Full research on environmental pollution and its types with references

Today we offer you a complete research on environmental pollution and its types with references, as God created the universe in a way that fits and suits all creatures, so that he made the air contain a mixture of three main gases in specific proportions.

We find that the air contains oxygen gas, nitrogen gas, and carbon dioxide gas, and the air also contains some inert gases and water vapor. We will explain this through a complete search for environmental pollution and its types with references.

Introduction Complete research on environmental pollution and its types with references

If we look closely, we touch the ecological balance, since man depends on oxygen for breathing and cannot live without it, because oxygen is equal to a quarter of the atoms involved in the composition of the cells of the body, so God made plants for us a source of oxygen, which had it not been for man to suffocate and died, so we must To keep the environment clean so as not to harm ourselves in the end, so we will provide you with a complete research on environmental pollution and its types with references, we wish you an enjoyable reading.

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What is pollution and its most important types?

Pollution is the introduction of polluting substances to the environment that cause disturbance in the shape and nature of air, water and soil. Pollutants may include chemicals or natural materials that have turned into substances that harm the environment, and it may be polluting materials such as thermal pollution or noise pollution.

There are several types of pollution. We will discuss the definition of each separately, with an explanation of the most important methods that help to pollute each one.

Air pollution is the occurrence of an imbalance in the percentages of gases in the air, as pollution is the presence of liquid, solid or gaseous materials that lead to great harm to human, plant and animal health. Experts estimated losses resulting from pollution at five million dollars per year, as we will explain in Full research on environmental pollution and its types with references.

Despite the benefits of the Industrial Revolution, it came at the expense of mankind, as it caused air pollution due to the rise of harmful gases and toxic fumes, which is a major cause of all diseases spreading today.

There is a direct relationship between the population in the region and the percentage of pollution, as the greater the population, the greater the proportion of pollution, which we will explain in a full research on environmental pollution and its types with references.

Car exhaust causes large and clear air pollution because the exhausts consist of sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide, but unfortunately, transportation has become a necessity for life.

And for the sake of God’s blessings on us, he created plants for us in order to help the ecological balance, were it not for the presence of plants in our world that produce oxygen to us and get rid of carbon dioxide, we would suffocate because of the lack of oxygen in the atmosphere, and the plant plays an important role in the seas, where it produces Oxygen for living organisms that live underwater.

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The most important methods of air pollution

There are a large number of ways that cause air pollution. In the following lines, we will list five ways, through a complete search for environmental pollution and its types with references.

  • Air pollution due to solid materials such as dust, and smoke and car exhaust cause air pollution. Pollen also pollutes the air and dirt resulting from the cement industry, dust from cotton industries and dust from agricultural and pesticides.
  • The air is polluted due to the toxic gases emitted by some chemical industries, sulfur dioxide, ozone, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and chlorine. Scientists indicated that the rise of these gases in the air results in severe damage and the spread of a large number of cancers.
  • The air is polluted by germs that result from the decomposition of animals and plants, and waste from factories and hospitals and waste that results from people in homes cause air pollution.
  • The air is polluted due to industrial radiation, and atomic radiation causes serious harm to humans, as we saw in the famous accident when the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombs exploded, which caused millions of people to be maimed.
  • There is electronic pollution, which appeared after the spread of electronic devices significantly, there is electronic pollution, as a result of the field surrounding electronic devices, for example bells, radio and satellites.
  • Scientists have proven that these waves damage brain cells and cause persistent headaches, which are difficult to diagnose with modern methods of medicine, as these charges cause climate changes, as we find that the temperature rose exaggeratedly in the summer and decreased in an exaggerated manner in the winter.

    Definition of water pollution

    Water pollution is no less dangerous than air pollution, as water is the basis of life and a person depends on it in everything, and when water is polluted, everything spoils and it is difficult for a person to continue life.

    With the increase in population, we find that the water has become polluted to a large degree, as the wrong habits that humans carry out cause him a lot of damage, as when a person throws factory waste into the water, this is reflected in his health.

    As a result of contamination of water with sewage waste, hospital and ship waste, people suffer kidney failure, hepatitis, and other diseases that destroy human health.

    Noise Pollution

    Because of the high sounds surrounding us, which leads to a great inconvenience to people, as it can lead to high blood pressure or it may cause headaches, and it also causes distress for the elderly or newborns, causing them to become bored and distressed.

    There is more than one cause of noise pollution, for example: cars and loudspeakers used in cases of death or at weddings, the presence of factories and workshops in places with residents.

    Soil pollution

    Soil pollution occurs because farmers use fertilizers and hormones a lot in order to get the vegetables and fruits ripe in the least time, but this causes damage and corruption to the soil, as these pesticides change the properties of the soil and lose the most basic elements in it, and this pollution results in serious damage to the health The human being, when the soil is polluted and cultivated, the resulting crops are filled with diseases that may affect the human digestive system.

    The most important methods that help eliminate pollution

    In the following lines of our topic, we will explain to you a complete research on environmental pollution and its types with references the most important means that help us to eliminate pollution or reduce it for the worst conditions.

    • Individuals and state organizations must carry out campaigns to spread culture and awareness among members of society, so that factory owners stop dumping waste into rivers and seas and dispose of it in the designated places.
    • Water filters should be used, which purify water to some extent, in order to reduce the salts and sediments that ultimately affect the human body and lead to kidney failure.
    • The state must impose large financial fines and penalties that reach imprisonment for throwing sewage waste into the water and disposing of it in the place designated for that, so that a person can obtain safe drinking water away from pollutants.
    • The use of agricultural pesticides and fertilizers should be reduced in abundance, because they affect the agricultural land and its effort and lose its fertility, and they also transfer to the human body and cause an endless number of cancer diseases.

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    Conclusion of research on environmental pollution

    We hope that you enjoyed the topic that we presented a complete research on environmental pollution and its types with references, where we have clarified the most important types of pollution, whether it is air or water pollution, soil pollution or noise pollution and its causes and consequences on human health. Wait for us in future useful research.

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