How to grow cypress and ways to benefit from it

How to grow a cypress tree and ways to benefit from it, the ornamental plant is one of the beautiful things that every home wishes to be decorated with, as it is considered one of the most famous natural decorations, and among these plants is the cypress tree, and in this article we will learn about how to grow a cypress tree and ways to benefit from it.

decoration plants :-

There are a variety of ornamental plants that can be grown as many species have a good smell and great benefits that can be used in decorating the house, ornamental plants are used to achieve the equation of beauty and benefit at the same time.

Ornamental plants are not only decorative, but they have a practical benefit that can be taken when there are plants inside the house, so today we will specialize in talking about one of the oil plants, which is the cypress tree.

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Types of cypress trees: –

  • Cypress trees have many types as there are many types found in Egypt and the Arab world and other types found in the countries of the West, and we will mention all types of cypress trees.
  • The types of cypress trees that are found in the Arab countries are Atlantic cypress, cypress and Mediterranean cypress. These types are found in Algeria, Egypt and the Levant.
  • There are some species that are found in Western countries such as Arizona cypress, Maiden cypress, Sargent cypress, Stephenson cypress, Changi cypress, Giant cypress, Guadalupe cypress and Guinean cypress.
  • There are different types spread in the countries of the Syrian Arab world, forbes, large-fruited cypress, Kashmiri, Lusitani, Macnabe, and Sargent cypress in Japan, and it is called Al-False.

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1_ Italian cypress: –

  • The Italian cypress has another scientific name, which is Mediterranean cypress, or as it is called evergreen cypress, which is a pyramidal tree with small scales-like leaves and a dark green color.
  • The Italian cypress tree is a suitable tree for cultivation in narrow places and in small corridors, and the narrow Italian cypress tree can grow to a large height of up to 4 meters.
  • Cypress has broad wood and has an oil that we can extract from cypress, which is a beautiful aromatic oil used by countries in the manufacture of perfumes.

2_ False cypress plant: –

False cypress is considered one of the sacred trees that are found in abundance in Japan. The Japanese believe that the souls of the dead and the souls of the gods are inside this tree. False cypress is an evergreen plant.

The false cypress tree grows in the shade and grows when there is a moist soil, and the false cypress does not have many benefits, including that it helps in clearing the air and getting rid of dirt, and the presence of the false cypress has a role in treating the symptoms of headache, especially the midriff.

3_ lemon cypress: –

  • Lemon cypress is one of the cheapest types of cypress trees and it is sold in stores in the form of ready-made trees. It does not need to be grown at home because you can buy it and put it, which gives a fragrant aroma and a beautiful scent.
  • The lemon cypress is simple and can be placed in front of the entrances of homes or in the narrow corridors between homes and buildings as it is not only grown in the lands and there are types of lemon cypress where there is a soft lemon cypress in a coarse setting.
  • The lemon cypress has spiral shapes, and there is a medicine for it that you can buy, and the best types of lemon cypress are the coarse cypress because the soft type is bad.

How to care for lemon cypress: –

All kinds of plants must be taken care of, and the lemon cypress tree is taken care of by keeping it moist and putting clean water on it because it is affected by the lack of hygiene, and anti-fungi and powder should be applied to stimulate the growth of plants.

How to plant columnar cypress: –

  • The vertical cypress tree needs special care as it needs irrigation with water twice a month, and during the first four years of the life of the cypress tree, special attention is required.
  • In spring and summer, moisture should be taken care of, and it is preferable to put compost and fertilize vertical cypress trees every month with NPK fertilizer, as this fertilizer is called the twenty fertilizer and also calcium phosphate fertilizer must be used separately from NPK fertilizer.
  • All cypress trees need care and need to be sprayed with a fungicide at least twice a year, to get its pleasant smell.

How to grow a cypress tree: –

  • Cypress seeds are brought and then placed in a damp place. Planting equipment such as a planting pot and irrigation water are brought to prepare a suitable mixture of sand for planting.
  • The second step is to put the seeds and put water on them, then spray the powder to encourage plant growth, and you can buy it from specialists, which is necessary for the growth of the cypress tree.
  • We water the cypress tree and put plastic on it or put it in the shade, and we apply a fungicide so that the fungi do not affect the smell of the aromatic plant.
  • We wait a month to two months to see the result and the plant has grown and started to appear in a beautiful simple pyramid shape, and you have to take care of the cypress tree and wait to see it grow and grow.

Ways to benefit from cypress: –

Cypress has many benefits as it treats fungal infections that sometimes appear on the feet. Cypress is one of the most popular treatments that are popularly found and used by people in homes by placing the cypress tree in hot water.

Cypress trees are useful in strengthening the human immunity because they are anti-fungi that affect the limbs and fingers, and humans are exposed to diseases usually due to bacteria and fungi in the fingers and extremities.

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At the end of today’s trip on the platform How to plant a cypress tree and how to benefit from it I hope that we have succeeded in presenting today’s topic, and waiting for your comments to share the article with friends.

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