Important marital advice before marriage

Even Important Tips Before marriage, Icol- says: “It is that He created for you mates from among yourselves to find repose in them and put between you affection and mercy in this are Signs for those who reflect (21)”, marriage is a recognized union socially or morally between the pair proves rights And the duties between these spouses, as well as between them and any children or other family ancestors through marriage, and to follow a set of important marital advice before marriage, you can do so through a cultural information site.

Important marital advice before marriage

If you are planning to get married soon, you may be wondering what your married life will be like? Here are some premarital tips to guide you towards a happy and fulfilling married life.

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1. Know what a good life partner will do:

When you meet someone (your partner), you are usually on your “best behavior” and it is easy to think that your partner is perfect in everything but the truth is that we all have our flaws and weaknesses, and it is better that you find these things in each other before marriage if you are You and your partner are both candid about the areas in which you face controversy and conflict, as this can lead to a successful marriage as the couple complements and supports each other.

2. Learn to differ but correctly:

When two people marry no matter how unique they are, some differences are inevitable, as sooner or later there will be some fundamental difference between the two of you; How to deal with conflicts will be crucial to the success or failure of your marriage, and resolving conflicts is an important part of preparing you before marriage, it is a skill that must be learned with determination, practice and a lot of patience to speak through thorny issues, in order to reach a decision or compromise and allow forgiveness and move forward. ; Conflicts that are not handled properly slow down and proliferate to become extremely toxic for your marriage.

3. Talk about expectations of having children and the future life:

One of the prenuptial counseling advice that should be mentioned is to talk about your expectations of having children. Perhaps you have always been looking forward to having many children, but your future partner is determined to have only one, or even not want to have children, this issue must be addressed and dealt with. Appropriately before marriage.

4. Choose who to listen to:

When family, friends and acquaintances hear that you are thinking about getting married, you may suddenly find anyone and everyone talking to you about marriage advice and you may find the wrong advice. This can be very harsh, especially from those who try to “scare you” about getting married because of all the bad experiences they’ve had. Through him, it is so important that you carefully choose who to listen to and who you will allow to influence your life and your marriage.

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5. There is nothing more important in marriage than the relationship between husband and wife:

When your relationship with your partner becomes the most important thing, the problem falters, so make the relationship your most important priority. When you do that, I guarantee a happy marriage, let go of criticism and blame, and focus on what can be appreciated about your partner, then honestly and spontaneously express your appreciation for him. It is also good to do it yourself. .

Tips for a man before marriage

It is important to know the man’s duties towards his wife before entering the marital nest, and there are tips that should be taken into account to help him succeed in his marriage, and do not hide the importance of the man’s psychological willingness to assume the responsibilities of the new marriage and begin his life with his wife, it is necessary for him to do so:

1- Avoiding misconduct:

If a woman sees her husband or fiancé as an abusive and wants to get rid of him, the bad behavior must be avoided.

2- Avoid expressing admiration for another woman:

Not to mention the man admired in front of his wife or fiancée to another woman because he raises his wife’s suspicions, causing a lot of problems.

3- Respecting the fiancé’s family and being close to them:

By associating them with virtue and taking care to preserve their knowledge and affection.

Tips for women before marriage

She advises women several tips before marriage:

1- Preparing early for marriage, buying necessities, avoiding unnecessary things or luxuries, and carefully selecting the necessary things and priorities, and they can be written on paper to facilitate reference to them later.

2- Preserving the suitor’s money and not being satisfied with it, assessing his financial circumstances and not asking him for things that exceed his ability.

3- Dealing with the Al-Khatib family as if it were her family, and keen to build a good relationship with them.

4- Learn to cook and various household issues such as cleaning and others.

5- Psychological readiness to take responsibility for marriage, and remembering that a girl’s life in her family’s home is different from life in the marital home.

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Important advice for a strong and lasting marriage

A perfect and perfect marriage of a combination of honesty and matchmaking is not the result of disrespectful behavior Some tips for a strong and great marriage can be followed, including the following:

1- Both parties must be the same, without any pretense or pretense.

2- Maintain a sense of fun and elegance even in troubled times.

3- Attention is drawn to the fact that marriage is about each other’s obligations towards the other and not just feelings. The truth is that they are divided on their own.

4- Marriage is not only romantic, it is like teamwork that requires the completion of daily tasks and respect for each other, and nullifying people’s feelings leads to humiliation, which in turn leads to increased resentment and concessions and thus the elimination of good marriage.

5- Pulling each other’s buttons in a state of weakness, and flaunting each other in a state of strength.

6- Think about doing nice things every day to show interest in the other party and make their life more beautiful, and thank the two of each other for doing some small things, such as cleaning the dining table.

7 – Participation of the parties in decision-making, and expression of opinion in a courteous and honest manner.

8- Spend some time staying together such as: sharing special evenings, joining classes, participating in sports, dancing, and going out for a walk.

9- Maintaining harmony, such as listening to the other side continuously, being reassured without assuming bad things, avoiding scrutiny of simple harassment, arguing without charges, sharing responsibilities, communicating with each other honestly and clearly without secrets, as well as avoiding perfection and perfection.

And you too :

10- In the event of an argument, it is advisable to speak kindly, think about choosing words before pronouncing them, take care to forgive and apologize, learn from mistakes, and take responsibility for the choices made and pioneering actions.

11- Facing difficulties and suffering together, such as organizing the budget, and working normally while settling disputes.

12- Start by sharing all the qualities you value about the other person, and the things that go well in your relationship.

13- Each person offers their thoughts on any relationship issues and make it clear to your partner that you want to see them happen to your partner.

14- Spend some time getting to know each other even if you’ve been together for years.

15- Another important piece of advice from premarital counseling is to explore the similarities and differences between you and your partner, as it helps each of you connect with your hopes and expectations regarding marriage.

This was a set of important marital advice before marriage, which you should follow, as marriage is one of the most important stages of an individual’s life. Achieving a successful marriage requires a lot of thinking, thinking and researching the qualities that one wants to be present in over the other. To the advice of experts and specialists in this field, and in this article we will mention some advice for those who want to get married.

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