How to dye hair natural red

How to dye hair with natural red color, red hair color is one of the most beautiful hair colors as it suits all skin types, it gives hair an attractive look, there are many natural ways in which hair is dyed, and we will explain how to dye hair in natural red color in this article.

How to dye hair in natural red with henna: –

There are many ways to dye hair with the natural red color from some of the ingredients that are easily found at home, as the commercial red color dye breaks down and weakens the hair due to the chemicals in it.

Some of these methods are:

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  • Dyeing hair with henna, by mixing two cups of henna with three tablespoons of turmeric with a cup of water, two tablespoons of coffee and a little olive oil. All ingredients are mixed together and left for three hours until fermentation is complete, then half a lemon is squeezed into the mixture after it is fermented and added. On the hair to be dyed with a glowing red color and leave it for four hours, then wash it.
  • Dyeing hair with henna and deer blood, where ten tablespoons of henna are mixed with the juice of a lemon in addition to two tablespoons of deer blood powder dissolved in two cups of warm water and leave the mixture to ferment and then put on the hair for four hours before washing it.

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How to dye hair in natural red with hibiscus: –

Hibiscus can be used in addition to henna to obtain red hair naturally, through the following steps:

the ingredients :-

  • Ten tablespoons of henna.
  • Juice of a large lemon.
  • A cup of boiled hibiscus.
  • Six cups of vinegar.

Steps: –

  • All the previous ingredients are mixed well except for the lemon juice.
  • The mixture is left for three hours to ferment, then lemon juice is added.
  • Put on hair for three hours until the desired color is obtained.

Dyeing hair naturally red with other recipes: –

It is preferable to use natural materials to dye hair without causing damage to it or its enemies. Among these materials are the following:

  • Beets, as beets contain a strong natural red dye, so it can be used to change the color of the hair to dark red by squeezing it and putting beet juice on the hair after washing it, then leave it for an hour and then rinse well.
  • Hibiscus The hibiscus flower is distinguished by its natural dyestuffs, and the hair can be dyed with hibiscus by placing an abundant amount of hibiscus flowers in addition to a liter of water on the fire and leaving it until it boils and then leaves until it cools, and then the water is filtered from the flower and placed on the hair during the shower and left for a period 2 hours, then rinse well.
  • Beet and carrot juice by mixing equal parts beet juice and carrot juice and mixing them together until complete homogeneity, then rinse the hair with this mixture and leave after rinsing it for two hours and rinse again with lukewarm water.

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Using the rose hipp herb to dye hair: –

Rose hip and red pepper: –

Dried and terrible red pepper can be used to dye hair the natural red color by the following steps:

  • A tea is prepared from the herb Rose Hip, by soaking it in boiling water
  • Leave the tea to cool completely.
  • Add rose hip tea to the red pepper powder until a paste is obtained.
  • The hair is covered with this paste.
  • Leave the paste on the hair for at least an hour.
  • After an hour, rinse the hair with lukewarm water and repeat the process as needed.

Rose Hip: –

  • Put 2 cups of water in a bowl on the fire.
  • Add an appropriate amount of Rose Hips.
  • Leave the mixture on the stove until the water turns dark red.
  • Remove the mixture from the stove and leave until it calms down.
  • The water is well filtered and then applied to the hair, especially the scalp, and massage well.
  • Leave on for half an hour, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Benefits of henna for hair: –

Dyeing hair in red is not an easy decision, so think carefully before this decision, but henna can be used to obtain this color as it has many benefits for hair, and these benefits are:

  • It nourishes the hair follicles, as it contains many vitamins.
  • Gives hair natural color, shine and vitality.
  • It gives the hair a beautiful scent and gives the desired color to the hair, but safely.
  • Deeply moisturizes the hair and protects it from split ends.
  • It cleans the scalp from grease and dirt.

Tips for maintaining dyed hair: –

You must follow some important tips when dyeing hair red to keep the color for the longest time, and these tips are:

  • It is preferable not to wash the dyed hair until three days after the time of dyeing it, as the hair needs this period in order for the hair to be well covered in red.
  • Not to use shampoos that remove the dandruff because it contributes to rapid color loss.
  • Use hair creams intended for dyes.
  • Away from commercial dyes because they contain many substances that could damage hair.

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After completing, dear reader, the article on how to dye hair the natural red color, explaining many wonderful natural recipes and knowing the benefits of henna for hair, we are now waiting to share your experience through your comment.

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