that are:

  • Clear vocal dreams that include clear voices. The dreamer may not know their source but pay attention to the messages they carry.
  • Harmonious dreams predict events that occur at the same time as the dream.
  • Warning dreams that carry warning messages for the dreamer.
  • Passionate dreams, which are dreams that contain moments full of emotions and feelings, and they are often one of those close to the person.
  • Telepathy A dream about people close to the dreamer, and the dreamer is able to penetrate the thoughts of this person to convey a specific message.

Many studies indicate that it is possible for a person to control dreams by giving a person to himself many suggestions before bed, and some have excelled in controlling some of the dream events and this is called neural programming, but it is difficult to fully control the dream.

Research has also found that young children and infants have a greater outcome of dreams because they spend more time sleeping compared to adults who sleep for a short period of time, and dreams help increase the skills acquired and enhance new information in people as they help in the growth and development of personality and dealing with internal feelings such as fear and depression .

How do I see the future in a dream?: –

Dreams are a series of interconnected events on a specific topic related to one of the affairs of life and the interpretation of the dream needs a person who has sufficient experience in the science of interpretation of dreams, and it is not permissible for anyone to interpret them without him. The steps are as follows:

  • To perform ablution and improve it, and then do the remembrance of God a lot of praise, praise and forgiveness.
  • To read some of the surahs of the Noble Qur’an, namely Surat Al-Layl, Al-Shams, Al-Tin, Al-Ikhlas and Al-Mu`tathin
  • He prays that God will inspire him with this vision that he wants.

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Interpretation of a dream about seeing the future: –

History is full of many incidents and facts that may prove the possibility of predicting the future. Among the most famous stories that confirm that it is possible to predict the future through dreams is seeing the dear Egypt of the seven cows and seeing the prisoners who were with our master Joseph in prison. Servant of the king.

The dream stories that predicted the future did not stop at this time, but there are many dreams that have been realized in reality in the modern era, and these dreams include:

  • The death of the scientist Ibn Sirin, who was famous for interpreting dreams, when a woman came to him who told him a dream that belonged to him, and when he heard it, his features changed, so his sister asked him and he told her that this woman claims that I will die after 7 days.
  • The fall of a military plane in 1946 The events of this story took place in the city of Shanghai in 1946 when an officer in the British Navy saw his friend boarding a Dakota plane and flying it, then he was attacked by a snowstorm that caused his plane to collide with a mountain, which resulted in its fall from a high place.

Which made the officer wake up in panic from his sleep and narrated the dream to his friend, who became anxious because he would perform a mission with this plane tomorrow morning, and as he boarded the plane and began to fly, the pleasant weather changed and a snow storm blew up, leading the plane to hit a mountain and the plane fell, but no one died.

It is worth noting that some people believe that their dreams help them predict the future, but studies indicate that they may be exposed to indications about future events before they sleep.

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Conclusion of an essay on predicting the future: –

In conclusion of the topic of predicting the future through dreams, we confirm that predicting the future is still a mysterious matter despite the multiplicity of its methods and the multiplicity of dreams that occurred as a reality in history worldwide, as we explained in the article Predicting the future through dreams, and now dear reader, we are waiting to share your experience of predicting the future. Leave your comment. .

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