How to use pumice stone for the sensitive area

Women always want to get rid of excess hair, but there are several different types of hair removal methods, whether laser, sweetness or machine, but some are painful and some are very expensive so there is a new method that we will show you in our next topic, so follow this article with us.

First: Determining whether or not to use a pumice stone

  • The use of a pumice stone can be used in any area of ​​the body, but this does not mean that it must be used in all and different places of the body, it is possible to use it only in sensitive places, but be careful if these areas contain thick hair, it must not be used because it may need pressure Greatly on the skin, as it will cause damage to the skin.
  • The stone method works well in the following areas: the legs and arms. You can also use a pumice stone in order to maintain the absence of hair between the sessions that were conducted to remove hair through wax. We advise you when using a pumice stone it is not used on sensitive areas or on the face, so we advise you at the time to use Other tools like creams or razors.

It is not preferable to use a pumice stone on irritated, red or damaged skin, or even undergoing the peeling phase, and therefore it is only suitable for use on the feet and legs.

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Second: The need to search for a pumice stone

Pumice stones in general are not very expensive stones, as they can be bought from pharmacies or grocery stores, and you can also buy them from websites or online, as they are more present now than before, and it has several advantages as it has a porous surface and is light in weight and black in color. Or gray.

It is possible to find a pumice stone that contains rubber handles or those that are in the form of a brush and accompany them with a set of other brushes, such as a nail brush or other tools for nail care and health, so use the appropriate shape for you.

Third: washing the body with warm water

This method makes the hair wet, making it easier and better to remove hair. Bathing in warm water helps speed up hair removal through a pumice stone and without pain, like doing it without a shower.

Fourth: Using soap before the pumice stone

It is necessary to use soap or a special cleaning gel on the areas that you want to remove hair from before using a pumice stone, when removing hair and the occurrence of scratches or wounds, this will infect those places with bacteria and fungi, and therefore we advise you to wash these places well before using it so that no infection is transmitted to them .

Fifth: scrubbing with a pumice stone, in a circular motion and softly

By moving the pumice stone in a circular motion in a clockwise direction, counterclockwise, but slowly and gently without abrasion, but by slight pressure on the skin while I felt that this process is painful or the appearance of redness or irritation of the skin, we recommend that you stop immediately.

Do not use a pumice stone in a movement from top to bottom or vice versa so as not to cause your skin to be injured or inflicted with pain and inflammation, and start with the tip that you want to remove hair from, and in the event that you start with your hand, start from the wrist area and continue this process until the hair is completely removed.

Sixth: Wash the area from which hair was removed with moisturizer

After removing the hair from that area, this may cause redness or inflammation and sensitivity, and therefore we recommend that you use a moisturizer and work to protect the skin from dryness, and this may help protect against redness and inflammation, and therefore we advise you to apply the moisturizer, but we advise you to use unscented moisturizers in order not to increase the sensitivity.

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Seventh: Clean the pumice stone with warm soapy water and a brush

After the removal of the hair completely, the hair and the remnants of dead skin must be removed from the pumice of the pumice stone until it is ready for the next use the next time, through warm water and soap with the brush, as the stone works to exfoliate the skin and remove the upper dead layer of the skin.

Eighth: Patience with the results

There is no need to hurry when using a pumice stone to remove hair, but it is necessary to wait for the results for several days or several weeks until you notice the difference, and this of course depends on your skin type and the type of hair that you are removing, it is necessary to wait for three days before using the pumice stone again.

Using this method frequently and frequently leads to severe skin sensitivity with excessive peeling, and remember that it is necessary to use a pumice stone that contains round edges because those that contain serrated edges will injure the skin.

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In the end, we have provided you with a method of hair removal through a pumice stone, so we hope that you have benefited from this topic and we await your comments and opinions on this article and leave your desired questions in the comments below the topic.

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