Names of 9 cheap tourist islands in Turkey

The names of 9 cheap tourist islands in Turkey are the gift that we will present to you, when you intend to make a trip with your family or friends looking for a beautiful place and at the same time its price is suitable for your financial condition, and because Turkey is one of the countries that is characterized by the presence of many picturesque and wonderful islands we will present to you during This article names 9 cheap tourist islands in Turkey Follow us.

An introduction to the names of 9 cheap tourist islands in Turkey

Kusadasi island

  • Kusadasi is one of the islands and tourist resorts in Turkey and it is known that its commissioning is suitable for everyone, as it provides an excellent environment for an unforgettable vacation, this island is located on the western coast of Turkey, 90 km south of Izmir.
  • Kusadasi is also famous for being one of the most attractive cities in the Aegean, as it is close to important historical sites including Ephesus, Didyma, Priene, Miletus, Old Towns, and you can perfect hiking in Kusadasi in a typical Mediterranean climate with a summer Hot and mild winters, providing a long tourist season.
  • It is also flooded with sunlight for 300 days of the year, and provides many soft sandy beaches with warm and clear water, providing a calm atmosphere, due to the large variety of water and beach facilities, surfing, water skiing, sailing and beach volleyball are just a few Of the options for lovers of active life.
  • After sunbathing hot during the day, you sit on the beach waiting for a wonderful sunset, after which the attractive cafes and restaurants become full of tourists, as it is one of the most pleasant scenes that we go to the yachts and ships accompanied by the panoramic view of the sunset.
  • Pre-dinner drink, where restaurants serve a variety of seafood, fresh fish and Aegean cuisine, and after a delicious meal in Kusadasi, you might dance and entertain in a live bar or disco until dawn, so you might have had a perfect day in Kusadasi.

Cunda Island

  • Cunda – also known as Alipai Island – is known for its old-world charm, with hillside red-roofed houses, colorful flowers dotting between lanes, and a spiced coastline for an afternoon swim.
  • Also, this island is connected to Ayvalık town in Turkey on the main bridge, so it is easy to enter and exit from the mainland, which is the most attractive and cheap areas, where you can either go swimming, lie on the beaches or embark on a diving trip with a local center.

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Buyukada island

  • Located directly off the coast of Istanbul, this island is the largest island in the Princes Island archipelago, and the most popular for a good reason, as private cars and taxis are strictly prohibited there.
  • So you will have to see the sites as the locals do – on foot, by bike, or horse-drawn carriages, the beaches and hillside mountains are lined with stunning Ottoman Victorian mansions, and historic churches such as Aya Yorgi, are said to cater to everyone who enters them along with the cafes. the witch.

Juquiada Island

  • It is the largest island in Turkey and is famous for its amazing natural beauty, which consists of hills, a pristine country, and a series of beaches, and the island is located near the Gokcijada Underwater National Park, the only underwater national park.
  • Which you can explore with local diving centers on land, and Cukciada is full of small historic villages, which are full of restaurants and churches, so this island gives a glimpse of traditional Turkish life.

Kekova Island

  • Kekova is a small island located on the hills, and its coast is full of Mediterranean restaurants serving inexpensive food, boats guarded by spectacular cruises and remnants of relics from the Byzantine and Lycian eras.
  • But there is more beer under the sea, and there is also a second-century sunken town, whose rocky buildings can be seen under the waves from a guided tour.

Follow us to get to know the names of 9 cheap tourist islands in Turkey

Rhodes island

  • This island is one of the most beautiful and cheapest islands in Turkey, and the magnificent capital of Rhodes is located outside and inside the walls of a well-preserved Venetian castle, which was built by the Knights of Saint John, which is one of the finest examples of medieval architecture.
  • Rhodes is also famous for the Colossus of Rhodes, a gigantic statue that has each leg on either side of the harbor and is among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The statue was standing at the entrance to the harbor, until a strong earthquake struck Rhodes around 226 BC, destroying it.
  • The beauty of its capital, an interesting location, numerous Byzantine churches, and a popular nightlife lie.

Princes’ Islands

  • During the summer months, the Princes’ Islands are popular destinations for day trips from Istanbul, since there is no traffic on the islands, the only transportation is the horse and cart.
  • It is one of the most incredibly peaceful transportation methods compared to the transportation routes in Istanbul and among the names of the Princes’ Islands

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Bozcaada Island

  • Bozcaada is the third largest island in Turkey, and is famous for its windmills and vineyards, beautiful houses, impressive historical monuments from different periods and attractive beaches with crystal clear water, and because it is characterized by natural landscapes that can be seen by passing by, this makes the price of the trip cheap.

Heybeliada Island

  • It is the second largest of the Princes’ Islands in Istanbul both from the point of view of its residents and its surface area, and as is the case in all islands, you can rent bicycles to travel or ride a horse-drawn carriage, which increases its beauty and attractiveness.
  • And after we got to know the names of 9 cheap tourist islands in Turkey, we will present to you some other expensive tourist islands that you can visit.

Expensive tourist islands in Turkey

Kinaliada Island

  • Kinaliada is the fourth largest of the Princes’ Islands and the closest island to the European and Asian side of Istanbul, about 12 kilometers to the south, so named because of the color of its land that distinguishes it from other islands, which makes it more attractive.


  • Datca provides the natural boundaries between the Aegean Sea and Gokova Bay in the north and the Mediterranean Sea and Hisaronu Bay to the south in Datca, and is distinguished by the white hanging buildings with bougainvilleas that decorate the city.

Aegean Islands

  • It is a group of islands that mostly belong to Turkey, it is located between the south and east of the Greek side to western Turkey and it consists of the Aegean islands of seven groups such as Argosaronic Islands, Cyclades, Sporades, Dodecanese, Crete.
  • These islands are characterized by clear blue waters, hot springs, castle villages, ancient history, delicious seafood, and some charming beaches.

Akdamar Island

  • It is the largest island in Lake Van, and it is surrounded by steep rocks of up to 80 meters / This island has a charming landscape with almond trees that open in the spring months.

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Conclusion on the names of 9 cheap tourist islands in Turkey

Thus, we have presented to you the names of 9 cheap tourist islands in Turkey, with an explanation of the advantages of each island, along with the names of other tourist islands, which you can also visit while visiting Turkey, just read the article so that you know about those islands.

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