Phrases and wisdom about science and learning

Phrases and wisdom about science and learning, science is the means by which a person elevates and rises to the highest ranks, and science is the weapon with which we can fight poverty, disease and ignorance. Therefore, attention must be paid to science in any country and state, because with science the status of society rises. With science, society grows and flourishes, with science we achieve progress, with science we can prevail in the world, with science we can be leaders of countries, with knowledge we spread throughout the world, and due to the utmost importance of science, many writers and poets have mentioned it in their writings and poems, and seeking knowledge is an obligation of God upon us, and the person Whoever goes out of his home seeking knowledge is under the protection of God, and he is considered one of the mujahideen until he returns, but it is necessary to adhere to the teachings of Islam well when we go out to learn, so we do not have to learn things and things forbidden, and we will present to you in cultural information a set of phrases and judgment about knowledge and learning.

The importance of science and why we seek knowledge

Knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim and Muslim woman, and we have to seek knowledge no matter how far away, for an educated person is an honorable interface for society, just as knowledge is one of the most important reasons for the progress of states, so no country can advance as long as it does not pay attention to science and learning, and we must as fathers and mothers encourage Our children are educated and educated, so that they can be the cause of the advancement of nations, it is necessary to help them learn well, and to urge them to learn so that they obtain from the good what they want, and be among the reasons for the progress of the nation, and that they attain the prestigious position in society, this is not the great reward of God Almighty.

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The most famous judgment and phrases about science

There is a large group of Arab and foreign scholars, writers, and poets who mentioned many rulings and expressions about the importance of science and its role in society and how knowledge can be obtained. Here is a set of rulings and phrases about science:

  • The scientist “John Dewey” knows science as: his study is very organized based on a clear and explicit methodology, based on topicality, whether this study leads us to laws or general, approximate rules.
  • And our true religion urged us to pay attention to science and appreciate scholars, as God Almighty said in His Noble Book, (Say: Are those who know equal and those who do not know).
  • And the Messenger, upon him be the best of prayers and peace, said: (Seeking knowledge is an obligation for every Muslim man and woman).
  • Knowledge is what adorns and beautifies a person.

Phrases for science and learning

Dear reader, a cultural information site offers you some phrases and judgments about science and learning:

  • Science builds homes that have no support, and ignorance destroys the house of honor and generosity. That is, houses are built with knowledge and demolished with ignorance, because the educated is interested in all the values ​​and principles that help build the house, but the ignorant does not know how to act or how to raise his children and establish his home.
  • Seek knowledge and Luo in China. This urges us to seek knowledge, no matter how far away, for every step is tantamount to jihad and has a great and great reward from God.
  • Whoever said I am a scientist is ignorant. (Our Master Umar) Our Master Umar said that the world does not mention his knowledge because he always feels that he has not received enough knowledge, but he who considers himself a scientist is definitely ignorant.
  • Every vessel narrows as much as it is made in it, except for the vessel of knowledge (our master Ali bin Abi Talib). Our master Ali bin Abi Talib mentioned that the vessel in which you pour anything will be filled with time, except for the vessel of knowledge, no matter what you pour into it, it is never filled.

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Ruling on science and learning

  • Your capital is your knowledge, and your enemy is your ignorance.
  • Learning multiplies talent. (Howars)
  • Whoever opened a school closed a prison. (Napoleon Bonaparte)
  • Very well informed. (Plato)
  • A flag without action is like a ship without features. (Bernard Shaw)
  • Seek knowledge and do not be lazy, so what is more good than the people of laziness. (Ibn al-Wardi)
  • Leaving souls without knowledge or etiquette .. Leave the patient without medicine and no ace. ( Ahmad Shawqi)
  • Learn, for a person is not born a scientist .. and it is not the brother of knowledge, like someone who is ignorant. (Parish)
  • Read a good book three times, it is more beneficial for you to read three good books (Akkad)
  • Knowledge in childhood is like inscription on stone.
  • Seeking knowledge is better than superfluous prayer (Al-Shafi’i)
  • God blesses the happy knowledge, and forbids the wretched. (Abu Dardaa)
  • Success is moving from failure to failure, without losing hope.
  • Failure is the experience that precedes success, so do not despair.
  • Success is the result of feeling happy.
  • Success is the judge of right and wrong.
  • Knowledge is the only means by which the ranks of the human being rise to dignity and honor.
  • Beware of ballistic science, it is more dangerous than ignorance.
  • Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.
  • With the passage of time everything is getting cheaper, except for knowledge, because it becomes more expensive.
  • Learning is your passport to the future.
  • The basis of knowledge is confidence in God, and then in the self.

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This was a brief summary of phrases and judgment about science and learning , and the phrases and judgments that were said about science and learning were very many, because of the importance of science in our life and our future, some of them are semi-knowledge of jihad, and some of them are likened knowledge to gold, and other similarities that show us the importance and role Knowledge and learning, and it is imperative that we urge our children to learn and learn so that we can rise to society and become the best of a nation that has brought people out.

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