How to make shapes for balloons for parties, steps

How to make shapes for balloons for parties with steps, balloons are a manifestation of joy and happiness in weddings and parties of all kinds, as they give a beautiful and attractive appearance and enter joy on hearts, especially when equipped with new and attractive shapes, and we will mention how to make shapes for balloons for parties by steps in this article.

How to make shapes for balloons for parties, steps: –

There are many shapes of balloons that can be made and decorate the place where the party will be held through many new and innovative ideas that increase the place’s joy and happiness, and among these methods are the following:

The method of angel wings with balloons: –

A balloon pump can be used to inflate the balloons, where the balloon is inflated, leaving about 10 cm at the end of the balloon, taking care when withdrawing the balloon from the pump, and then doing the following steps:

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  • The balloon is attached after inflating it, but with no air pressure inside it, so that it can be easily formed and not damaged.
  • The balloon is wrapped in a semicircle and the ends fastened together.
  • Two circles are made with two balloons of the same color.
  • The two balloons are joined together well until the number 8 is formed.
  • Pressing the tips of the balloons with fingers to form a heart.
  • The wings are attached to the balloon which has been connected by a semicircle by the ends of the balloons.

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How to make a heart shaped balloon with holder: –

Heart-shaped balloons can be made with a holder that has a beautiful shape, by blowing the balloons with the desired balloon in the same way previously mentioned and leaving the air in the balloons not compressed for ease of use through the following steps:

  • Connect the ends of each balloon to make a circle.
  • Squeeze the balloon tips for a little while until a heart is formed.
  • Three other balloons are blown from three different colors other than the basic color of the balloons, and about 7 cm of each balloon is left at the end to tie them.
  • The three balloons are rolled together.
  • Make a braid from every three balloons draped together.
  • The previously made heart is suspended at the end of the balloon strand.

How to make a heart shaped balloon: –

You can make animal balloons to be used at birthday parties, in schools and nurseries, where children love these shapes and make them feel happy, and this is how they work:

  • The balloons are inflated and leave 3 cm in the tail of the balloon without inflating so that it is easy to form.
  • Then, the balloon is divided into three divisions by wrapping the balloon, taking into account holding the divisions by hand to ensure that it will not slip off.
  • Forming the dog’s ears by bending the first part into two parts.
  • The section is folded under the ears to form the neck.
  • The legs are formed by dividing the third sector into two equal-sized sections.
  • Then the last part is divided into two other men, as was done before, and a part between them is the dog’s body.

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How to make an earthworm from balloons: –

  • A group of balloons of various colors are inflated and have a circular shape, and then they are affixed in a row behind each other on the wall or the floor.
  • The worm’s eye, mouth, and nose are drawn on the balloon with crayons.
  • A group of black colored leaves are cut into long and wide rectangles.
  • All two rectangles are affixed to each other on the sides of all the balloons that will be the body of the worm.
  • Two sheets of black cardboard are cut to form the worm’s horn shape and are affixed to both sides of the balloon that is the head of the worm.

How to make decorations that come out of the balloons: –

  • A group of black and white circular balloons is blown, then black balloons are tied behind each other using a rope or a thin thread, and then the white balloons are tied in the same way.
  • The white and black balloons are wrapped on a long metal rod until completely wrapped.
  • Then a large white balloon is inflated and attached to the top of the penis, and then on its front and back sides, wide eyes and a smiling mouth are drawn.
  • Cut a long rectangular shape out of black colored cardboard, then the two ends of the rectangle are pressed together to form a calf, then a square is cut from the same carton and pasted on top of the resulting calf to form a graduation cap.
  • The graduation cap is attached to the top of the large balloon.

How to make roses from balloons: –

  • A group of round balloons are inflated with helium.
  • All four balloons of the same color are tied with each other by using a thin thread to give the shape of the rose petals, then it is tied with a smaller size and a different color in the middle.
  • Blowing a group of green balloons with helium longitudinal shape, then fixing each one at the bottom of each flower that was previously made.

How can party entrances be decorated with balloons? : –

  • A group of circular balloons are blown, where the balloons are the same color according to the occasion, in white for wedding, pink and blue for birthdays.
  • The balloons are tied behind each other on an arc-shaped metal rod until completely encapsulated.
  • Install the balloon arch in the entrance to the party.

Tips you can follow for successful balloon formation: –

  • Starch can be used and put on balloons to prevent loose shapes.
  • Do not use a poor type of balloons so that they will not be damaged while inflating or forming them.
  • Variety of balloon colors when creating shapes to show their beauty.
  • Using hand pumps to blow balloons is healthier than using the mouth.
  • Use new balloons that are not stored so that they do not burst while blowing.

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And after completing the topic of how to make shapes for balloons for parties with steps and explaining how to make many shapes that are suitable for many parties and events with all the required steps and mentioning many tips that benefit their maker, we are now waiting to participate with your comment.

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