How to deal with an aggressive personality in psychology

How to deal with the aggressive personality In psychology, the aggressive personality may find yourself having to deal with it as it may represent a relative, a brother, a coworker, or even a son or a husband, it is very likely that you will find yourself in exchange for a personality with the characteristics of aggression, and you have no choice but Dealing with and understanding it correctly to avoid problems, but do you know how to deal with such a character?

If you do not know, you must first understand the characteristics of the aggressive personality and its distinctive signs, and how the aggressive mind works so that you can know the most appropriate and correct way to deal with these personalities, and by delving into the psychology that addressed this topic in all its details, we will explain to you how to deal with the personality Simply aggressive.

Characteristic traits and signs of an aggressive personality

You can get to know the personality of the person who meets you, whether he is aggressive or not, by getting to know some of the characteristic features of that personality, including the following:

  • A person who is constantly angry and intolerant for the simplest or without understandable reasons.
  • Moody people often have a noticeably intense mood and are not easily satisfied with anything.
  • He is always sensitive and his reactions are strong and violent and he has a constant urge to pounce, and sometimes his reactions are unexpected and not understandable in some simple situations.
  • He can harm those around him without hesitation, and this harm is either psychologically by embarrassing others and directing insulting speech to them, or physically through hitting and attacking with trespass.
  • He can also harm himself, whether psychologically by permanently diminishing himself, his abilities and his self-dislike, or physically by injuring his body when he is angry and unhappy.

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The aggressive personality way of thinking:

The aggressive person controls his way of thinking in many things, so you find that he seriously lacks self-confidence, but he does not show this matter at all. On the contrary, you find that he tries to prove that he is always the best by belittling others, arrogance and permanent arrogance on them, and he always thinks full of suspicion and bad thinking and that Everyone is against him and conspires against him as he feels that he is unacceptable in society, which increases his violence and his repeated attacks on others and his aggression.

Reasons for the emergence of the aggressive personality in society:

There are many reasons and factors that interfere with the emergence of this aggressive character within society, it did not arise out of a vacuum, but society and the people around that personality bear the responsibility for its inception in this wrong situation that causes harm to both parties of the personality and those around him, and the most important factors for its emergence are the following:

  • The people with whom the aggressive person was brought up is the biggest factor in the emergence of that personality and we mean here all those around him, including mother, father, relatives, friends, teachers, etc., through these people the personality of a person grows from a young age and is shaped according to treatment and according to the example he finds in those around him.
  • The captive atmosphere in which the child lives from childhood, of course, must leave a clear impact on the child’s personality. If the family life in which the child grew up is dominated by a permanent atmosphere of quarrels and permanent problems, this makes the child grow on aggression, permanent suspicion and distrust of the love of those around him. .
  • Difficulties in life, whether represented in harsh material conditions or exposure to unexpected emotional shocks, may be a good reason for a normal person to shift from a friendly state to aggression and indignation on everyone, as he becomes frustrated and lost hope in the possibility of reforming his conditions and living conditions.
  • Difficulty understanding the self is an issue that some people face and makes them turn into aggressive people because this lack of understanding creates a state of turmoil that dominates the person and affects the way he deals with the surrounding society, so aggression appears in all his actions and actions.

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Keys to dealing with any aggressive character:

In order to be able to deal with the aggressive personality properly, you must first understand that character well and search the environment in which this aggressive person lives to find out the reason for this aggression, as knowing the drive towards aggression makes dealing with this character easier, and pay attention to not dealing With the aggressive person that he has a disease, as he is often very intelligent and sensitive, and as soon as he feels and understands this matter, he will put him at the forefront of his enemies’ list and he will deal with you on this basis, so deal with him very naturally but with intelligence and great understanding of what he is doing. You criticize him and even try to draw his attention to some matters, but indirectly.

Make him feel loved and safe by interacting with him without pretending to do so, and try hard to convey to him the feeling that he is an acceptable person in society, and that society needs to produce and accomplish it because it has multiple capabilities and capabilities that make it the best in its field, and dealing with an aggressive person requires patience. Great and endure to the frequent outbursts of anger displayed by the aggressive person, as you can accept these episodes with understanding and try to calm him and show affection for him, and within a short period of time you will be able to obtain his distinguished place in him and reduce his tantrums with you and consider you a close person.

In summary, try to get to know the essence of the aggressive person and his inner self and what is inside his mind in order to create an atmosphere of affection and love in the dealings between you and him, if you are not able to understand him and absorb his anger and anger against society, then you are helping him create a kind of hostility between you and him, pay attention to each Act with him, move smartly, do not insult him, and do not criticize his actions and actions clearly.

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Conclusion How to deal with an aggressive personality in psychology:

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