Damages of taking Clavox more than once a day on children

Harms of taking Clavox more than once a day on children, Clavox is a member of the family of antibiotics, and it fights bacterial infections such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, laryngitis, cellulitis, gastroenteritis, acute or chronic bronchitis, urinary tract infections, and tonsillitis. And anthrax and plague.

This antibiotic also treats infections of the pelvis, kidneys, prostate, and skin, and Clavox works by killing the bacteria that cause the infection, and it impedes the process of cell replication and cell division within the bacteria cell by inhibiting the synthesis of the enzyme DNA gyrase Without this enzyme the bacteria cell cannot survive or the growth.

Thus, the drug Clafox acts as a bactericide, and you can learn more about the harms of taking Clavox more than once a day on children through cultural information.

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Disadvantages of taking Clavox medication

It is not likely to cause any harm if an extra dose of Clavox was given by mistake or if you are concerned that you have given your child too much amoxiclav, call the doctor or take your child to the hospital and have the medicine container or box with you, if you have called. For advice.

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The importance of Clavox for children

It is important for your child to take this medicine the way the doctor told you so that it kills the harmful bacteria and gets rid of this infection, and it is available in tablets of 250 mg amoxicillin / 125 mg, clavulanic acid and 500/125 mg, or liquid medicine 125/31 mg (125 mg) Amoxicillin / 31.25 mg.

Your child should be given the medicine three times a day, and this should be the first thing in the morning and afternoon, and ideally at bedtime, between these times no less than 4 hours, and the medicine should be given at about the same time every day so that this becomes a part From your child’s daily routine, which helps you remember.

How is the Clavox treatment available?

Clavox is available in the form of tablets and eye drops, or as an oral solution, and it can also be given intravenously. Your doctor will prescribe instructions for taking Clavox according to your condition, the severity of that condition, and other medications you are taking. It is important to complete the course prescribed by your doctor even if the symptoms disappear. Otherwise, the infection may recur and do not double the dose to make up for the missed dose because overuse of this medicine could lead to an overdose.

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When will the Clavox treatment work?

Your child should start to get better after taking the medicine for two days, and it is important that they take all of the medicine that has been prescribed and do not stop early.

Side effects of Clavox treatment

  • If your child develops a rash or itching, has breathing problems or appears unable to breathe, or if his face, throat, lip or tongue starts to swell, they may have an allergy to the common amoxiclav, be taken to the hospital or called a car First aid immediately, and you should contact your doctor for advice if your child has any of these symptoms.
  • If they develop a rash or any skin problems such as pimples, spots, peeling, peeling, redness, or other discoloration.
  • If they have diarrhea that lasts for more than a day or two, especially if it contains blood or is very pale, the urine is dark, or the skin or white part of the eye appears yellow.

How to store this Clavox remedy

Keep this medicine in a cupboard away from heat and direct sunlight. It does not need to be kept in the refrigerator. Make sure children cannot see or reach the medicine and keep the medicine in the container it came in.

Indications for the treatment of Clavox

Clavox tablets are used in the following cases:

  • Respiratory infections (upper and lower), such as (tonsils – ear – airways – nose and throat).
  • And inflammation of the urinary tract, such as inflammation (urethra, cyst – and vesicle – and kidneys).
  • Inflammation (soft tissue – skin – bones – joints – surgery after surgery).
  • Dental infection: – Dental abscess.
  • Bone and joint infection: – Bone infection.
  • Other infection: – miscarriage and septic abortion.

Suggested doses of Clavox

First adult dose

In mild and moderate cases

  • Clavox 625 mg tablet, tablet every 12 hours for 7:10 days.
  • Or Clofox 375 mg every 8 hours for 7:10 days.

In severe cases or respiratory infections

  • Clofox 1 g tablet, every 12 hours for 7:10 days.
  • Or Clofox 625 mg, one tablet every 8 hours for 7:10 days.

The second dose for children and infants

  • The recommended dose for children under 40 kg
  • 20 mg to 60 mg / kg 1 / day divided into 2 or 3 doses with adherence and maintenance dose prescribed by the physician.
  • Dose 30: 60 mg / kg / day divided into two doses every 12 hours and can be used every 6 hours in case of severe infection.

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This was an overview of the harms of taking Clavox medicine more than once a day on children. Please refer to the expiration date on the medicine‚Äôs outer package, review the doctor, and keep the package out of children’s reach.

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