Kittens eat one or two months old

What do kittens eat? Today we offer you a way to eat kittens that are one or two months old, if you love raising cats and owning them in your home, you must know everything related to caring for pet cats and how to raise them in detail, especially the newborn kittens in the first two months of Her age, as she needs special care and great attention.

Also, one of the most important things that you should know well is to eat kittens one or two months old, as they do not eat any food, and their stomach does not absorb cow’s milk, because it can cause them to have severe digestive problems, and in this article we review everything related to eating Small cats in different stages of their life.

What do kittens eat?

  • Kittens need a month old to eat a certain food, due to their young age and the need for multiple nutrients, to grow healthy and sound, as they depend mainly on milk for their food, whether mother’s milk or alternative milk that is identified through the veterinarian, or animal welfare centers .

As it is intended to eat kittens one or two months old, it is also not recommended to provide cow or buffalo milk to the kitten, as it causes her stomach problems.

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  • It is also possible to provide some solid meals “dry foods” to eat kittens who are a month old, and some light foods that humans eat, but in small quantities, so as not to harm the stomach of newborn kittens, and we gradually begin to provide more types of food as they age.

The food for cats from the age of one to three days is breastfeeding from the mother, or 3 ml of liquid milk diluted with water every two hours throughout the day, and for cats at the age of four days to a week, their food is 5 ml of diluted milk ten times distributed over the course Today.

On the eighth day until the completion of ten days of life, 7 ml of milk can be offered ten times a day, and after the tenth day until the completion of two weeks of age, kittens need 13 ml of milk every 3 hours approximately.

On the fifteenth day and until the completion of three weeks of age, cats need 10 ml of milk eight times throughout the day, and solid food is started in small quantities for cats older than 21 days.

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Kittens eat two months old

  • As we learned about eating kittens that are a month old, we must also learn about eating kittens that are two months old, as the method of feeding differs slightly, as some foods available at home can be provided, cats love fish, love chicken, and some chicken bones can be provided, as The bones are soft, easy to chew and crack on kittens 2 months old.
  • You can also offer some pieces of salmon, tuna and fish bones. Young cats also like cooked spinach, as they provide them with iron necessary for healthy and healthy growth. Small amounts of meat and bread fatteh can also be served, and vegetable soup, which contains medium-sized pieces of different types of vegetables Well cooked, with chicken or meat stock.

Taking into account that the cats get older, the less dairy they need, as their stomachs are unable to digest it, and they need more solid food, meat, poultry and cooked fish, and other foods available at home, which can be presented in the form of eating for kittens She is two months old.

Eat kittens a month or two old

For everyone who owns a cat, be careful to know that kittens eat one or two months old, so many different types can be presented to kittens, and it is preferable to consult a veterinarian about the appropriate foods, as the nature of each cat differs from another, for example.

Young cats need foods that contain an amino acid called “taurine”, which helps the safety of their eyes and heart. It can be obtained from a well-known cat-eating company, as it is guaranteed and contains the necessary nutrients.

Also, care must be taken to provide water to cats constantly, especially in the summer and high temperatures, and to allocate a suitable container to place the water for the cat, and whenever the water level is empty or low, the container is refilled again, while maintaining a visit to the veterinarian periodically, to check on Keep the cat safe, and vaccinate him continuously.

Cats succeed in securing a suitable place for them to spend their needs and provide for their comfort, and the container for food and the container for water are placed in this place, as cats are able to take care of themselves and their young, you only have to pay attention to visiting the veterinarian, especially if they show any signs of disease, especially loss Appetite.

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Meals for kittens two months old

You can also prepare several meals for two-month-old kittens, such as cooked salmon meal, which is prepared by using 100 grams of smoked salmon, a cup of mixed boiled vegetables, two eggs, a quarter cup of skimmed milk, in addition to a quarter cup of grated cheese .

A meal of meat fatteh can also be prepared, which is prepared using pieces of minced meat or small pieces, pieces of bread, and a cup of water or broth, and it is presented to kittens two months old, in case they get used to eating solid food.

You can also prepare a vegetable soup meal, which consists of small pieces of vegetables (potatoes – carrots – zucchini), add broth and cook it well, and small pieces of chicken can be added to the recipe, noting that carrots are one of the most delicious meals that cats prefer.

And be careful and avoid adding onions or garlic in food intended for cats, especially eating kittens a month or two old, as it causes severe damage and may cause death.

Forbidden eating for cats

There is some food that is forbidden for cats, as cats are sensitive animals, whose digestive and immune systems are different from humans, as there are some foods that cause them harm and may lead to death, namely:

  • Onions: Cats’ eating onions destroys RBCs
  • Garlic: Garlic is more dangerous than onions, as it also destroys red blood cells and causes the death of cats.
  • Raisins and grapes: Raisins and grapes can cause kidney failure in cats.
  • Caffeine: Cats are dehydrated, and it affects the nervous system and the heart.
  • Meatbones: Rupture the internal stomach vessels, as they are hard and difficult to chew or digest.
  • Milk after the age of two months: Milk for older cats after the age of two months causes stomach problems and digestive disorders, and the cats begin to suffer from severe diarrhea.
  • Fats: Fats cause intestinal problems in cats.
  • Raw eggs: Raw eggs infect cats with bacterial hazards, such as salmonella.

Essay Conclusion What do kittens eat?

In the conclusion of the article What do kittens eat, attention must be paid to the health of cats, and appropriate food for them, in the different stages of their life, to ensure a healthy and healthy growth, with attention to visiting the veterinarian periodically.

And maintaining vaccinations and medical examinations at least once a month, and the health of cats and pets that you own in general should not be neglected, for they are souls of trust in your neck, God Almighty will hold you accountable for them, and if you preserve them, God Almighty will reward you as well.

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And at the end of our journey about what kittens eat, I hope you like it, so I will wait for more comments on this regard for the benefit of others.

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