Interpretation of seeing a mountain in a dream

It is worth noting that seeing mountains or a mountain in a dream is quickly realized, unlike other dreams that can take a long time for interpretation, so we will present to you in this article many and varied meanings to see mountains in a dream, as the mountain in a dream carries many meanings, and the most important thing When interpreting mountains in a dream, remember all the details of the dream. Was the road difficult, what happened? Is your way to the mountains tired? The answer to these questions is important because the interpretation of mountains in a dream depends on the conditions accompanying you, and this is what we will show you immediately.

A mountain in a dream

If a person sees someone else in a dream climbing mountains, this vision indicates hearing beautiful and good news, and a high white mountain in a dream denotes happiness, calm and happy happy news, the yellow mountain in a dream indicates stability and living in blissful and happy.

I dreamed that I was over a high mountain

Ibn Sirin says in the interpretation of dreams A high mountain in a dream indicates great wishes and hopes that give joy and delight to the opinion.

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Various interpretations of seeing a mountain in a dream

  • 1. A mountain in a dream means making a new decision in your life, and it could be an obstacle on a road that you need to overcome.
  • 2. If you reached the top of the mountain in a dream, this indicates that you have reached the stage of success in your life.
  • 3. If I climbed mountains and enjoyed drinking fresh water in a dream, that means I have to marry an honorable girl.
  • 4. Watching a young girl climb mountains in a dream with her cousin or her brother and laughing in a dream, this indicates that she will change her life for the better.
  • 5. Seeing standing on the mountains and seeing the beautiful landscapes, this explains why the leadership period has many good.
  • 6. If you see a volcano emerging from the mountains in a dream, this is a warning to you of the difficulties that you may encounter before moving on to achieving your goal.

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Interpretation of seeing a mountain in a dream by Ibn Sirin

  • 1. Seeing the mountains in a dream is a man of little concern with a harsh, strong and steady voice, or a boss or a merchant ٬ or a traveling girl, or worry and distress or cruel If the mountains have water and plants, then it is the property of a debtor ٬ and if there is no plant or water It will be the property of an infidel tyrant.
  • 2. If you see that the mountain has collapsed or burned, then a great man will die or he will be overcome by authority. And if the mountain shook and then settled, the king of this country will have a problem or distress ٬ Then your situation and the condition of the people of your country will be fixed.
  • 3. If you see that you are carrying a mountain and a weight on you, you will carry the food of a great merchant.
  • 4. If you see in a dream that you go up to a mountain and drink from its water, then you will take over the state from a great king who has a strong heart, if he is the owner of the governorship, and your situation will increase.
  • 5. If you see that you are on a mountain, then you are a cripple, and your life is near. ( God only knows )

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Interpretation of seeing a mountain in a dream by Nabulsi

1. If you see mountains moving with you in a dream while you are walking, this may be interpreted as an imminent occurrence of problems.

2. If you saw the demolition of mountains in a dream, then this is interpreted as victory over injustice.

3. If you see the mountain disappearing inside the earth, this indicates that the king of this land will pass away.

4. If you see a stone lying around the mountain in a dream, that means until you get the presidency and the king.

Interpretation of a dream about a mountain and water

  • There are three interpretations of the dream of clear, clean water flowing from the mountain. The first interpretation: that the dreamer’s food came only from his race and did not beg people to make money, but he would work and work hard and misery would accompany him for a period of time so that he had a future later and settled financially, the second interpretation: The interpreters asserted that the dreamer may be prominent in society, such as the struggling celebrities who carved their names from diamonds in people’s minds. The third interpretation: He is good offspring and good children will be the share of the visionary.
  • Coming out of a cloudy or black water from the mountain in a dream means two interpretations; The first interpretation: The dreamer may find himself faced with a torrent of responsibilities that will confuse him greatly and will make him stand idly and unable to act, the second interpretation: that patience will be his share in the coming days and because of it he will find himself more nervous and anxious, because he will be forced to be patient and endure what he cannot tolerate of Adverbs and situations.

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