Encouraging and guiding phrases about breast cancer

Encouraging and indicative phrases about breast cancer , a new disease called breast sultan has recently emerged, because this disease is classified among many diseases that afflict a very large percentage of women, not men, as they are more vulnerable to it, so science came with great progress that reveals the extent of its seriousness and the importance of caring for this The patient, but without forgetting to reach how to treat and get rid of it, so many associations and hospitals have appeared that guarantee this type of cancer so that you can eliminate it and return every mother, sister and wife to her home, and it is necessary to speak with a breast cancer patient in a good guided manner, and you can Follow us on Cultural Facts to learn about a collection of encouraging and guiding phrases about breast cancer.

Encouraging and indicative phrases about breast cancer:

First of all, let us first know about this disease, and how difficult and painful it is:

First, what is breast cancer:

Breast Sultan is classified as one of the other types of cancer, as it appears in breast tissue, and breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, and the second leading cause of death among women, after lung cancer.

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Advances in screening and treatment have dramatically improved survival rates since 1989, and the chance of a woman dying from breast cancer is about 1 in 37 or 2.7 percent. Knowing the symptoms of this disease, being aware of the symptoms and the need for screening methods. Important to reduce risk.

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Breast cancer symptoms

Breast cancer has many signs that indicate its presence in a woman’s body, for example:

1 / An apparent and clear change in the shape of the breast.

2 / Exit fluid from the nipple.

3 / The appearance of a lump in the breast.

4 / A red spot characterized by scales.

Besides these symptoms, several other symptoms appear, namely:

1 / severe pain in the bones, especially the bones of the foot.

2 / Shortness of breath.

3 / The appearance of swollen lymph nodes.

Stages of breast cancer in women

The stages of cancer are divided according to the size of the tumor, and whether it has spread to the lymph nodes or other parts of the body, and there are different ways to divide the stages of breast cancer, one of the methods is from stage 0 to 4, but it can be divided into smaller stages.

Stage 0 : Known as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), cells are confined to the inside of the duct and do not invade the surrounding tissues.

Stage 1 : At the beginning of this stage, the lump is about 2 cm (cm) long and does not affect any lymph nodes.

Stage 2 : The tumor is 2 cm long and begins to spread to nearby nodes.

Stage 3 : The tumor is up to 5 cm and may spread to some lymph nodes.

Stage 4 : The cancer has spread to distant organs, especially the bones, liver, brain, or lungs.

Causes of breast cancer

Breast cancer usually begins in the inner lining of the milk ducts or the lobules that supply it with milk, from there it can spread to other parts of the body, and the exact cause is still not clear, but some risk factors make it more likely, and the most common causes of cancer are:

1. Age

The risk increases with age at 20, the chance of developing breast cancer in the next decade is 0.6 percent, and at the age of seventy this number rises to 3.84 percent.

2. Genetics

If a relative has or has had breast cancer, the risk is higher, and women who carry the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes have a higher risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or both, these genes can be inherited, TP53 is another gene associated with a higher risk of breast cancer. .

3. A history of breast cancer or breast lumps

Women who have had breast cancer before are more likely to have it again, compared to those without a history of the disease, and having some types of benign or non-cancerous breast lumps increases the chance of developing cancer at a later time.

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4. Exposure to estrogen and breastfeeding

Longer exposure to estrogen appears to increase the risk of breast cancer, and this may be due to the onset of previous periods or menopause entering later than the average between these times, and estrogen levels are higher.

Breastfeeding, especially for more than a year, appears to reduce the chance of breast cancer, possibly because pregnancy followed by breastfeeding reduces estrogen exposure.

5. Body weight

Women who are overweight or obese after menopause may have a higher risk of developing breast cancer, possibly due to higher levels of the hormone estrogen.A high sugar intake may also be a factor.

6. Drink alcohol

A higher rate of regular alcohol consumption appears to play a role, and studies have shown that women who drink more than 3 drinks per day have a 1.5 times higher risk.

7. Exposure to radiation

Radiation therapy for non-breast cancer increases the risk of developing breast cancer later in life.

8. Hormone therapy

Use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the oral contraceptive pill have been linked to breast cancer, due to increased estrogen levels.

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Encouraging and indicative phrases about breast cancer

Signs of sadness and extreme anger appear on the bearer of this disease, which makes him enter a stage of severe depression, but with the development of science and the emergence of many drugs to treat and fight this disease, the matter has become very easy, so you have to send hope in your body again, so my lady has many Of the phrases that give you hope and pleasure again

1 / You are strong

You can say to her, “With a little patience, determination and will, you can overcome this disease and control it. Not only that, but you will remember these painful days and say I am still alive and I have not been defeated by it.”

2 / You are not alone

“I am by your side” This sentence with only two words means a lot to her, as it gives her reassurance and safety again and makes her livelier and brighter than it was before.

3 / You look pretty

We know very well that psychological comfort and self-satisfaction are half of the treatment. This phrase gives her confidence again, because the outward appearance means a lot to the carrier of this disease.

4 / I love you

This word is not a word composed of only four letters only, but rather means a lot of safety and self-love, when your injured friend feels that there is a person he loves and does a lot for him only to be next to him, this brings comfort within him, it is really a word that means a hundred thousand words in four letters .

5 / I remind you a lot in my prayers

We all know that God Almighty does not leave a questioner unless he has given him, so when you say these words, the owner realizes that he is an important person in your life until you remember him in your prayer between your Lord and never forget him, this is considered a weapon of survival.

6 / I smile

The smile is the secret of happiness and optimism, and it is the key to entering hearts without asking.

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This was a brief summary of encouraging and indicative phrases about breast cancer , and this was all about breast cancer, its symptoms, and how to comfort the patient with this cancer, hoping that we could have grasped it, and we cannot forget to invite carriers of this disease and pray to God Almighty And the most majestic is to relieve them of calamity, give them health and wellness, and give them the ability and strength to endure this pain.

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