Means and methods of rationalizing household food consumption

Means and methods of rationalizing household food consumption, that every family seeks not to overuse of household food due to economic conditions, as every person has his own salary that he uses in many of the life requirements of all his family members.

He seeks not to consume a large amount of household items so that they remain for long periods and the purchase process is available for him, because food is considered one of the basic sources of life, and it cannot be dispensed with.

Definition of rationalizing household food consumption:

  • The rationalization of consumption is of great importance, as it is one of the effective social pillars that help in forming a healthy society when both members of the society follow it properly.
  • The guidance is moderation and balance in the consumption of food resources, so we must make the optimal use of food resources so that they are not wasted.

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Means and methods of rationalizing household food consumption:

  • The methods of rationalizing food consumption differ from one family to another. Each family follows the appropriate methods in order to achieve good guidance from its point of view, and each family determines its needs according to its own income.
  • We will present some wonderful methods that make it easier for every family to achieve rationalization of home food consumption in a distinctive way.
  • It was also mentioned in the clarification of the concept of rationalizing household food consumption for everyone in the family and that it has an effective role in preserving food resources and not wasting them in order to help them deal with any economic crises that countries are exposed to.
  • When you want to buy household supplies, you must pay attention to buying important foodstuffs and not be led by the widespread food advertisements that companies display to attract individuals to buy their various products, so you should not be led by offers and buy any supplies that are not necessary.
  • Every family must monitor the prices of food products on an ongoing basis so that they have knowledge of the low prices and the prices that may increase, so that they can keep the food resources that are expected to increase.
  • Choosing healthy food that is useful when using them, so be careful to buy everything that benefits our bodies and does not expose us to harm.

The methods used to save money when purchasing: –

  • It came during our trip with the means and methods of rationalizing the consumption of household food that you must buy all the supplies that the home needs from foodstuffs at once, because that saves you money because you can buy them at the wholesale price that is much less than the price alone.
  • The family must take care when buying fruits and vegetables not to purchase them in large quantities, because keeping them for more than a week may expose them to spoilage.
  • When preparing meals, the housewife must make sure to choose the appropriate quantities for her family members and not to over-prepare the largest amount of food so as not to waste and put an appropriate amount in front of everyone when eating.
  • Knowing the available alternatives for basic commodities that can be dispensed with during price increases.
  • Distinguish between high-quality goods and a reasonable price so that they do not deteriorate quickly.

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Methods to be followed with leftovers: –

  • Make sure to take advantage of the leftovers instead of wasting them, as it can be used in preparing good food in a different way that suits all individuals.
  • Not to place large quantities of food in front of individuals when eating their meals so as not to lose a large amount of leftovers.
  • A large amount of vegetables and fruits to be eat should not be peeled so that the remains of fruits and vegetables are not wasted and discarded.

Values ​​related to rationalization of consumption: –

  • Care must be taken to know the appropriate ways to use resources so as not to waste a large amount.
  • The importance of rationalizing consumption must be made clear to all members of society, because preserving resources makes us recognize many important values ​​urged by the Islamic religion, because the Islamic religion urges us to be moderate and not to be extravagant with the use and waste of things.
  • The rationalization in the use of food resources will make us guide in many aspects that we use in our daily life, and it will make us a good habit, which is to preserve the things around us and not to waste in using them and exposing them to damage.
  • We must realize the importance of the food resources available to us so that we are careful when using them and not to overdo them because of their great importance and that we cannot.
  • Clarifying the concept of saving, which through the individual saves important things with distinctive values, and keeps them. Saving is the concern of not being wasteful in the use of food resources and wasting them, but rather we use them for the ideal use.

Islam’s view of rationalizing consumption: –

  • Islam always calls for moderation, because rationalization in consumption from the view of Islam is considered a devotional aspect because Muslim consumption is characterized by moderation, moderation and constancy so that a person is not rushed through guidance to miserliness.
  • The rationalization of consumption is clarified in Islam through the use of what is best and suitable for us of goods, and there are many Qur’anic verses that urge the Muslim to guide consumption and oblige the Muslim to rationalize the consumption of resources and not to waste and excess.

Evidence from Quranic verses:

  • (And those who, when they are spent, are not spent, nor are they deceived, and between that is standing)
  • (Eat of its fruit when it bears fruit, and give it its due on the day it is harvested ۖ And do not be extravagant He does not like the extravagant)
  • (And eat and drink and do not be extravagant He does not like extravagant ones)

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And through what has been proposed in this topic about the means and methods of rationalizing household food consumption, clarifying the concept of rationalization in household food consumption, the importance of rationalization, and that it is a distinctive social characteristic that must be followed, so every individual in society must be careful to rationalize in all aspects of life and not to overuse it.

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