How to know the presence of underground traces

How to know the existence of underground antiquities, our article today on how to know the existence of underground antiquities, and we will begin in it, dear sir, with an explanation of the concept of archeology. Next, we will address the methods and methods by which you can detect underground antiquities, and methods of excavation and discovery of the archaeological site

Follow the article with us and you will learn everything about how to know the existence of underground antiquities and how you can discover the archaeological site in simple and uncomplicated ways with specialized methods as well.

How to find out the presence of underground monuments

Definition of effects

Antiquities are defined according to the Law of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, which has been defined specifically as something left by the ancient man since ancient times, that is, what extends to nearly two hundred years ago or more, and the leftover objects may be either urban remnants such as fixed buildings that do not move or tall pyramids Or towers, entire cities, and powerful castles.

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They are all fixed remains that cannot be from one place to another, or they may be movable remains, such as antiquities that can be moved from one place to another, for example paintings and statues.

Archeology can be defined as the ancient tools that the pharaohs used in agriculture, in the kitchen, in lighting fires, in lighting, and other tools that are considered antiquities because they are very old things and have a civilized symbol.

And everything that comes to us from traditional primitive societies and everything that was used in the environment of the ancients is within the definition of antiquities and things of value, and the effects have a great benefit as they come from ancient times to encourage modern man to collect new ideas and develop from old ideas, and provide him with a livelihood in the environment New.

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Definition of an archaeological site

The definition of an archaeological site varies according to the country or body that sets the definition. We can put the definition of the archaeological site in general as that place in which many civilizations came from ancient times over the ages until we reach today, and the definition of the archaeological site is of great importance in determining how to know the existence of antiquities Underground.

And every civilization that came on the face of the earth left us an archaeological site that witnessed this civilization. This place can be explained and placed in a definition to be called the definition of the archaeological site, and the definition of the archaeological site differs from the definition of a ruin, as there are many civilizations among them.

Because the alienation exists within one period of time only, and the archaeological site is a place rich in civilization with the presence of monuments on the surface, with the presence of certain types of plants growing in it, and it is possible in any archaeological site to explain the color of the soil at its height, and to know the distinctive features of this site, that is, it has A large number of properties that made the place special .

Ways to discover underground monuments

It is included within the topic of how to know the existence of underground antiquities that one of the methods of discovering underground antiquities is multiple, and it has a science specialized in answering the question of how to know the existence of underground antiquities called archaeological exploration, and there are senior researchers in this field

The most prominent methods of discovering underground monuments are as follows:

  • Observing with the naked eye about antiquities, if some archaeological finds are discovered visible on the ground and on the surface of the soil, this is evidence that this place may be an archaeological site and archaeological finds vary among themselves, and it may be the bones of extinct ancient animals, such as dinosaurs or ancient pottery pieces.
  • One of the ways to discover underground antiquities is by chance, as we can find by chance some ancient remnants that indicate the presence of antiquities and at this time a dig is done to search for antiquities
  • Another way to discover the archaeological site is to find traces while plowing the land, during farming or agricultural work, or during some construction work.
  • One of the specialized methods for discovering the effects is to use satellite images, as the infrared rays that appear to us under the ground are relied upon, and the buildings and things that have disappeared from time underground appear.
  • We can also use sonar scanning to discover underground artifacts, and this method is relied upon when searching for relics that sunk long ago under water, and sonar scanning is based on sound waves that reveal what is hidden for us .
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    How to look for underground archeology

  • As for how to search for underground antiquities, there are specific steps. First, understand well the definition of antiquities, then define the archaeological site, then learn about the methods of discovering underground antiquities, and then search for antiquities in the ways that I have known.
  • In order to find an archaeological site, you must first go to the place that you suspect is archaeological, and you will suspect that after you see archaeological evidence in the place. The question of how to search for underground antiquities may be interested in obtaining an answer to an ordinary man, and also may be interested in obtaining his answer. Scientists in the field of the earth and specialists in the task of searching for antiquities.
  • Scientists and researchers use modern techniques and means to first collect archaeological evidence indicating that this site is an archaeological site, and they follow an accurate approach to this, and all the evidence they have reached is recorded in private records in detail.
  • Methods for determining the archaeological site to search for antiquities

    • Specialists use methods of archaeological site determination to search for antiquities by following certain steps to locate the archaeological site and excavate antiquities, and in many cases the archaeological sites are above the surface of the earth, it is not necessary to be buried under the surface of the earth, or we may find an archaeological site completely in the depths of the sea covered With water.
    • The sites that are located on the surface of the earth are easily identified without devices and means of detection and we see them easily because they are clear places visible to the naked eye. Already existing.
    • Scientists and researchers in archeology survey the archaeological area, whether by scientific methods or using traditional methods, by walking in the archaeological area on foot to search for archaeological finds.

    Archeology excavation

    After obtaining the archaeological site, the process of discovering and excavating antiquities begins in these places, and prospectors use scientific methods to find archaeological sites buried under the surface of the earth that we do not see clearly with the ordinary eye. Specific type of surface and soil.

    Scientists use some means to detect the buried antiquities at a depth of up to one hundred and eighty centimeters, and the archaeological site is surveyed at the beginning after using methods of how to know the presence of underground antiquities and we made sure that the place contains antiquities, and then we made sure that it is an archaeological site.

    The two studies on how to know the presence of underground antiquities by present at this site, examining it well, recording observations, drawing maps in a simple way, and then drawing an illustrated illustration after the measurements, because it is an important matter in the excavation of antiquities.

    There are certain tools used in the excavation of antiquities such as brushes and small or sometimes large pits, and sometimes deeper tools such as heavy machinery are used. Water and divers are called.

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    Conclusion on how to find out the existence of underground antiquities

    And at the end of our trip on the topic of how to know the existence of underground antiquities, I hope you liked it, so I will wait for more comments on this topic for the benefit of others to get acquainted with a lot of information that will share with them how to extract our antiquities from the ground.

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