Feasibility study of a plastic bag manufacturing project in detail

Feasibility study of the plastic bags manufacturing project in detail. The plastic bags manufacturing project is considered one of the vital projects that can be easily and easily marketed, and a good profit can be obtained from it, given that this project is indispensable today, as there is no Egyptian house. It uses plastic bags, not only that, but there are shops, hotels and all commercial places because it is very vital, and you need the bags on a daily basis, but after all that has been said about this project, it seems a question in the ears of many, is it possible for me to get such a project, without That cost me a lot of money? The answer to this question is yes, you can do this through several methods through which you can get a good profit, we will provide you with many important elements that revolve around this project and the most important of these elements through cultural facts , in addition to a feasibility study of a project Detailed manufacturing of plastic bags.

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Feasibility study of a plastic bag manufacturing project in detail:

Plastic shopping bags, portable bags or plastic grocery bags are a kind of shopping bags made of different types of plastic, polythene bag has become an essential part of our daily life.

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The use of polythene bags for packaging is increasing day by day, and polythene bags are widely used in daily life with every household using it for various purposes of packaging and storage, it is considered more suitable for packing products.

The bags manufacturing project needs many steps, which greatly increase the growth of the project and achieve huge profits from it, and the project is implemented as follows:

First, the equipment that must be available for a bag manufacturing project

There are many equipment that must be available in order to have a profitable and productive project, without falling into the manufacturing error. These equipments are:

1 / The machine for manufacturing bags

This machine is considered one of the types of film machines that work in particular in the production of plastic bags, and one of the finest types of these machines is the one that has a width of 70 cm, which is called the width of the rollers, and also of 50 mm, not only that, but it must be the horse of the machine’s motor Strong and bear the most pressure, it is what means 20 hp motor, and we can not vary an important point, which is that the machine must contain all its contents in order to be able to produce well.

2 / Welding and cutting machine

In addition to a film machine, a cutting and welding machine must also be available, in order to cut the raw materials and make them meet the required specifications, but it cannot be said on any cutting and welding machine is a good machine, it must have a large width, for example the width of 85, which can cut four reels Not only that, but it can control the length and size of bags at a rate of up to 600 bags per minute.

3 / Raw materials

Raw materials are the materials through which plastic bags are manufactured, the product is obtained and marketed, and this is represented in liner and high ethylene materials, these materials that have been mentioned are available in the market as they are represented in several types, including Egyptian, Libyan, Saudi and Kuwaiti, each of which has a different price From the other.

4 / hydraulic or piston

This is a small device that is used in something simple, that is, making a piston, i.e. a small hole, which is the handle of the plastic bag.

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Marketing method for the bag manufacturing project:

The method of marketing is one of the factors that you can do with ease, because as we mentioned before that this product is vital and indispensable in Egyptian homes, and also in hotels, stores, etc., do not worry about the marketing of this product, so all you have to do His action is to go to a dealer who distributes it to a store, and he will provide you with all the assistance.

Feasibility study of the bag manufacturing project

Bags manufacturing report includes current market status, expected future demand, market size, statistics, trends, demand analysis and forecast. The report provides comprehensive industry analysis covering detailed reporting, and assesses the industry’s position by providing insights into the industry’s buy and sell movement analysis.

Critical data such as:

Market growth drivers. Factors limiting market growth. Current market trends. Market structure, market composition.

A feasibility study for this project consists of several simple elements, namely:

1 / Defining the idea of ​​the project at the beginning of the matter, i.e., manufacturing plastic bags. 2 / Project inputs, which are the equipment that will facilitate the project, which are represented in transportation, labor, location or materials that will be marketed. 3 / Project outputs, that is, it depends on external marketing, that is, for merchants and making a profit. 4 / Project cost, i.e. the amount that I will start at the beginning of the project, i.e. the capital. 5 / Profit, which is the profit that I will get through this project.

Important points before starting a bag manufacturing project

There are several aspects that you must see before starting a plastic bag manufacturing project.

1) Gathering information about the market

Searching for the product and market it in the area in which you want to start the company, you can rent a land and start your project so search for the market around these areas in the beginning stage, you can grow after some time, the important questions that you should ask during the market research are:

Will the product market grow in the next time? Will it be feasible in the next time? The government should not ban the product for the next time.

2) Project report on costs and profits

After conducting market research, you have to prepare a report on the project. The project report must include the net profit. This report will give you an initial idea of ​​the financial expenditures, the time it will take for the project to be completed, what kind of polymer and grades you should use, its price in the market and also where you are You will buy it.

3) Acquiring land and buildings to start the project

This will depend on the country or location, the project report will help you determine the area of ​​land on which to start the project.

4) Purchase of machines and materials for primary production

Much research is needed to purchase the right machine, to make and cut bags into required sizes.

5) The initial operation of the project

It will take at least 1 year to reach 70% of your production capacity.

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This was a brief summary of the feasibility study of the plastic bags manufacturing project in detail , where you can start now on the bag manufacturing project after your feasibility study, to know the costs, find out how you can profit from the project and good marketing of the products for the bags, and pay close attention to the market in the region, so you must know The market need for the type of bags that you will manufacture, knowing the required size for each customer you have, and start buying the machines and then preparing the place for the beginning of the annotation, and market to a group of customers that you agree with them to deal permanently with you, and you produce what they need from bags.

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