Life of the isthmus and its secrets

The life of the isthmus and its secrets, the literal meaning of “isthmus” is a veil or a barrier that stands between two things and does not allow them to meet, for example, that part or region of the ocean in which waves of both fresh water and salt water wear, yet God has provided a barrier between them Invisible through which no one can overcome the other, and today we will get acquainted with the life of the isthmus in detail.

What happens after a person dies?

  • Muslims believe that current life is an experience in preparation for the next world of existence, when a Muslim dies he is washed or wrapped in a clean white cloth (usually by a family member) and buried after a special prayer, preferably on the same day, and Muslims consider this the final service that They can do it for the sake of their relatives and a chance to remember that their presence here on Earth is short.
  • The question of whether there is life after death does not fall under the jurisdiction of science, because science is concerned only with the classification and analysis of data of meaning, moreover, man has been busy with inquiries and scientific research, in the modern sense of the word, only over the past few centuries, while he was familiar with the concept Life after death since time immemorial.
  • All of God’s prophets called on their people to worship God and believe in life after death, and they placed so much emphasis on believing in life after death that even simple doubts about this meant denying the existence of God and rendering all other beliefs meaningless.
  • The fact that all of God’s prophets dealt with this metaphysical issue of life after death with unified confidence, regardless of the gap between their ages in some cases, which may reach thousands of years, proves that the source of their knowledge of life after death as declared by all of them was the same, that is, revelation. Divine.
  • We also know that these prophets of God were strongly opposed by their people, especially on the issue of life after death, as their people believed that it was impossible, but despite the opposition, the prophets won many loyal followers.

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Life of the isthmus and its secrets

  • The isthmus from the religious point of view is a world maintained by the god of the universe between this world of our world and the future prospective so that both of them maintain their individual boundaries, the isthmus is a state between these worldly affairs and other world affairs, midway between reward and punishment.
  • The isthmus is the interval between the death of a person and the rise of the Hour, and the life of the isthmus ends when the images are blown, it is from the moment of death until the time when everyone will rise from their graves to restore life.
  • After entering the world of the isthmus, one does not suffer from physical pain such as headache, toothache and other such other problems, as such suffering is part of the basics of the physical world. But there, in the isthmus which is the realm of the dead and the end, of course, it cannot be called the afterlife, which may mean that there will be darkness only for sinners and light only for those who obey God and His Messenger.
  • Thus, it represents an intermediate stage between this life and another life in the afterlife; It is an interval between death and the Day of Resurrection.
  • This does not mean that there will be special places for each soul, but that the souls of the dead will be present in different places according to their level of faith, as some of them will be in the highest heaven with the spirits of the prophets and martyrs; And some believers will be in a certain place in Heaven before Judgment Day.
  • Some of them will have their graves like the gardens of paradise and some of them will be like the pits of Hell of Fire, all of these are examples of the situations of people that will be in them during the isthmus period, each one according to his situation.

What does a person feel after his death?

  • Sure, God will raise all the dead, but God has his own plan for things, as there will come a day when the entire universe will be destroyed and then the dead will be resurrected to stand before God, that day will be the beginning of a life that will never end, and on that day every person will be rewarded by God according to For his good or evil deeds.
  • The explanation provided by the Qur’an about the necessity of life after death is what the moral consciousness of man demands, in fact, if there is no life after death, then belief in God becomes meaningless.
  • A dead person does not know anything about the lives of living people because he or she lives in a completely different world, however, reports state that a dead person may feel the footsteps of those who visit him.
  • These narratives refer to the period closely following the death of a person, but after that, the deceased completely moves into a new, different world where he or she will not be aware of anything about what is happening in this life.
  • Thus, there are very compelling reasons for believing in life after death as all of God’s prophets have called their people to believe in Him, and God’s attributes of justice and mercy are meaningless if there is no life after death.

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What does life look like after death in the isthmus?

  • In “the isthmus”, which is the period of life after death as in a grave, the pious believer enjoys the graves, he will have light and plants in it, and it will be expanded for his sake, just as some pious believers read the Qur’an and pray in the grave, just as all the prophets are alive in their graves .
  • As for the soul of the pious believers, it is in Heaven, enjoying the pleasures and fruits in it, and these souls meet and are able to deliver greetings of peace to each other.
  • So, the souls of the dead return to their bodies, and the souls of the pious believers meet, if a new person dies, his soul ascends to heaven and meets the former believers, as the soul of the pious believers is welcomed into heaven by the spirits of the dead ex-Muslims.
  • Also, the bodies of real martyrs and some pious believers do not decompose, they remain preserved in their graves, while the soul enjoys in the sky, as for the rest of the bodies of people, their souls are transferred to a prisoner (a place on the seventh earth) to continue their torture until they are resurrected on the Day of Judgment.
  • As for the spirit of the pious Muslims, it ascends to Heaven, and not all Muslims are the pious Muslims who have fulfilled all obligations and avoided sins. We ask God to grant us this reward and protect us from the torment of the grave and the fire.
  • The life of the isthmus is completely similar to this world, but in form and content different from the point of view, content and specialization of this world, since after our death we enter a world which is similar in contrast to this world in the womb of the mother.
  • Belief in life after death not only guarantees success in the hereafter, it makes this world full of peace and happiness by making individuals more responsible and effective in their activities.

And at the end of our journey with the life of the isthmus and its secrets, surely God is just will punish tyrants, who have committed countless crimes, who have tortured and killed hundreds or thousands of innocent people, created great corruption in society, enslaved many people to serve their whims, etc. That’s because a man has a very short life span in this world.

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