Hysterical Character, Love, and Marriage in Psychology

Hysterical personality, love and marriage in psychology, hysteria is a psychological disease that appears on the affected person with some emotional disturbances and dysfunction of the sensory and motor nerves, so these emotions turn into physical symptoms that have no basis but appear as a result of escaping from an internal conflict and perhaps an embarrassing situation or psychological pain, but The patient is not aware of the motive for this. The hysterical personality does not mean hysteria, but it is possible that this personality suffers from psychological hysteria significantly.

The hysterical personality tends to attract attention to her and loves attention, and tends to be always under the spotlight, for she is a deceitful character who does whatever she wants until she reaches her goals and objectives, this character appears in women more than men and today we will talk in detail about the hysterical personality, love and marriage in psychology. Dear reader, you had a question about how to deal with this character? Or what are the most important reasons that led to the existence of this disease. We, through a cultural information magazine , will review all these questions for you and answer you, just follow us.

Reasons for the formation of the hysterical character:

There are some reasons that lead to the existence of the hysterical personality, and the most important of these reasons and factors are the following:

  • The hereditary factor: The genetic factor plays a role in the presence of this character in a small way, because the surrounding environment has the largest role in the formation of the hysterical personality, but if one of the parents suffers from this character, then the children inherit it.
  • The social factor: Social norms play a big role in the existence of this character. Frustration, failure and failure to achieve goals, as well as failure in social relations and marriage, parents pampering children all this leads to the hysterical personality ..
  • And finally, the psychological factor: which constitutes the most important role as a result of the ongoing conflict in feelings in terms of love, aggression, hatred, as well as the struggle between the basic personality and instincts, as explained by Freud (the idiot _ the superego).

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Hysterical personality traits

There are some qualities and factors that characterize this character, and we will mention them through the next lines, so that you can get to know them and be able to deal with them with ease.

  • Mood swings, and if this character finds herself not in the center of attention, she quickly becomes upset and the acting drama begins.
  • She does not care about the feelings of those around her, which is what makes her face social problems. It is characterized by self-love.
  • This character does not like taking responsibility, but rather relies on others and shows herself as the victim.
  • You feel great joy and enthusiasm at the beginning of things or relationships, but these joy and feelings are extinguished after that.
  • Permanent failure in social relationships, because they react quickly to close people, and that is why most of these personalities fail in marriage, establishing relationships and incompatibility.
  • Psychology and hysterical personality:

    • Psychology researchers have yet to find the cause of histrionic personality disorder.
    • But they defined the hysterical personality as follows: It is the deviation of the individual’s behavior from the way it is expected to be. These people are interested in drawing attention to it and may do anything to get what they want. As for the reasons for the formation of this personality, it is represented by the factors that we mentioned in the previous lines. .
    • To diagnose this mental illness, continuous follow-up and observation for long periods of time by a psychologist is essential, as these people tend to lie, vanity, self-love and many other traits that were previously known.

    Treating hysterical personality:

    The treatment of the hysterical personality depends in the beginning on the individual himself by searching for the reasons that prompted him to do so, then this personality is eliminated automatically, but if the individual cannot diagnose himself by himself, then he begins psychotherapy so that he can overcome this difficult stage. Psychotherapy depends on the doctor who specializes in treating the hysterical personality, emotions and disorders by setting a specific treatment plan, so the treatment is done without drugs except in specific cases and symptoms, and it is good for the patient’s family and friends to communicate with the psychologist and doctor to follow up on the situation and learn how to deal with him so that they do not catch any Harm him and harm myself unintentionally. Developed cases that suffer from hysteria disease need an integrated medical kit and medications to treat anxiety and depression if they need to, so the patient’s family must deal with the patient well and explain to him what he is going through so that he adapts to his disease and begins to resist him and get rid of these symptoms that cause hysteria. .. Types of psychotherapy : group therapy _ self-education _ dialectical and cognitive behavior therapy _ psychoanalysis.

    How to deal with hysterical character?

    Now, through the next lines, we will answer you, dear reader, about this important question that you have searched closely, to help you deal with this character simply without causing psychological harm to her.

    You must be well acquainted with the characteristics and features of this disease and accept its characteristics that it may issue, such as excessive emotion – a tendency to attract attention and self-love – and a tendency to lies and childish behavior.

    But you must help him to trust himself more and understand that he does not have to attract attention, as well as try to attract him to reality and what is happening around him because he is a fictional character. I advise him to practice various exercises, especially relaxation exercises. Accept what he’s doing so that he can successfully get rid of this character if he matters to you and you want to stay with him.

    Hysterical Character, Love, and Marriage in Psychology

    • If you have fallen into a hysterical life partner, you must be characterized by patience and endurance. People who fall in love with hysterical people are considered to be among the strongest human beings because the hysterical personality is harmful to some extent, so they do not love but themselves and their feelings and neglect the feelings of others.
    • Life with a partner you find is not calm and stable. Sometimes you find lies and other times slanders, then you find yourself afraid of talking so that he does not understand you wrongly.
    • Of course, when you admonish some mistakes, you find this character offers many different excuses and even accuses in order to get rid of itself, and cry to show you that it is not wrong, but you are here, so you find yourself not knowing that you were wronged or wronged and you do not know who is wrong, but this matter affects negatively On a life partner, but with dealing with the hysterical personality, you find yourself suffering from excessive pressure, and you need a psychiatrist as well to overcome these problems. But if you want to live with this hysterical partner, you must be characterized by insensitivity, indifference, patience and endurance in order to be able to live with him.
    • If you are about to marry a hysterical person, you must well know how to deal with him and know that these people are volatile and their emotions change rapidly for various reasons, so the way to recognize their thinking is not possible, as they lack patience and the desire to continue establishing relationships.
    • Some men may fall in love with a hysterical woman, but are deceived by her lively and bright appearance, but what they are ignorant of is that this woman has a fluctuating mood and claims intense love, then this love turns into coldness and upheaval, and the desire may reach her to exploit feelings, as she does not care about the feelings of others as mentioned.

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