How to save potatoes by peeling them outside the refrigerator

We offer you a brief and quick overview of the method of preserving potatoes by peeling them outside the refrigerator, the method of storing potatoes with their peel in the refrigerator, the method of storing boiled potatoes, and the method of storing potatoes for cooking, for all lovers of reading about cooking and the method of storing food, and I hope that you benefit and enjoy reading this article on your site cultural information .

How to save potatoes by peeling them outside the refrigerator

  • You should not first wash potatoes or expose them to any moisture, because it is moisture that helps potatoes to rot. Healthy potatoes must be sorted on their own and potatoes that have cuts or scrapes alone.
  • Putting these potatoes in a dark place that does not have light or moisture, the potatoes must be ventilated continuously from time to time because they are not moldy.
  • The potatoes are well arranged in boxes with high ventilation and put paper between each layer and this paper is dry to prevent moisture from entering the potatoes.
  • When any rotting occurs to any of the potatoes, it must be removed so as not to damage the rest of the remaining potato, and the potatoes must be stored for as long as possible. The potatoes must not be stored in the places where the fruit is stored, because buds do not appear on the potatoes.
  • You should not put onions next to the potatoes, because onions help to spoil, rot and damage potatoes. Potatoes should not be washed until immediately before cooking, when a green color appears on the potatoes, this is evidence that the potatoes have been exposed to light.
  • When you suspect that the color of the potato has changed, it must be separated from the rest of the potato. The occurrence of rotting of the potato causes unpleasant odors. Therefore, the rotten potatoes must be removed, and the dry paper must also be removed to prevent infection of the rest of the potatoes.
  • All mothers must choose the correct way of storing, in order to preserve potatoes for long periods, because children love them and want all of us to eat fresh potatoes.

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How to save potatoes with their peel

  • The potato kernels are well sorted for long-term storage.
  • The potato kernels must be cleaned with a rough tool to remove dust and dirty things from the potatoes.
  • Then cover the potatoes with a piece of dark or dark-colored cloth, in order to prevent the entry of light and air into the potatoes.
  • Care must be taken to maintain the appropriate temperature in order to be stored.
  • We take a look at the potatoes from time to time once or twice a week, turn them over and see the damaged ones from the good ones, and remove the rotted ones from among them.

How to preserve boiled potatoes

  • The potatoes are washed well with water, then we clean the potatoes from dust and clean anything dirty in them.
  • Then we boil an abundant amount of water in a bowl with a little table salt, then put the potato grains and put them on the fire.
  • Then we drain the potatoes from the water and then cut them into small beads.
  • Then we bring the oil pan and put it on the fire, then put the potatoes in it until they reach a golden color.
  • Then we bring paper from blotting, then put it in a mold, then put the potatoes on top of it, then leave the potatoes that were fried to be filtered from the oil.
  • Then we put the potato pieces in plastic bags intended for storage, and then put them inside the freezer until it freezes.
  • Then we take out the bags of potatoes when we want them out at any time, and then put them in the oil until they are crispy and ready to be ordered or served.

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Potato benefits

  • Potatoes are a vegetable rich in calcium, minerals, phosphorous and iron, and they also contain antioxidants.
  • Helps maintain a healthy body, strengthen the body’s immunity and protect against diseases.
  • Maintains blood sugar balance.
  • It is one of the important sources of carbohydrates in the human body.
  • Maintains protection from cancer, heart disease, asthma and gout diseases.
  • Helps treat external and internal infections in the body.
  • Help to reduce cholesterol in the blood.
  • Potatoes contain vegetable protein with a high biological value.
  • Potatoes have calories and are a source of energy for poor countries.
  • Helps treat obesity and stomach disorders.
  • Protects against heart attacks.
  • Treat stomach ulcers and irritable bowel problems.
  • Prevents constipation, problems with poor digestion, and treats heartburn.
  • Helps give the body energy and vitality.
  • Helps stimulate blood circulation and maintain body weight.
  • Helps treat dark circles under the eyes and whiten them.

Potato crop storage

  • Potato storage is a weak point in many countries that have a hot climate, and therefore their storage is difficult and expensive. The method of storing potatoes in a better way must be stored in the fall and summer at a temperature of 4 m and the humidity is not less than 85%.
  • Some farmers resort to storing in stock in the shape of an arrowhead. It is imperative not to use the late crops, which farmers take out after mid-May, in order to get rid of the potato infection with the potato moth.
  • We must store the crop after maturity, and not store any under-ripened potatoes, the drying process must be completed for the tubers before they are stored.

Store the seed potatoes in the bins

  • Looms are ordinary stores, most of them are built with red or mud bricks, and the walls have openings on all sides, except for one side, which is the tribal side, and this is for ventilation.
  • The roof of these gurneys is made of wood veins that are covered with mats, silt and straw. Some of the pans are concentrated in the northern governorate of the Nile Delta, in the Nile Delta, the temperature drops from 3 to 5 degrees from Cairo governorate.

Refrigerate storing potato seeds

  • The storage capacity of refrigerators at the present time, which is dedicated to storing potato seeds, is estimated at about 70 thousand tons, refrigerators are composed of only one round, so that the process of facilitating the removal or insertion of the packages, with the use of forks that are sometimes raised.
  • The number of jumping into the refrigerator should not be excessive, and a lot of enough space must be left between the throws and some of them not to reach the temperature that drops inside the wards, taking care of seeds after storage, at the end of August and early September, we must take out the seeds from the refrigerators for two weeks or more to give The chance to sprout green.
  • It is not necessary to plant seeds after the seeds come out of the refrigerator immediately, because this leads to the failure to grow regular-growing plants that are late-growing and late-ripening as well, the tubers that are temperature-based should not be sorted until they are left in a place for ventilation until they gain heat from the shade and then are sorted Then.
  • The seeds that are stored in the seedlings must not leave the tubers inside the universes in order to germinate, the germination process must take place in a place with light and raise the degree of humidity, the tubers must be sorted and the non-germinated tubers and the damaged spoiled tubers must be excluded.
  • In the end, many people, but all people love it and love its way in more than one way.

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And this was a brief summary of how to preserve potatoes by peeling them outside the refrigerator. I hope to benefit and admire this article, and next time I will present an important topic and better than the previous topics, God willing.

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