Define the firewall, its importance and functions

Today we present to you the topic of defining the firewall, its importance and functions, as the computer has become one of the essential things in daily life, and it stores many important information, so a system must be found to protect this information, and within the protection systems, it is the firewall, so many want to know Define the firewall, its importance and functions.

Definition of firewall, its importance and functions: –

The definition of the firewall, its importance and its functions are among the things that every person who uses a computer should know, so that the information in the computer system is not exposed to hacking or theft.

In order to protect the computer from viruses that could destroy the computer, and the firewall has become indispensable at the present time, as a result of the increase in hackers, which works to destroy any information on the computer in the event that it is hacked.

Firewall concept: –

  • It is that device that the institutions and companies specializing in computer programs put in the computer, with the aim of protecting programs as well as files from penetration and theft from some external parties, and it is known as the “firewall”.
  • This device is also placed between both the Internet and the internal network of the organization, as this device works to identify unwanted things that enter the internal computer network.
  • This device also works to determine the sites that do not allow the institution or organization to enter its employees, and other sites that waste time, such as game sites or harmful sites.
  • The firewall can also be defined as the device that helps the person to identify any attempts of piracy or theft of information, in addition to identifying harmful viruses that may lead to the disruption of the work of the computer, and this firewall is also necessary to work to stop the spread of viruses.

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Firewall Functions: –

On the issue of defining the firewall, its importance and functions, it was stated that the firewall has many functions within computers, as it performs many things that will protect the computer from penetration as well as protect the necessary information from theft, and the functions of the firewall are: –

  • The firewall provides full protection for the computer by any hacker or hacker, as well as protecting the computer from any malicious programs that may cause damage to the personal computer, but there are many pages full of viruses and damage, so the user must check the pages that deal with with her.
  • The firewall is also used with Windows systems, with its various versions, as the company that produces this application has developed the firewall program, in order to suit modern operating systems.
  • Application monitoring: The firewall monitors applications and protects the information that travels to and from websites, due to the subnet’s direct connection to the Internet.
  • The firewall works on setting a monitoring policy for applications, on the basis of screening, so that it creates policies related to applications, allowing entry to some applications and not allowing access to others.
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    Types of firewall: –

    There are several types of firewalls, and each type of firewall has a number of functions that protect the computer and prevent its penetration, and the types of firewall include: –

    • Packet filtering: It is one of the types of firewall, and it is called stateless walls, and it works by browsing all network packets, separately, which results in it being unaware of the state of the connection, as it can only allow or prevent the passage of packets, based on the headers and each packet Individually.
    • Stateful walls: state walls are characterized by having the ability to determine the communication state of packets, which makes these walls more flexible and important than stateless walls.
    • It works by collecting packets for an interconnected network, so you can determine the state of the connection before any firewall rules are applied to the data for network messaging.
    • Application Wall: This type analyzes the transmitted data, which allows matching the data for network messaging on the firewall rules, which allocates specific applications or services. This type is also called intermediate firewalls.

    How does a firewall work? : –

    People who want to take advantage of the capabilities of the firewall wonder, how does the firewall work ?, so that they can learn about its protection methods, and the question of how does the firewall work? The answer can be clarified through a number of points, namely: –

    • Proxy service: one of the methods in which the firewall imports information from the Internet site, then sends it to the system that requested it and vice versa.
    • Packet filtering: It is one of the methods in which packets are analyzed, which are very small pieces of information, through a set of filters, as the packets that passed through the filters are sent to the system that requested them, and the rest is excluded.
    • Status Check: The status examination is one of the modern methods of the previous methods, as this method does not examine the contents of each package, but rather compares certain basic parts of the package, with a database and reliable information.

    The information that is transferred from inside the firewall to outside the wall is adjusted to suit the specific characteristics, and then the information received is compared with these characteristics, and in the event that there is a reasonable match through the comparison results, at this time it is not allowed For any information that passes through, otherwise it is ignored.

    And all this information that was mentioned in the article explains how very important it is to know the definition of the firewall, its importance and its functions, so as not to be hacked or stolen.

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    At the end of our journey on the topic of defining the firewall, its importance and functions, I hope that we have been able to clarify all aspects related to this regard, and I will await your distinguished comments to share this matter with us on our platform for the benefit.

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