Find out the real speed of the Mega Cam on your device

Knowing the real speed of the internet as mega on your device, knowing the real speed of the internet as mega on your device is one of the most important priorities for people who use the Internet frequently in their daily work, as a large number, especially in the Arab Republic of Egypt, suffers from very slow internet speed, which impedes the performance of their work and causes They have some losses due to wasting a lot of time in front of the screen waiting for the download from page to page.

Find out the internet speed on your device: –

The user must feel that the amount he pays on a monthly basis is proportional to the speed of performance of the Internet service that he receives from the company, but he cannot know whether the speed is appropriate and if it is slow, is this because of the service provided by the company or something wrong with his personal device, the speed must be known from On the device in certain ways, and this is what we will cover in this article.

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The first way to find out the Internet speed on a computer or personal computer: –

The first step that must be taken is to make sure that the Internet is accessed on your personal computer or computer, then go to the start menu and open it, and at the search box, write the word Network, then choose the word Network and Sharing Center, and then choose the Local Area Connection icon.

Measure the real internet speed in mega: –

Then, choose Change adabter settıngs, and then click on the name of the network twice in a row, and then a long list will appear, in which the Internet speed of your computer or personal computer will appear, so that you can know the real speed of the network as mega on your device.

The second way to find out internet speed: –

There is a site called speed test that enables you to know the real net speed of Cam Mega on your device. The first step must be to make sure that the device is connected to the Internet and then choose the button for the word bing test.

The site will automatically communicate with your computer and immediately show the speed of your device, in addition to its ability to determine the speed of uploading images or uploading video clips and other various downloads over the Internet.

How to find the real net speed of Cam Mega on your smart device: –

And after the result appears on the aforementioned site, you can make a comparison between it and the number that you agreed with the company to choose when you request to connect to the Internet service by them.

The third way to measure speed on a smartphone: –

A large number of developers have launched multiple applications whose main goal is to measure the speed of the internet on the smartphone, the most important of which is an application called speed test, which is available on the famous Google Play Store and for free without any monthly subscriptions, so all you will do is just download the application via the smartphone and install it.

And then open this application to see the real speed of the Internet Cam Mega on your device by clicking on the word test to start testing the final speed of the device’s Internet, after a very short time, the expected result will actually appear.

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How do I know which internet speed is subscribed to: –

  • The Internet is the main service that all countries of the world depend on, and the speed varies from one company to another or from one country to another, and when we talk about the speed of the Internet, this means the need to know the possibility of downloading a kilogram of megabytes per second. When the company employee tells you that your speed is 10 megabytes, this means that 10MB is downloaded every second.
  • As for a single individual, in his daily use through internet web pages, a speed of 2 megabytes per second is required, but if a large number of individuals subscribe to one internet network or one server, then a speed of 8 or 10 megabytes per second must be chosen.
  • Therefore, knowing the real speed of the Internet Cam Mega is very easy and not difficult as many believe, and relying on some smart phone applications via the Google Play Store or the famous speed test program is one of the most important ways to know the speed in an easy and fast way without bothering to find out if there is fraud by the company.
  • Or is the company already granting users the same speed that was agreed upon during the selection of the service? If you find that the two speeds are different, then immediately file a complaint and present snapshots of your speed images that appeared on the screen and a copy of the contract concluded between you and the company in which the speed that was agreed upon is definitely written You will take your right completely.

Reasons for sudden disruption and slow internet speed: –

There are several reasons that may expose your internet speed to very slow speed other than fraud that occurs by some companies, the most important of these reasons are:

  • When you download large size programs or movies, this pulls the speed of the Internet, reduces and slows it down, and affects your browsing process.
  • A problem occurs in the behavior that you connect to feed your device or PC to the Internet, or those wires connected to the main router.
  • If a large number of users subscribe to the same network, this will lead to a lot of pressure on the server, and the speed of megabyte per person per second will of course decrease.
  • If your PC has problems with its operating system, so you find that every performance you are performing is slow and annoying, it may also lead to a reduction in the Internet speed.
  • That the strength of the wire connecting the Internet via Wi-Fi does not match your landline telephone wire, so a specialist must be consulted before God, to subscribe to the Internet service with a company.

To find out internet speed from Run: –

Another way to find out the internet speed of your computer or PC is:

  • Stand with the mouse or mouse on the start menu, and then through it we open a window named Run, a menu will appear that you can do by typing bing and then press the Enter button. A large window will appear in front of you containing all the information you want to know about the network The Internet that belongs to your device.
  • The word Time will appear next to it, the speed of your device will be detailed. You will be informed about the number of megabytes per second. If the value that appeared in front of you was low, then this means that the speed is very high. With this, you will know the real internet speed Cam Mega.
  • Thus, we have indicated in this article many ways, whether without programs or with famous and well-known programs for everyone, or resorting to some applications through which you can know the real speed of the Internet Cam Mega with the utmost ease to know your rights and demand the company that you have signed an agreement with on the Internet service to obtain speed Which have been agreed to accomplish all your daily tasks online.

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We hope that we have benefited you and await your participation and comments in other ways that may not be mentioned in this article to be a complete and useful topic for everyone and please share it with friends on your personal pages.

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